Did Troy Deeney show his “cojones” when he kicked defenceless student in the head?

“I have to watch what I say, but it’s [having] a bit of cojones, is what I’ll say. Whenever I play against Arsenal, I’ll go up and think ‘let me whack the first one and see who wants it.’

I wonder if this is what Troy Deeney, then 23, kicked a student in the head on the 29 February 2012.

In June of that year, the then Championship football was jailed for 10 months.

The Watford striker was recorded by CCTV cameras kicking one of the victims in the head.

One man suffered a broken jaw and another required 20 stitches as a result of the brawl in Broad Street.

Deeney, admitted affray and was sentenced along with three other men at Birmingham Crown Court.

They included Deeney’s younger brother Ellis, 21, of Polar Avenue, Chelmsley Wood; Oliver Brennan, 20, from Hazel Croft, Chelmsley Wood; and 26-year-old Marc Williams, of Stonebridge Crescent in Kingshurst.

They had all pleaded guilty to affray.

Judge David Tomlinson said CCTV footage of the attack, which happened close to the Bliss nightclub on 29 February, showed the roles of Troy Deeney and Brennan were more serious than the other defendants.

In the 30-second video clip, the pair could be seen kicking out at the “defenceless” students, one of whom received repeated blows to the head as he lay injured on the ground.

The judge told the defendants: “Three men in particular were singled out for what can only be described as a gratuitous beating.

“All four of you to a greater or lesser degree joined in but the effect of it was that these three men, who were already heavily outnumbered, became even more so as a result of what you all did.

“At least one kicked a man while he was already on the ground and very probably had already suffered a really serious injury.”

Prosecutor David Lees said one student, who had suffered a broken jaw, might require plastic surgery because of the scars on his face and continued to suffer from flashbacks.


A month after the attack, Deeney was given a 12-month extension to his contract by Watford.

Here is the thing about Troy Deeney, he is a convicted violent thug. He will claim to be reformed, but his comments about “whack the first one and see who wants it.” show that he has probably not changed.

Whilst Watford did get one over Arsenal yesterday, Deeney’s comment about cojones is laughable.

The team without cojones have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years. Troy Deeney has won nothing.  Nowt. Zilch. Give me someone like Per Mertesacker or Mesut Ozil, two serial winners who, 2 years after Troy Deeney was sentenced for his violent, sickening attack, were winning the World Cup.

Give me a team of winners like Arsenal, over Deeney’s team of thugs and losers any day.

Troy Deeney, nothing but an average footballer, a convicted thug. A man who kicked a student on the floor in Birmingham, probably to see who wanted.

Enjoy being a nobody living off your 15 minute performance against the mighty Arsenal, Troy. Hope you did not drop the soap too much in jail son.


45 thoughts on “Did Troy Deeney show his “cojones” when he kicked defenceless student in the head?

  1. Martin

    haha, have a go at troy deeney to try and change the subject from your ever declining club. After all, Watford only “came to watch the Arsenal” as your fans like to chant

      1. kieran hogan

        funny thing is in the last 4 years in the FA cup who is the only team to beat “the arsenal”??? and on their own pitch as well 😀 this article is pathetic and just a sorry excuse of a distraction from the actual problem, and that is your laughable “club”

  2. foreverinourshadows

    He’s right we are a team that bottles any pressure, and when we go to play City, we will be crucified, we lack leadership, backbone, discipline and if you can’t see that then you are as deluded as le fraud, to bring up the past that has nothing to do with how gutless we are shows desperation. We are in decline, w have been for a while, sure the FA Cup wins were great but it doesn’t hide the fact we need new direction not a toothless clown who’s tippy tappy rubbish is getting us nowhere, but hey you carry on with your head in the sand, or your head up Wenger’s arse just Steve Bould’s is. The rest of us have to wait til the dictator is topple. Groundhog day is already upon us……. Still think we will win the league?, le fraud does

  3. Neil

    I wish I hadn’t come across this post because it’s just a disgusting personal attack by someone who clearly cares more about Arsenal than human value. You have no idea how much Troy has turned his life around, paid his dues and given to the community. From reading this you’re the one that needs help, one thing you do have in common with Arsenal.

    1. Arsenal fan

      Watford where lucky yesterday that arsenal have a fake world class player In ozil. Any other world class player In world football demanding 300,000 a week would score that from de bruyne to isco they would score that sitter. Yesterday was lucky for Watford including the crazy penalty decision. As a club arsenal are being punished for allowing these to players Sanchez and ozil to to poison our club with there egos at the end of the day it was Ramsey that scored the winner in the fa cups other than that these too guys can be replaced no one is bigger than the club. Especially ozil he continues to miss sitters he does it every time he has a clear chance he does not score enough very useless player at times

      1. Spleeno

        We were lucky because you pay stupid money to players who don’t want to play for you and couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. Classic Arsenal logic. So hard done by. Lol.

      2. Arsenal fan

        Yes you where lucky yesterday was lucky game for Watford we should have put you to bed twice bit we didn’t and that’s football so don’t be getting cocky because we missed our chances. And also if you read my comment you mellon I want ozil and sanchez out because they are poisoning the club

      3. Johnno

        Spot on mate, what the fuck are Ozil and Sanchez still doing at the club? Pure cancer. Ive always been a Wenger man but yesterday highlighted his problems. How can you have Wilshere on the bench, a kid who gives his absolute bollocks every time he pulls on the shirt and overlook him for a luxury who wants away? Fucking madness. Weve already done big dough by keeping these two cunts, hopefully we wont do more by keeping them in January.

  4. John Barnes

    Old news, Deeney served his time and has learnt from his mistakes.
    Deeney taught Arsenal defence a hard lesson yesterday.

      1. Jak

        I think Chelsea, man united, Man City could help with the trophy winning, arsenal aren’t even a big club anymore 😅😅😅

      2. Arsenal fan

        Chelsea man Utd and man city have spent giant amounts of money compare to arsenal over the years we have a bad owner Stan kroenke if arsenal spent the money Chelsea and man city and man Utd spent they would definitely be more l this summer we recorded a profit can you imagine. Don’t try and twist it now you know that Chelsea and city and United have spent hundreds of millions compare to arsenal figures you can check that out in the stats. If arsenal had abromovich or monsue or the Glaser group there would be large yearly investments in areas we have Stan kroenke who made said with his own mouth he will not invest any of his own money in the buying of players . Arsenal is. In trouble

    1. Faye

      Tell that to the victims. What has Deeny done to compensate the victim’s?
      “Served his time” is an absurd cliche statement when in reality he was released early and was getting free services, lodging, facilities, food, clothing in prison at the tax payers expense while the victims are in a hospital bed getting NHS care which is “sub-standard” to prison care according to independant and regulatory investigators.
      Deeny had a free education and decided to flush it down the toilet. These students education has been disrupted because of the physical and emotional trauma this yob and his yob gang inflicted.
      I completely agree with the author of this article. Deeny has voiced his opinion but apparently no one else who disagrees with him is allowed to voice theirs in response. I couldn’t care less about Arsenal FC, I don’t support them, but at least these current players try to play football as bad as it may be at times.
      Deeny doesn’t play football, he commits fouls when the ref isn’t looking to intimidate players, who don’t want their career ruined from an injury, from playing properly ruining the game for neutrals. He and his brother and the other yobs still owe the victims and he should spend his time helping them instead of himself. I’m boycotting BT Sport as they deem it fit to give the spotlight to criminals, imagine if the victims were watching and saw him appear living the good life whie they were in situation he left them in?

  5. Ash

    What an absolute pathetic personal attack on deeney. As others have said Troy turned his life around, gives generously to charity and is a reformed character. To use his comments about his footballing style to draw comparisons to events off the pitch that are well in the past are disgraceful. You should be ashamed.

    1. Faye

      Your pathetic, Troy has ruined people’s lives but because he “gives generously to charity” (any evidence by the way?) that makes it ok? Has he given generously to his victims? He is enjoying the spotlight and suck ups like you slobbering all over him while the victims suffer. He is a coward if he thinks fouling a player trying to play football while the ref isn’t looking makes him a tough man with “nuts”.

  6. Josh Hart

    😂😂 get a grip of yourself you soppy little sore loser. Typical arsenal fan trying to make excuses for his past it manager and gutless squad

  7. Spleeno

    Ha ha ha….this article he right up there with Arsenal Fan TV. How do Arsenal consistently get the most embarrassing fans? Do they ship them in from somewhere? Honestly, the mong level is off the scale.

    You lot got beat, get over it, have a little cry to your mummy and move on. This write up stinks of bitterness.


  8. Jak

    The geezer who wrote this is a bitter arsenal fan who is having a bitch fit because the “mighty” arsenal choked a 1-0 lead to Watford… if you remember last season, watford game to arsenal and won 2-1 and deeney was a vital part of that game. You can divert from the point and bring up his past but he’s accomplished more since 2012 than the person who wrote this article and probably anyone reading this comment right now. This article and it’s writer are totally pathetic

  9. Arsenal fan

    This artical is stupid but it’s not all arsenal fans thinking this it’s one stupid idiot that’s embarrising himself . And the fans on arsenal fan tv are nothing like this so stop twisting things now too try And attack arsenal fan. We are loyal and deserve more than what kroenke is giving the club. Ozil would never getter in the invicibles and I don’t think Sanchez would either over pires so it shows where we are now as a club we need to rebuild and get these guys out and move on

  10. Robert Hill

    Yes Deeney was wrong to do what he did, but since then he has done so much for the local community and has been a great servant to Watford. He was truly humbled after his prison sentence and has now moved on.

    Simply you just do not like losing to Watford. Well tough, because we are a developing club and will continue to get better and grow. So live with it, and remember that we have now beaten you 3 times in our last 5 games.

  11. Bob

    So, so bitter. Really sad to see.

    Deeney makes no secret of his past. Has no relevance to the football match we saw yesterday. After all it’s a competitive sport.

    Arsenal can’t compete with Man City /Utd. Living in the Shadow of Spurs and Chelsea. Now struggling yet again against Watford.

    It’s embarrassing, but even more embarrassing is the bitter reaction from Gunners fans.

    Deeney was spot on with his assessment of Arsenal. The scoreline tells the story.

    Rise above it Arsenal fans.

  12. NJ

    If you watch the same clip Deeney states he has done stupid things that nearly cost him everything and if you know him he is referring to that same incident.

    He has done a lot to make up for that one night and we have all done things we regret. Part of making mistakes is what you do about it after.

    Cheap shot, poor article, lack of research. Try another career.

  13. Johnno

    I`ll say it again, I`m a fan of this site but you are barking up the wrong tree here. Yesterdays defeat highlighted our weaknesses. A big thick cunt like Deeney who has zero ability came on and unsettled us, we got cheated but once the equaliser went in there was only one winner. Can you imagine a big lump of shit taking liberties with a Keown, Adams, Bould or Campball? This wont be the last game we completely throw away, we`ll end up losing 9 or 10 league games this year. Hopefully we`ll maintain our reputation as a Cup team, maybe the Europa will be our passport to the Champions League. I`ll take that right now.

  14. Nick

    Typical gunner! Sore loser and missing the point. 11 players on the pitch and not one set of balls between them. A team of winners?! Have a laugh! As for your fans, they are the worse bunch of supporters I’ve ever seen at Vicarage road. All noise outside but get inside the ground and not a murmur. You sung about 4 songs all game! Pathetic! Ain’t just the players lacking balls. Your joke club will do well to finish in the top 6 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Johnno

      Unlike Watford who were all noise inside the ground but quiet as mice outside. My joke of a club WILL finish top 6, where will yours?

  15. Looking down on Arsenal#wfc

    Troy did Arsenal a favour and highlighted what a manager paid millions can’t work out. It’s a club with owner who treats it like a cash cow ,a manager past his sell by date and players who don’t care. Sadly the fans criticise others and live in the past rather showing dignity

      1. gunnerbear

        Watford are never – well maybe they’ll do a LCFC one day – going to win the Prem’…..we should be….that’s the difference. TD said something that more than a few Gooners – myself included – have been saying for years…..we’ve no stones and to win the Prem….you need players that do.

        Take Ozil for example, as soon as it gets a bit ‘industrial’ as all Prem’ games do, he disappears up his own a**ehole…we can’t afford to carry a player…we’re simply not good enough to.

    1. Lee fox

      Three of our last 4 games against Arsenal
      Only side to knock you out of fa cup in 4 years. Cost you champions league place. Ended 7 game unbeaten run.

      1. foreverinourshadows

        Wenger cost us CL, hang on to your stats mate, it’s all you got….oh yeah an arse bandit of a chairman who got you to your final only for you to choke, or swallow

  16. GoonerDave

    Troy Deeney is a convicted thug who openly admits to being violent and cheating on the pitch.
    And his fans blindly follow!
    Well done to Watford for their win. Yes they got lucky with the penalty, but they took their chance and won the 3 points. We were poor.
    But don’t support the thuggish words of Deeney, about whacking people on the pitch – he almost killed a man with this behaviour and is clearly not reformed at all, based on his own words.
    Deeney does not deserve a career in football. He is a convicted thug who has learned nothing.

  17. Lee Fox

    The incident happened the Day after Troy Deeneys dad died of cancer it was stupid and he done his time. Since then he is a reformed person. Has raised thousands for local charitys. Yes he was out of line but how bitter can you be to bring this up when you lose.

  18. gunnerbear

    You may not like the message so don’t bother to attack the messenger. TD was spot on….we’re a soft outfit….a outfit that crack under pressure because the game has moved on and AW has no idea how to change.

    And as to employing law breakers, we’re on thin ice there.

  19. Oliver Reeve

    This is an absolutely pathetic article. Keenosafc you’re a piece of shit

    You criticise Deeney for something he did years ago and has done his time for and reformed, then go on to laugh at Watford because we don’t win trophies. Well no fucking shit you tosspot – what’s more laughable is that to feel better about how shit your club is becoming, you compare yourself to Watford! Obviously you’d rather have Ozil than Deeney, what a fucking revelation, aren’t you smart. The point is Watford are getting the better of you more often than not when we’re coming up against you recently, Deeney was asked why that is and he answered honestly. He knows if you play physically against Arsenal you can get the better of them. There it is, hardly the most shocking news in the world is it.

    And you can compare your achievements as a club to that of Deeney’s, but you personally aren’t fit to lace his boots. If all you can achieve if writing a derogatory piece on him online then you’re really as pathetic as they come.

    1. Faye

      How is this article derogatory? It’s ok for you to post insults and personal attacks with filthy slurs to someone giving their opinion, but the author can’t write his thoughts on a horrible crime a player committed who then goes on to brag how tough he is? I ask the question again, has this criminal and his yob gang members compensated the victims yes or no? You weren’t the victim so you dismissing his crimes is beyong absurd. He is not tough and he is not the one with “cojones” because this is football. If he wants to push people around when the ref isn’t looking he should play rugby. But he chose rugby because he has no “cojones” and wants to pick on people he feel he can bully and get away with assaulting. The justice system is one big shambolic disaster to the victims of violent assault who see perpetrators given crap sentences see society keeps living in fear.


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