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Arsenal show their cojones

Two wins in a row. Get in. Arsenal are on a fine run of form. Wenger In. Wenger knows best. Give him a new 3 year deal. Etc. Etc.

We live in a world where we over react to everything. Things are either brilliant, or they are awful. Players either the best in the world, or the worst. Arsenal beat Watford. It was only Watford. It does not change the opinion that Arsene Wenger need to leave at the end of the season.

But nor will I not enjoy myself. Not celebrate.

As I have said before, you can want Wenger out and still want Arsenal to win. Just because you have a view on the manager, or the club, does not mean you should not be allowed to enjoy The Arsenal winning.

Arsenal were impressive. The front 3 of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrik Mkhytaryian worked well together.

The three work brilliantly together. It might be too little too late for this season, but 6 months of playing together and a full pre-season is cause for excitement.

It was interesting yesterday to see Wenger’s priorities change.

I know there were injuries, but a team that did not contain; Hector Bellerin, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere highlighted that this weeks 2nd leg against AC Milan is no more important than a Premier League fixture.

I am sure had we been in the running for top 4, some of these would have played. Instead none were risked as we focus on the AC Milan game.

After a 3-0 win, there were plenty of positives to take.

Alongside the above mentioned trio, Ainsley Maitland-Niles was excellent at right back.

He has shown this season that he has more than enough to his game to be part of any future Arsenal squad. Key to his Arsenal career will be his versatility.

Able to cover both full backs, and the middle of the park, into next season, his primary role should be to provide cover and competition for Hector Bellerin.

I remember Francis Coquelin breaking through the first time, and Maitland-Niles reminds me a bit of him. Coquelin would often for the youths cover both the middle of the park and the full backs. Maitland-Niles could forge a career similar to James Milner as long as he works hard.

He is much better technically than Francis Coquelin, and you have to think the decision to let the Frenchman go in January was the development of Maitland-Niles.

Arsenal also lost Macus McgGaune in January to Barcelona. The youngster refused to sign a new deal after “not being presented a clear path to the first team”. That is due to Maitland-Niles.

Petr Cech saved a penalty.

It is a moment of Arsenal history alongside 89 and John Jenson scoring against QPR. One of those moments that everyone will say they were there for, even though the ground was half empty.

Poor Troy Deeney, bottled it didn’t he. Just a pity no-one went full Martin Keown on him.

So on to AC Milan…



Arsenal show cojones to defeat Swansea

Thanks Troy.

Since your unprofessional comment over Arsenal lacking the cojones, we have won 4 on the bounce, 3 of which Arsenal have come from behind to take the victory.

When Deeney made his comments, a few disgruntled fans said “a decent manager would print the comments and out use them to motivate the team” insinuating than Wenger and the players would just brush them off, ignore them, be blind to comments that were correct, if said unprofessionally.

Yesterday Arsenal went 1-0 down for the 3rd game in a row.

It was a carbon copy of the previous 2 games. Dominate the early stages, go 1-behind, lucky to not be 2-behind at half time. Come out 2nd half, dominate once more and win.

Coming from behind like that shows character. Shows cojones.

Obviously I would rather be 3-0 up at half time and cruising, but football is not always that easy.

Both Chelsea, Man U and Man City scrapped to 1 goal victories against small teams this weekend.

Yesterday’s victory (and my math might be wrong) makes it:

9 wins in 10 games
14 homes win in a row
Not lost at home in the league since January

For a few years, people have moaned about our home fans. About how their negativity go’s through to the players and the home fans are why we do not win anything.

The statistics this year show that is a load of old rubbish.

Someone responded to my comment on the She Wore Facebook page with “where’s the trophy” when I put those statistics up.

May 2017. The FA Cup. There’s your trophy.

But I am sure you will say it isn’t the trophy you want, you probably now moan about the lack of Champions League football, despite spending 10 years moaning that being in the Champions League was pointless if you are not winning trophies.

So onwards to Belgrade at home where we will be looking secure qualification for the knock out stages of the Europa League and keep that home winning run going. Then on to the tricky period of Man City away and Spurs at home.

A final thought. The press continue to portray Arsenal as awful and Spurs as brilliant. There is one point between the clubs.

A final, final point.

Since Troy Deeney’s comments about lack cojones, Watford are P 2 L 2. Yesterday Troy showed his true self.

Refusing to give the ball back after Stoke put it out so one of their players could get treatment, and then violently attacking Joe Allen, who is about a foot shorter.

We all know Troy is a bully boy who once stamped on a defenceless students head whilst he was laying in the ground.

He got a yellow for the incident, but it will surely be upgraded to a red and a 3 game suspension.

Troy showed his true self, a violent thug who acts cowardly. He certainly is not rehabilitated.

I notice he hasn’t been on TV recently calling his team mates out for not showing cojones.

Have a good Sunday. I am having lamb shank.


Did Troy Deeney show his “cojones” when he kicked defenceless student in the head?

“I have to watch what I say, but it’s [having] a bit of cojones, is what I’ll say. Whenever I play against Arsenal, I’ll go up and think ‘let me whack the first one and see who wants it.’

I wonder if this is what Troy Deeney, then 23, kicked a student in the head on the 29 February 2012.

In June of that year, the then Championship football was jailed for 10 months.

The Watford striker was recorded by CCTV cameras kicking one of the victims in the head.

One man suffered a broken jaw and another required 20 stitches as a result of the brawl in Broad Street.

Deeney, admitted affray and was sentenced along with three other men at Birmingham Crown Court.

They included Deeney’s younger brother Ellis, 21, of Polar Avenue, Chelmsley Wood; Oliver Brennan, 20, from Hazel Croft, Chelmsley Wood; and 26-year-old Marc Williams, of Stonebridge Crescent in Kingshurst.

They had all pleaded guilty to affray.

Judge David Tomlinson said CCTV footage of the attack, which happened close to the Bliss nightclub on 29 February, showed the roles of Troy Deeney and Brennan were more serious than the other defendants.

In the 30-second video clip, the pair could be seen kicking out at the “defenceless” students, one of whom received repeated blows to the head as he lay injured on the ground.

The judge told the defendants: “Three men in particular were singled out for what can only be described as a gratuitous beating.

“All four of you to a greater or lesser degree joined in but the effect of it was that these three men, who were already heavily outnumbered, became even more so as a result of what you all did.

“At least one kicked a man while he was already on the ground and very probably had already suffered a really serious injury.”

Prosecutor David Lees said one student, who had suffered a broken jaw, might require plastic surgery because of the scars on his face and continued to suffer from flashbacks.


A month after the attack, Deeney was given a 12-month extension to his contract by Watford.

Here is the thing about Troy Deeney, he is a convicted violent thug. He will claim to be reformed, but his comments about “whack the first one and see who wants it.” show that he has probably not changed.

Whilst Watford did get one over Arsenal yesterday, Deeney’s comment about cojones is laughable.

The team without cojones have won 3 FA Cups in 4 years. Troy Deeney has won nothing.  Nowt. Zilch. Give me someone like Per Mertesacker or Mesut Ozil, two serial winners who, 2 years after Troy Deeney was sentenced for his violent, sickening attack, were winning the World Cup.

Give me a team of winners like Arsenal, over Deeney’s team of thugs and losers any day.

Troy Deeney, nothing but an average footballer, a convicted thug. A man who kicked a student on the floor in Birmingham, probably to see who wanted.

Enjoy being a nobody living off your 15 minute performance against the mighty Arsenal, Troy. Hope you did not drop the soap too much in jail son.