How is Theo Walcott not in the England squad?

England play tonight and I for one am baffled as to why Theo Walcott does not get into the squad.

Now before you all jump on the comments and say “he is sh*t”, put your dummy back in and be sensible.

Yes, he might not be everyone’s cup of tea, he might not be the most naturally gifted when it comes to dribbling or vision, but he gets goals and assists, something which a lot of the current squad struggle with.

Look at stats from last season:

It baffles me that England think they are so good that they have left at home a player who outscored all but 2 of the current squad last season, with the second best games to goals ratio.


5 thoughts on “How is Theo Walcott not in the England squad?

  1. franck

    Theo is not in the England squad and wont be for some time to come becos some people do not wish he take up the Skippers band and role Rooney vacated when he quit the National team.he is next in line in terms of appearance and longevity..politics of football



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