Mesut Ozil – “A waste of money and talent”

Waste of money and talent was one comment when a friend of mine stuck up Karma is a bitch eh Mesut… in a Whatasapp group, The discussion was about Mesut Ozil being set to face a humiliating Arsenal climb down having failed to attract any offers for his services elsewhere.

Lazy, bug eyed c**t was another response. Needless to say, the majority of the Whatsapp group have not been impressed by Mesut Ozil and his performances for Arsenal.

They moan that he is lazy, that he does not put in enough work. Well I am sorry that Mesut Ozil does not run around as much as Francis Coquelin.

“F**cking run around a bit” was what Harry Redknapp once asked one of his strikers to do. The opinion being that showing a bit of enthusiasm and topping the KM’s covered charts is what makes a good footballer.

This is why England have always struggled. Fans champion the likes of Jordan Henderson, Jake Livermore, Lee Catermole, Emile Heskey, Danny Welbeck. Players who have very little technical ability, but put in a shift. Work hard. Run around a little bit.

Whilst this is an important attribute for smaller teams, the likes of Stoke City, Bolton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur, Republic of Ireland and Scotland, at a top side, during a league campaign, you do not want your key attacking players to cover every inch of grass, wasting energy on lost causes.

Mathieu Flamini covered a lot of ground for Arsenal in both spells at the club. He often topped the charts for distance covered. He never stopped running. But who would you prefer in the side? Flamini or Cesc Fabregas? Flamini or Ozil?

But you need balance is what you are crying. You need a Flamini to play with a Fabregas, to cover the ground. Correct. You are right. You are basically agreeing with me. That it is not the job of the likes of Fabregas and Ozil to track back all the time. To cover a big load of KM’s. That is others in the team.

Aaron Ramsey loves to run around a little bit, but is then frustrating when he is asked to be the midfield play maker. I can probably count on one hand how many number 10’s are high energy, covering the ground. In fact, my pal Paul could probably count how many of these players are known for running around and he does not have a hand to count them on.

The Juan Mata’s of this world, Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, David Silva, James Rodriguez, Mario Gotze, Tomas Muller. Some of the best Number 10’s in world football. None are exactly known for running around a little bit. Mesut Ozil is amongst them.

So my first point with Ozil is simple. Understand his role in the team. He is not there to defend, he is in the side to attack, to create. Leave the defensive side to those behind him. We are not good enough at defending, blame Granit Xhaka, blame Aaron Ramsey, blame Arsene Wenger. Do not blame Mesut Ozil. It would be like blaming Laurent Koscielny that we do not score enough goals.

On the other point, about Mesut Ozil being a waste of money and talent it reminds me of two daily Mail articles that I read on their app. They were next to each other so reading one after another made interesting reading.

The first was about Mesut Ozil. About how he had been a flop at Arsenal. How he had been a horrendous signing. That Arsenal would be good to get shot of him.

Following on from the article was a second one about Tottenham Hotspur. It was the usual BS about how great they were. How great Mauricio Pochettino is. That Harry Kane is the best striker in the world. Dele Alli the best Number 10 (no mention that he is lazy).

Now for a bit of perspective…

So Ozil is a failure, having won more trophies at Arsenal in the 4 years he has been in London than Spurs have won in the last 26 years. That great Spurs team. The brilliant side that they are…

If I wanted to play silly buggers, I could say that Spurs have only won 3 trophies in the last 33 years. That my mates 5 year old has seen Ozil lift more trophies than his 32 year old father has seen Spurs lift.

A final thought on this matter, and I am not making an in depth comparison, just a final thought.

Liam Brady is considered an Arsenal legend. A left footed, classy player who glided over the field. How does Mesut Ozil compare to him?

So whilst Ozil has played half the amount of games, the German has a better scoring ratio – yet some moan that Ozil does not score enough.

And ultimately, Ozil has won more in his Arsenal career than Liam Brady.

Has Ozil been that much of a flop?


4 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil – “A waste of money and talent”

  1. chris

    So the answer is to get some money for him in January – and NOT pay him £250,000 per week to stay. Meantime he can play creatively against the weaker teams and be left out of tough matches against top clubs … when we can’t afford beautiful luxuries.


    1. gunnerbear

      “Meantime he can play creatively against the weaker teams and be left out of tough matches against top clubs … when we can’t afford beautiful luxuries.” Like against Watford….MO is a very good footballer but there is no way he is a Premiership player.


  2. chris

    Ozil is not that much of a flop, no. He does what he does. But he is already paid the very most he should be paid. He has tried to leave for £330,000 per week which nobody will pay outside of China. And he is now said to be back to re sign for £250,000 per week for Arsenal … which is a sick joke for an exhibition player who really does NOT turn up for big, tough matches.


  3. Waladi

    Spot on,,others incompetency make oezil looks not top player.but again technically premier will remain behind because they like average players who runs a lot.look what they did to robben,what they did to Suarez and now so frustrated arsenal is becoming average team,veery average.because we hv been brainwashed by average players,who turns out to be pundits,into believe Iwobi,can be better player,Ramsey,coquellin,wellbeck,really??.if we treat oezil like this we should forget having top class players into that team.oezil was the reason I watch arsenal,not road runners,you buy defenders who can’t defend,you buy DM who can’t defend,then you blame creator ,who creates ,for not have statute striker upfront,like giroud doesn’t run behind,you buy striker who CNT strike like wellbeck,you blame oezil,,you had awful goalkeeper before,you blame oezil.even messi can’t save arsenal.



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