Cheap Arsenal tickets and Cologne still not sold out

Numerous times in the past I have blogged about my dislike for Champions League football.

A mixture between having the same old opponents, the same predictable performances from Arsenal, my dislike for UEFA and their money making machine, and my total dislike for mid week football.

Whilst I understood the annoyance of many when we made the Europa League, both due to finishing below Spurs and the financial implications, I really was not that bothered. At least we are in a competition we might win.

Making the Europa League also saw my season ticket drop dramatically.

There are 11 of us going out to Germany for the match against Cologne – trains rather than flying – and it is going to be a quality 3 day bender with a good bunch of people. But I digress.

For years many of us have complained about match ticket prices. Season tickets are too expensive. Single match day tickets are too expensive – peaking at £126.It is alienating the normal fan. A dad can no longer take his 2 sons to a game without taking out a second mortgage.

Taking into account how many people complain online about ticket prices, it came as a shock that tickets for Cologne in the Europa League were still on sale.


Tickets are now on sale via the Friends and Family service to all valid members of the Arsenal membership using the Ticketfast print at home facility. This service allows Arsenal members to buy an additional 4 tickets on their membership account.

So a member can now buy an additional 4 tickets on their membership account – on top of the one they are already allowed to buy, making it 5 in total.

The reason I am surprised tickets are on sale is due to how cheap the tickets are:

Junior Gunners can but tickets for as low as £4.25. Adult tickets start at £15.50 and the most expensive tickets are £23.50. These are dirt cheap.

Even if your lads are not  Junior Gunner’s, a dad can take his 2 kids for around £75 max, if he go’s for the most expensive tickets.

What has happened to all those people who constantly moan about ticket prices? Why have they not picked up tickets for a Thursday night game?

Last season in the Champions League we played PSG at the group stages. My ticket for that game was £64. The most expensive tickets were £126. The game sold out in no time, and I was able to shift my ticket on the ticket exchange with no problem.

What I am getting it is how so many people seem to pay lip-service to ticket prices. They use it as an excuse not to go to games, but when tickets are more than reasonable – it is cheaper to go to Cologne v Arsenal than the next Leyton Orient home fixture in the Conference – they also do not go.

It is no surprise tickets are so high when people eat up the Cat A tickets within seconds, yet the Cat C and EL4GS tickets struggle to sell out.

My theory is ticket prices are not the problem. The problem is too many fans want to pick and choose what game to go to. They do not want to go to Stoke, Doncaster or Cologne. They only care about going to see Arsenal play Man U, Chelsea or Bayern Munich.

When I go to games, home and away, over land and sea, I only care about seeing Arsenal. I go for the Gunners. Sadly it seems many of our fickle fan base only want to go to the big games.

If you are one of those who moans all day on Twitter about ticket prices, and are not taking advantage of £15.50 ticket prices for Cologne, then you have no right to moan about the £126 tickets for when you want to see Arsenal play Man U.

Go for The Arsenal, not the opponents.



7 thoughts on “Cheap Arsenal tickets and Cologne still not sold out

  1. gunnerbear

    “The problem is too many fans want to pick and choose what game to go to. They do not want to go to Stoke, Doncaster or Cologne. They only care about going to see Arsenal play Man U, Chelsea or Bayern Munich.” And your point is? That has always been the case….fans have always wanted to go to the big ‘crunch’ games…not the dross (and we all know that in comparative terms AFC vs Doncaster is dross compared to other teams that we play against).

    1. Vincent

      Case and point really. Once was a time when a football fan went every game, week in and week out, regardless of who was playing.
      Now fickle fans like you only support your club at the match if we are playing a big “crunch” game.
      Begs the question, are you going tohe matches to watch The Arsenal or to watch their opponents?
      You sound to me exactly like the salmon sandwich munching, selfie taking, away goal celebrating fickle fan who we already have far too many of!

      Bet you also vacate your seat yen minutes before the final whistle and all don’t ya?
      Maybe earlier still if we’re losing.
      No wonder there’s always so many empty seats everywhere I look unless we’re playing manure or the scum

      1. gunnerbear

        Actually until the price of an ST went right through the roof, I used to go to stacks of games….and because of the demands of shift work, it meant at times having to us up holidays so I could go to games at the weekend…and I’ve been at games where the Emirates has been empty.

        But if it’s easier for you to think of me as a fickle, selfie-taking fan etc., then fair enough…but if I’m using up holidays to watch the Arsenal play (not all of us have Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:00 hr jobs), I’m not wasting them by watching us play dross…

  2. Eddie Jones

    The problem is it is not always practical to take 2 boys on a school night, add to the fact that even tickets for league games such as Stoke , West Brom etc are difficult too get hold of when the junior gunner tickets in the family enclosure go on sale with the silver members so are always gone when they get to red members,like me. As for value I have got my lads a season ticket each for Leyton Orient …£9 each! Unbelievable value even for conference level and they get to see regular games and watch players who really show commitment unlike some of the “top players” It may be rough and ready but its real and not a TV programme and I don’t feel like a customer! Arsenal will always be the club in my heart but my head is looking elsewhere and that is where the future supporters may end up going.

  3. Anja

    Great article!

    In cologne are so many fans who want to see the game but can’t get tickets because only arsenal members can buy them.

    Is maybe anybody able to help? I still need to tickets 🙂


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