Spurs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Crystal Palace & More



P 14 W 3 L 8 D 3

Good record at Wembley guys!

And now we have their manager saying that they are too big to win the League Cup or the FA Cup.

1 League Cup in 18 years is what they have won. No FA Cup in 26 years. No league title in 56 years.

They are the laughing stock of English football. I always giggle to myself when they are classed as one of England’s biggest teams. When people talk about a top 6. Their manager has won nothing. They have won nothing of note for decades.

Small time club who have always thought they are more relevant than they are.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


I won’t laugh too much as the first two results on that run were for Arsenal. But good to see his Liverpool career start so “well.”

The lad clearly had a high opinion of himself, but it was clear to see that his talent was never as big as his ego. He simply is not as good as he thinks he is.

Thierry Henry had it spot on when he said “I just do not know what he is good at. What he brings to the table.” He seemed to blame everyone for his stagnation at Arsenal, but he never seemed to blame himself.

When he joined Liverpool, he was playing week in week out for Arsenal at right wing-back. He left to play central midfield.

At the Scousers, he has found himself in the middle. In the middle of his bench that is.

Oxlade-Chamberlain came off the bench for his debut at half time. In the Champions League he came on in the 89th minute. Then at the weekend against Burnley he was introduced to play in the 79th minute.

57 minutes played over 3 games. Well done mate. Enjoy rotting. In 2 years you will be at Hull or Stoke. All because you think you are better than what you are.

Crystal Palace

10 games

3 managers

9 defeats

9 games without scoring

Look forward to their idiotic “ultras” crying as they go down.

Be careful what you wish for

Crystal Palace are bottom. Many wanted Frank de Boer to replace Arsene Wenger.

One place above Crystal Palace in the table are Bournemouth. It still baffles me why some fans wanted Eddie Howe at Arsenal.

Finishing off the relegation zone is Everton. The side many Arsenal fans said we should be emulating. The side a lot of fans said would finish above Arsenal. They have proved it is not about spending, but who you spend it on.

4th from bottom are West Ham. Remember when people wanted Slaven Bilic because he showed passion?

I have said time and again, I want Wenger replaced, but replaced with someone of superior quality. A lot of names often banded about are useless, and have since proved to be so. Be careful what you wish for.



68 thoughts on “Spurs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Crystal Palace & More

  1. Mark

    I thought the kids were back at school. No Gooner reads this site because it’s written by a special needs kid. Slag Tottenham off and one or Tottenham fans may respond. Why does this moron go on and on and on about Tottenham not being a big club and a laughing stock and highlighting their Wembley record? To reflect from quite how far Arsenal have fallen I assume. This pathetic little team have just beaten the team who top the German league at Wembley. The ended above the Mighty Arsenal and even though the are shit at Wembley they are still above Arsenal. I thought he’d taken everyone’s advice and given up. Too stupid to understand that every time he writes about Tottenham it is because they are currently better than Arsenal. Poor deluded nobody

    1. keenosafc Post author

      Over 3,000,000 readers. Make that +1 to whatever it was before you read it.

      Beat the team top of the league in German. Failed to beat Swansea or Burnley…Spurs are a poor deluded nobody of a club. You are right

  2. S-P

    Only someone with the reading intelligence of an inebriated slug would think that what Pochettino was saying was that Spurs are too big for the league and FA Cups. What he is saying, very apparently, is that he wants them to set out with the aim of winning leagues and CLs. He actually says he would be more than happy to pick up league and FA trophies on the way. It is patently about mentality. Set out by aiming for the league and the players will see consistency as important. Set out to occasionally win the two less prestigious of the four, and all of a sudden a wet Monday night against bus parkers doesn’t look quite so appealing. Setting out to be a cup team can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Start out by saying you will be content with the second best level of trophies and you might just end up with players who are content to be second best.

    It’s not difficult to understand, really, and you might have got it if you weren’t literally obsessed with trying to twist everything into an opportunity to “laugh at Spurs” – even when it became clear that the gap between the two clubs was closed to virtually nothing but several seasons ago. Don’t think just scraping past Spurs thanks to dodgy lasagna, even dodgier officiating and just plain luck has done you the favours you thought it did when you were laughing hysterically. Your club became complacent. Half your first team are in the final year of their contracts and won’t renew. Tottenham have a better youth set-up and you didn’t pay attention when Liam Brady said this when leaving. Spurs have better training facilities and will have a better, more modern stadium – and because yours is so relatively new it won’t be easy to rectify the flaws. And they will be exposed more and more. And, of course, Spurs now have a better, younger team, and one of the best young managers in the game. You have an old stuck-in-his-ways manager who is now clearly temporary – and replacing him could lead to a decades and more search, a process of hit and miss managers and nearly men. Look how long it took United to find Ferguson!

    Still laughing? Well, the really, really funny thing about this article? It’s not that you are suffocating yourself with faux laughter at Spurs to the point were you are blinding yourselves to the reality of what is going on at your club. No, it is that you have made an article based on a misunderstanding of what Pochettino said, as another opportunity to laugh hysterically at Spurs while blinding yourself to reality, while your fans are engaged in a virtual civil war over getting rid of Wenger – because winning the FA Cup in three of the last four seasons is not enough for them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Such a lack of respect for your most successful manager, who made you something more than a team of cloggers for the first time in your history – and all because your fans have the assumption that you are erroneously accusing Pochettino of having said.

    Like every one of your attempts to ridicule Spurs, I guess that’s a fail πŸ˜‚ The majority of hits on your site are probably from other clubs’ fans, tuning in to see your pieces torn to shreds time after time – a bit like a Wenger defence against a physical, robust English side (such as Stoke, for instance) πŸ˜‚

    1. keenosafc Post author

      He might want to set the team out to win the CL or PL, but he how about some baby steps first? 1 League Cup in 18 years. It is the equivalent of Orient saying they want to become a PL side when they are in the Conference. Focus on some small achievements in the interim.

      As for Liam Brady, he was actually let go because he was failing our youth system. It is well documented that the FA informed us we were going to lose our academy status if we kept him.

      1 league cup in 18 years. Wow. just wow.

      1. Mark

        You are mind bogglingly stupid. Concentrate on something you understand i.e. Not football. Cbbc would be a good place to start. Arsenal are bwillyant at eveyfing and Totnum are a likkle club so there.

      2. Whatever

        keenos. I did despise the notion of cyber bullying until you came along. It’s evident you are a friendless bore whose only comfort in life is cosying up to more laddish gooners in the pub on match days. Truth be told they probably think you’re a sad cunt just like anybody who reads your drivel.

        It’s Obvious you don’t even like football really as your constant chirping about trophies and the endless endless spreadsheets proves.

        Get a life son

      3. S-P

        LoL. The type of response I would expect from a cranially challenged twelve year old.

        I think the “baby steps” are the finishing fifth or higher in seven of the last eight seasons. Finishing in the top four in four of the last eight seasons. Finishing in the top three (you remember that place, right?), in the last two seasons…y’know like third and then second. And that is why your rather feeble analogy doesn’t work. If you take the Premier League as being divided like English football is divided into four professional leagues, the first division would be the equivalent of finishing outside the top ten but not in the relegation dodgers. But Spurs have finished in the top section, the equivalent of the Premier league, in each of the last eight seasons. So they aren’t looking for a promotion, let alone leapfrogging the one above them to get to a higher one. Analogy fail!

        It is contradictory to say Spurs aren’t happy with League and FA Cups (when that isn’t even what was said) when it is ArseAnal fans who are fighting an ingrate civil war over their most successful manager because they aren’t happy with just winning FA Cups. RESPONSE: “yeah but, yeah but…one League Culminating eighteen years.”

        Spurs now have a better team and younger team, better youth set-up, great young manager at start of career as opposed to old stuck-in-his-ways old manager at end of career, better training facilities and, soon, a bigger and better in every way stadium. RESPONSE: “yeah but, yeah but…one League Cup in eighteen years.,

        You find yourselves in this position because you have been so obsessively content with finishing above Spurs, by whatever underhand means, for the last decade, that you have effectively sleep-walked into it. RESONSE: “yeah but, yeah but…one League Cup in eighteen years.”

        Half of your first team only have a year left on their contracts and won’t renew (and we are talking about some major financial assets, here). RESPONSE: “yeah but, yeah but…one League Cup in eighteen years.”

        Oh, and your argument about the youth set-up is a kinda chicken and egg thing. Liam Brady wouldn’t have said what he did about the Spurs youth set-up now being ahead of ArseAnal’s if he felt like he had been getting proper support and it was all on his head. And the fact remains that you have gone from having a very productive, high-level youth set-up to one that is behind ours. How has this been allowed to happen? There must have been some serious taking the eye off the ball by chairman, board and manager and, if it was all down to Brady, the rest of the youth staff. And the fact remains, you have fallen behind in the field of young player development.

        But, still, you laugh it up, chuck πŸ‘

      4. keenosafc Post author

        finishing fifth or higher in seven of the last eight seasons – Arsenal have finished 5th or higher for the last 21 seasons

        Finishing in the top four in four of the last eight seasons – Arsenal have finished top 4 in 19 of the last 20 seasons

        Finishing in the top three (you remember that place, right?), in the last two seasons – Arsenal have finished top 3 2 in the last 3 years

        You do not win any trophies for these ‘achievements’. It probably shows how small minded you are that you see these as success.

        I will keep celebrating winning trophies

    2. Johnno

      Hahaha, are you fucking serious S-P? “Set out by aiming for the league and players will see consistency as important. Set out to occasionally win the two less prestigious of the four, and all of a sudden a wet Monday night against bus parkers doesn`t look quite so appealing. Setting out to be a Cup team can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Start out by saying you will be content with the second best level of trophies and you might just end up with players who are content to be second best” – The author is a Gooner, not a stinking Yid. You have basically just summed up almost the entire history of your feeble club. Its a relief there arent more stinking yids like you though, you might have won more than 2 League titles otherwise.

      1. S-P

        Didn’t sum it all up.
        If I had I might have mentioned that Spurs have won three genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies.
        How many genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies have ArseAnal won?
        I’ll give you a clue, it’s less than two πŸ˜‚
        Why is this important? Well, you see my cranially challenged fwend, some folk believe that the true mark of a “real” big club is in the winning of genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies.
        See, the funny thing is, we basically put ourselves out of commission for twenty years, thanks to the actions of our chairman (Mr Scholar). What did you do in that time in regard to genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Mark

    3,000,000 people read this. You need serious help mate. You have a major problem. Nice to see that 2 of them have replied. Lucky the other 2,999,998 have replied on twitter. It certainly is fascinating reading the same article about Tottenham every month. Get help – there are people available

    1. Whatever

      Sorry Mark but going to have to correct you. just had a look at She wore a yellow ribbon, the source Facebook page this dweeb blogs on and a whopping 7 people have commented. So only 2,999,991 of his devout readership are yet to respond.

      1. Mark

        Your Mum has clearly viewed it 2,999,990 times. Starting to get very touchy now little boy. You might actually go to a game soon. Cue ‘i born in Highbury and go home and away with all my mates’.

      2. keenosafc Post author

        Im getting touchy yet you are the won calling people racist and becoming abusive. And yes, I do have a home season ticket and an away season ticket, thanks for asking. How about you Mark Frost?

      3. Johnno

        You wouldnt like my hampton, still got its foreskin. But if you leave the house now, you might make the second half at Wembley, there`ll be plenty of your kind over there and plenty of Aris for you to have a “sniff” at.

      4. Johnno

        I might have been exaggerating when I said plenty. 23.826 – a good few thousand Barnsley supporters. Hahaha, Big Club, hahaha.

  4. Mark

    Do you not want people to comment? One pretend Arsenal fan has commented. Surely the few fans of other clubs who comment should be thanked for occasionally giving you some interaction with humans. Leave you bedroom and get a life

      1. S-P

        I’ve explained this to you before, you silly sausage: blogs with “Spurs”, “Tottenham”,etc., are picked up by the trawlers, like NEWS NOW. So it is natural that Spurs fans, searching for Spurs news on News Now will see your headline generators as Spurs related. And yet you still feign surprise that Spurs fans occasionally access your site, while studiously ensuring that your headline always has a “Spurs” or a “Tottenham” in it!

        Disingenuous, is what it is. Why don’t you just admit it – you desperately want Spurs fans to read your blog saying the club you have chosen to support has been recently more successful so that they will feel sad and you can feel powerful. Why you should constantly feel the need to do that I would leave to the shrinks (if you were an interesting enough case study for any of them to show you any attention). Just make sure you always steer the chat away from the winning of genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies πŸ˜‚

      2. Mark

        It’s about Tottenham, child. It’s not sad writing it but it is sad commenting on it. You also seem to know about my waking habits which is worrying. You write a truly appalling blog as you obviously know – that’s clearly not up for discussion. What is, as always, is simply why you want to continue to convince yourself – and no one else because Arsenal fans don’t comment – that Arsenal are bigger and better than Tottenham. If you know this there is no point continually writing about it. Arsenal will lose to someone soon and you’ll trot out another blog about Tottenham’s smaller status. So what? Search for The Emirates and then embrace live football. Enjoy Arsenal and grow up. It will be liberating

  5. S-P


    No, Keeno, that is the whole point. We don’t avoid talk of not winning the league, or anything else for that matter. We are quite good at dealing with our present reality. And our present reality is that until Mr Scholar nearly bankrupted the club we had won approximately the same number of trophies as you and United. After he nearly bankrupted the club we had to cope with massive fines and point deductions, a tightening of the belt and reduction of perceived status. Γ€nd this has been made all the more galling because it coincided with you and United getting on the BPL/CL/TV money gravy train and having the most successful eras of your histories. We have had to slowly try to claw our way back, with constant set-backs along the way (Chelsea poaching Arnesen, Lasagna-Gate, City being gifted filthy oil-money, your lot paying our former keeper with a grudge to throw the ball into his own net three times on the last day so you could squeeze past us, finishing fourth and then watching Chelsea bribe their way to the CL).

    But now our present reality is that we have a great young team, a great youth set-up, a great young manager, top level training facilities and, soon, the best and second biggest club stadium in the country. We have finished fifth or higher in seven of the last eight seasons, including third and then second in the last two. Your present reality is half a first team with less than a year left on their contracts and refusing to renew, a youth set-up that has fallen behind, an old manager, stuck in his ways, a stadium that seemed great but is now having its flaws exposed, and a fan civil war. Keep on sleep-walked. I don’t care.

    Also, it is indicative of your general presumption that you assume I have never seen Spurs win the league. I have never given any indication of my age. You just, typically, made an assumption.

    So, I repeat, how many genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies have ArseAnal won?

  6. S-P

    @keenos/johnno (I don’t know know they are the same person, but there is something suspicious about the fact that neither of them seems to know that their username is a Proper Noun and should begin with a capital letter πŸ˜‚ ).

    Only an ill-informed child would ever classify the UEFA Cup as a second tier trophy. The fact that the Europa League replaced it and the Cup winners Cup, while at the same time being devalued partially by UEFA and partially in the minds of English teams and English fans, does not in any way mean that the UEFA Cup was ever treated as anything g but a top level competition. Indeed, not only was it’s prestige seen as being basically on a par with the old European Cup, but it was generally recognised as being often a far harder competition to win. Perhaps your obvious youth has confused you about this – some basic research should confirm all that I have said. Or maybe it is ArseAnal’s absolute inability to win anything of that level that gives ArseAnal fans a desperate need to try to denegrate it πŸ˜‚

    People who lack clarity in their comprehension and thought often confuse “explanation” and “excuse”. I offered you an explanation. The fact, and it is a fact, that Tottenham went from being a financial power, the equal of clubs like United and ArseAnal, at the start of the 1990’s to a heavily penalised club whose (self inflicted by club chairman Mr Scholar) and consequently missed the BPL/CL/TV money gravy-train, subsisting on revenues less than half of those their former rivals were generating, is actually a pretty comprehensive “explanation” as to why those former rivals went on to have their most successful eras whereas Spurs have been through an immense struggle, over decades, to even approach being in a position to be considered competitive rivals to these teams. If it wasn’t important, no-one would care that Chelsea and then City were gifted obscene amounts of unearned oil money, and, I guess, these two hitherto rather inconsequential clubs wouldn’t have won what they recently have. What is funny is that this not only harmed Tottenham’s relative perceived status and hampered their chances of regaining their former position in English football, but it has clearly had the same negative impact on ArseAnal. But, hey, keep on burying your head in the sand due to your desperate “need” to keep on laughing at Spurs. You will also notice that I am referencing events at the start of the 1990’s – that’s not “10 years ago”. It really has taken 25 years to recover from the financially disadvantaged position Mr Scholar’s actions left the club in. Oh, and it is closer to thirty years than forty since Tottenham won a level of trophy that ArseAnal have never, ever won.

    As for your insistence to turn everything back to a simple enumeration of how successful ArseAnal have been in the intervening years, it would probably be best to leave a psychologist to deal with that. But surely even you can see that if someone who is debating something with you repeatedly responds that they know that ArseAnal have been much more successful in these intervening years then just going back to an enumeration of how much more successful ArseAnal have been in these intervening years is hardly an intelligent and well thought out answer to the questions you are being asked.

    What you will notice, here, is a clear ability to simply concede that ArseAnal have been much more successful in these intervening years. It makes it all the more pathetic that your only answer to a discussion of the present is an enumeration of how much more successful ArseAnal have been in the intervening years. Difficulty to face the reality of the present is a worrying condition – a psychologist may be able to help.

    And the reality is this: in the present, we finished way clear of you last season, in terms of points, places and goal difference. we have a better, younger team, a better youth set-up, better training facilities and, soon, a bigger and better stadium. We have a great young manager, whereas your manager is past his best, and too obstinate to change, especially your suspect defence. Your club is not united and your manager has become a figure of division. Half of your first team are in the last year of your contracts. Can you see why you need to ask why your board has allowed this to happen? I mean, you started with an overwhelming financial advantage and a much bigger stadium. How have we even reduced the gap down to nothing under these circumstances? Can you see why it looks from the outside like you have been so focused on finishing above Tottenham, and then laughing about it, that you have taken your eye off the ball? And, funnily enough, this very blog is desperately trying to find something (erroneous) to laugh at Tottenham about.

    Do try and give a relevant and intelligent response, there’s a good chap 😁

    1. Johnno

      You talk a lot but you dont really have much to say S-P. Your troubles under Irvine the yid were self inflicted wounds. You were living beyond your means and got what you deserved. It was under Sugar the yid that you got points deducted and fined but you got those points back. Its a feeble excuse for mediocrity that you use that period as an excuse for your continued failure to challenge for the really big honours. Spurs have never really challenged for the big honours, your whole history is that of a Cup team and is built around 16 or 17 seasons. If it wasnt for the fact you (now) play in London, you would be an irrelevance. Clubs like Sunderland, Newcastle, Aston Villa have a far greater history than you but they dont play in the capital. Everton are a hundred times bigger than you. As for this crap about the UEFA Cup, hahaha, what a clown. The UEFA Cup was indeed a hard cup to win but to try and place it on a par with The European Cup is absurd. Ive been going over The Arse since 1957 my smelly Yid chum and seen them win the Fairs Cup (precursor to the UEFA Cup and Europa League) and it was a great night at Highbury against Anderlecht but to try and place a Fairs Cup or a UEFA Cup or a Europa League in the same category as a League title is fucking insane. It does tell me one thing though and that is you have clearly never seen your team win the League. If you had, you wouldnt come out with such Dog shit. By your logic, Nottingham Forest and Steaua Bucharest are bigger than us, your a clown pal. The stinking yids will never be as big as The Arsenal, you will never have our history, tradition and class. Your fanbase is smaller and your trophy cabinet is as well. A few good years under Levy the yid doesnt change anything. Now fuck off.

      1. S-P

        Well, just the thirty years before the nineties, the double, two UEFA Cups and a Cup Winners Cup, and some other FA and League Cups. Are you really that challenged that can’t Google and see that before Scholar-Gate we had won the same number of trophies as you and United, and most of them were in the thirty years before the nineties? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. S-P

    Yes, my cranially challenged fwend, I did mention, without prompting, several times, that Irvine Scholar was responsible for the financial meltdown at Tottenham – and it was, therefore self-inflicted.

    Tottenham weren’t “living beyond their means” at all. They generated more via marketing than any other top flight club, and, until Old Trafford was made into a Behemoth, gate receipts were on par with rivals.

    Your potted history of Tottenham is feeble in the extreme. Spurs won a major honour I. Every decade since the fifties. I didn’t place the UEFA Cup on a par with the European Cup, general consensus saw it as “almost” as prestigious (you really do need to pay closer attention to the way people use words), and as harder to win.

    Ah, yes, the old ArseAnal fan Fairs Cup chestnut. Here’s one for you. The First Cup was an invitation trophy and as such is not recognised by UEFA (even if it was a precursor to the UEFA Cup and Europa League). This is a fact that is in the public domain. And hence my very careful use of language when I refer to genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies. You should have checked…you silly sausage. So, no, I’m afraid ArseAnal have still only won one genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophy – and that the least prestigious one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The UEFA comparison with the league title: when Spurs won the UEFA Cup (twice), the FA Cup was seen as almost as prestigious as the league title. Now, if the CL and before it the European Cup were/are seen as being far more prestigious than domestic honours, and the UEFA Cup was seen as almost as prestigious as the European Cup, and often harder to win, it is a fair inference that the UEFA Cup was also more prestigious than domestic honours (and not “fucking absurd”). And here’s the rub, Tottenham have won both the domestic title (albeit quite a while ago, before you get that in) and the UEFA Cup, ArseAnal have won the domestic title but never a European trophy of the level and prestige of the UEFA Cup. So Spurs fans are better placed to make a judgement on this. You are just in denial because it threatens the whole worrying persona you have built up for yourself based on ArseAnal always being better than Tottenham in every way and therefore you being better than every Tottenham supporter always and in every way. Hence your increasingly desperate need to find things to laugh about.

    We don’t really want your history – being filled, as it is, with bribing and bullying your way to promotions you hadn’t earned, obvious corruption, and criminal, junkie, pervert players. As for the rest of your nonsense, believe it if you want – but it is a fact that most folk consider the real mark of a big club to be European success. Do leave fans shout repeatedly “five times, five times” or do they shout repeatedly “eighteen times, eighteen times”. That is a club whose title haul trump’s yours and whose European haul trumps ours – and they chose to emphasize European success over domestic success. If that makes you ask questions about your club relative to Nottingham Forest…deal with! You never had any class – you were the most successful cloggers in England, is all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    If the fanbase is smaller ATM it is only because your more recent success has brought with it a lot of Glory-Hunter fans and a chunk of the fickle international fanbase. I still laugh when I recall the fan in Nigeria (or similar) tearing his ArseAnal shirt off, burning it on the floor, donning a Chelsea shirt and proudly declaring that he was henceforth a Chelsea fan, all because ArseAnal had had a disappointing result. Yeah, fans πŸ˜‚ Traditional fanbase – probably just about even, as it always was πŸ‘

    Saying a few good years under Levy won’t change anything, is the closest you come to actually addressing present reality – even if it doesn’t at all. And even that’s is just casually assuming we won’t win anything – and, as I’ve suggested, this complacency is what has bought you to your present reality. Can you afford to be this complacent? Just one CL win and we would be taking the piss out of your lot mercilessly. Improbable? Maybe…you might think so. I just think back to what Wenger said when Pochettino left Southampton because their idiot board broke his team up. He said that if that squad had been kept together under Pochettino they would have won the CL. Your own manager said that. And at Spurs he has better players, a better team, more money, a better youth set-up and a more ambitious chairman and board who are backing him for the long term. For the sake of your clearly fragile mental health I really don’t think you can afford to be this complacent. Hell, you struggle now to cope when I wind you up about Europe (I mean, you clearly struggle to cope, your post reads like one made by someone who is unraveling), imagine what it would be like if we even just won one Europa under Pochettino (especially now that UEFA are trying to elevate it’s status)? Would really hammer home just who is the really successful big club in Europe…and surely even you can see there is nothing implausible about the prospect.

    So, I will put the issue of present reality to you again: we finished way clear of you in terms of points, places and goal-difference last season. We have a better and younger squad than you. We have a better youth set-up than you. We have better training facilities than you. We will soon have a bigger and better stadium than you. We have a brilliant young manager, who has repeatedly pledged his long-term future to the club, whereas you have an old, divisive manager set in his ways and clearly not here for much longer, to be followed by uncertainty – maybe for years. Try to look at it this way: we have multiple players who the top European clubs would pay upwards of Β£150 milion each to get, you have multiple players who will go to top clubs for free at the end of the season because your club has foolishly allowed half your first team to be in the situation where they are in the final year of their contracts and will not renew! Can you see how your complacency has put you in this position? And can you really afford to be this complacent going forward?

    As for “fucking off” – well, only the site owner can tell me that. Unless? Surely Johnno isn’t Keno, just pretending to be older? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Johnno

        I shouldnt really reply to myself keenos/Johnno/whoever the fuck I am but Ive never read such lengthy posts like the ones S-P puts up that contain almost nothing in them at all. I dont think the kids a full shilling to be honest or in his case, a full shekel.

      2. Johnno

        Or maybe they know that if you “Set out by aiming for the League and players will see consistency as important”. Or maybe they know that “Setting out to be a Cup team can become a self fulfilling prophecy” Hahaha, it doesnt take long for the words of a moron to come back and bite.

      1. S-P

        Or maybe just that they know the Liverpool fans have them bag to rights on Europe. A bit like you with us πŸ˜‚

      2. Johnno

        I`ll say it again because I find it rather amusing. Maybe the Mancs know that if you “Set out by aiming for the League and players will see consistency as important” Or maybe they know that “Setting out to be a Cup team can become a self fulfilling prophecy” Goodnight S-P.

      3. S-P

        @johnno (or is it Keeno?). Why goodnight? It’s only 4:37? Is Mummy home? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        My posts are full of nothing…which is why you persistently won’t address the present reality or answer the direct questions in them put to you?

        And my “moron words have come back to haunt me”, which is why you are currently sweating over the call from the authorities over your anti-Semitic abuse?


      4. Johnno

        You are definitely not the full shekel. If you were you would realise that your own words destroyed your whole fucking argument. Give up whilst youre behind or inform the authorities that someone vewwy vewwy bad hurt your lil feelings. Hahaha, it was only about an hour ago you said you were having fun Arse baiting. Now you are threatening to have the OB onto them, hahaha. Those words of your sure did come back to bite.

  8. Johnno

    Ah, wonderful to hear that good old Henry Norris is still getting up your big noses after all these years. Fucking marvellous but didnt you do the same thing a few years later? Here`s another question for you. Do you believe the UEFA Cup to be a more important trophy than the League title? If the answer to the last question is yes then you have revealed yourself as a lunatic. I`d put the Fairs Cup – UEFA Cup – Europa League (whatever you want to call it) on about the same level as The FA Cup. A complete tit once called them “second best level of trophies” That is your history, competing for “second best level of trophies”. I was 1 when you won the first of your 2 league championships so I cant really talk about them but I saw your other top side. They werent a bad side, they took advantage of the Munich air disaster and saw off giants like Burnley and Wolves. They were no match for the mighty Ipswich the following year and eventually reverted to a Cup team again. As for implying that I am Keenos or any fucker else for that matter. Is that meant to bother me? Hhaha, I couldnt give a monkeys you soppy little cunt. Maybe I shouldnt have told you to fuck off but I assure you that there was no malice in it. I said it in the same way that you tell the local pest in the pub to do one. Shalom, oh and its your New Year today isnt it? Treat yourself to a bagel or something.

  9. S-P

    No, we never did anything on a level with what ArseAnal did.

    Look, I’ve explained this to you previously. The Fairs Cup was in no way, shape or form, comparable to the UEFA Cup. It was an I citation tournament and it is not recognised as a major European honour by UEFA ( that is official UEFA policy…and you didn’t know it, did you πŸ˜‚ ). The Europa League is a combination of the UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup, but has never attained the prestige of status of the old UEFA Cup. It is all about context. In the world in which Spurs won the UEFA Cup twice, it was acknowledged as far more prestigious than the Europa, the Fairs Cup, that invitation thingy, wasn’t even on the ball park, almost as prestigious as European Cup. And as that is the case, and the latter was far more prestigious than domestic title, yes, indeed, better than winning the league. But you wouldn’t know that because you’ve never won it – or anything like it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ As for comparing it to the FA Cup, in your desperate need to denegrate it due to your own psychiatric issues, stay off the drugs, son 😁😁😁

    Your reductionist argument about the double winning side, the won that was cheated out of balance European Cup final the following year, well the same argument could be made about everyone at all times. Just like ArseAnal have only been taking advantage of Mr Scholar nearly destroying our club, for instance. The fact that you somehow need to see clubs like Burnley, Wolves and Ipswich, suggests a few things. For instance, they really were pretty big clubs back then. Wolves, for example were in an era when they won more genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies than ArseAnal have ever, ever won. Did you know that? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This brings me to the next thing it seems to suggest: for you to not know that, despite claiming to have been there makes me think that you weren’t really there at all. It makes it seem like you just looked at the finishing tables for those years – and then made the facile connection with those clubs’current status. That makes it seem like you aren’t as old as you claim to be. And that makes it seem more like you really are keenos’ altrr-ego πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I’m not bothered by the repetitious insults. Rather that, and the fact that you still won’t deal with the present reality suggest to me that you are unraveling. Just be the European stuff…and particularly the fact that you didn’t even know that the Fairs Cup was an invitation trophy and not recognised by UEFA as a genuine major European trophy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But the anti-Semitic stuff. Come on. When it is reported to the authorities, and it will be, it won’t take long for the authorities to track you down. And if you and Keeno are one and the same, it won’t take them long to connect the two addresses, so it doesn’t really matter if you are bothered that everyone else who has commented thinks you are his alter-ego, or that Keeno has been careful not to indulge in the anti-Semitism. Unless, of course you are his alter-ego, in which case the authorities will connect. Don’t worry, I have screenshots πŸ˜‹

    1. Johnno

      Hhaha, a little grass are you? You call yourselves Yids and it is my experience that most Tottenham fans smell, hence you are stinking Yids but go ahead and report them, hahaha.

      1. S-P

        I didn’t say I would be doing the informing. I might, though – do have the screenshots πŸ˜‹

        And seriously, the whole “smelling” thing, it really does make you sound like an eight year old whose Mum dropped him on the head. But I do notice you have tried to modify things by claiming you were only referencing Tottenham fans as “stinking”. But, then, there’s all that stuff about Shekels as well. A good lawyer would make mincemeat of that argument.

        Anyway, why are you still here…I thought you went to bed at 4:37 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      2. Mark

        Missed this for a day! I know I am saying the obvious but you do need urgent help. Your Yid fixation and language just shows that you are a very sad and deluded excuse for a human being. You may think it’s funny or even clever to talk about stinking Yids and the fact that Tottenham fans smell. At best I’d expect this from someone around 8 maybe. Take a long hard look at yourself and your sad life and ask yourself whether you are proud about your posts on here and whether you would want your teacher to read them. I don’t believe a single Arsenal fan has commented and i don’t actually believe a real and decent Arsenal fan would agree with any of the language you use especially as plenty of, in your words, big nosed stinky yids support the club who you embarrass with your comments. When you go to senior school i think you’ll look back with regret. Grow up child

  10. S-P

    @keeno/johnno (lower case πŸ˜‚ ) @5:15 September 21

    How on earth have my own arguments defeated me? The arguments that you pointedly and persistently refuse to deal with? The ones concerning the two clubs’ current reality? Your ramblings make no sense!

    Who said I am offended? By the defenition of the law you are using inflammatory and hate filled language. I pointed that out. Takes more than a twelve year old spoilt boy sitting in his bedroom and spewing hate because Mummy has taken his ginger-beer ration for two weeks for setting the bed (again) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I said I was enjoying the Arse-baiting. I didn’t say that was any different to letting you know of your impending fate, when the authorities catch up with you. You reduced this, erroneously, when in fact that conclusion is a non-sequitor. Don’t know about Arse-baiting but I imagine there will be plenty of Arse bashing where you’re going – to juvy. Don’t forget to keep the soap on a string in case you drop it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    As for your team and club – do you think they will make top four this season? What do the implications will be of failure to do so? How would the loss of income effect you? Just imagine, half (and probably the best half) gone for nothing, and the rest disgruntled because they didn’t sign up for Europa. A CL wage bill! Interior squad, youth set-up, training facilities and stadium to your biggest rivals! Managerial instability! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Mind you, don’t know how much of this you will get to see when you are chained up in Big Colin’s cell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Gunners

      Technically Spurs at the moment are not paying their stars enough. With the ‘lean’ years ahead of them to pay off their stadium. Expect Bigger teams to start poaching their stars again. Real for example might look to buy Kane, Ronaldo is 32.. they’ll need a new goalscorer.
      And in my opinion, Spurs are one Kane transfer away from being the old Spurs.
      It shows that when Kane is injured Spurs struggles to win games.

      English Media, in recent times, sure has a double standard against arsenal. When Wenger was prioritizing to getting top 4 every year, they’d say how that isn’t a trophy. Mocked him saying he just wins the 4th place trophy…etc. Now when he starts winning trophies you get the saying oh it’s just the fact cup etc. Discrediting arsenal again.

      And now when Spurs manager says he prioritizes top 4 finish instead of trophies such as fa cup and league cup, they say he’s ambitious..that is the sign of a big club.

      I wonder what they’re getting paid for these pundits… Hypocrites.

      1. keenosafc Post author

        Completely agree. The same people who said “win real trophies, not finish top 4” are saying “Arsenal are not in the top 4”. alsmost like being negative about Arsenal sells…

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