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Arsenal show cojones to defeat Swansea

Thanks Troy.

Since your unprofessional comment over Arsenal lacking the cojones, we have won 4 on the bounce, 3 of which Arsenal have come from behind to take the victory.

When Deeney made his comments, a few disgruntled fans said “a decent manager would print the comments and out use them to motivate the team” insinuating than Wenger and the players would just brush them off, ignore them, be blind to comments that were correct, if said unprofessionally.

Yesterday Arsenal went 1-0 down for the 3rd game in a row.

It was a carbon copy of the previous 2 games. Dominate the early stages, go 1-behind, lucky to not be 2-behind at half time. Come out 2nd half, dominate once more and win.

Coming from behind like that shows character. Shows cojones.

Obviously I would rather be 3-0 up at half time and cruising, but football is not always that easy.

Both Chelsea, Man U and Man City scrapped to 1 goal victories against small teams this weekend.

Yesterday’s victory (and my math might be wrong) makes it:

9 wins in 10 games
14 homes win in a row
Not lost at home in the league since January

For a few years, people have moaned about our home fans. About how their negativity go’s through to the players and the home fans are why we do not win anything.

The statistics this year show that is a load of old rubbish.

Someone responded to my comment on the She Wore Facebook page with “where’s the trophy” when I put those statistics up.

May 2017. The FA Cup. There’s your trophy.

But I am sure you will say it isn’t the trophy you want, you probably now moan about the lack of Champions League football, despite spending 10 years moaning that being in the Champions League was pointless if you are not winning trophies.

So onwards to Belgrade at home where we will be looking secure qualification for the knock out stages of the Europa League and keep that home winning run going. Then on to the tricky period of Man City away and Spurs at home.

A final thought. The press continue to portray Arsenal as awful and Spurs as brilliant. There is one point between the clubs.

A final, final point.

Since Troy Deeney’s comments about lack cojones, Watford are P 2 L 2. Yesterday Troy showed his true self.

Refusing to give the ball back after Stoke put it out so one of their players could get treatment, and then violently attacking Joe Allen, who is about a foot shorter.

We all know Troy is a bully boy who once stamped on a defenceless students head whilst he was laying in the ground.

He got a yellow for the incident, but it will surely be upgraded to a red and a 3 game suspension.

Troy showed his true self, a violent thug who acts cowardly. He certainly is not rehabilitated.

I notice he hasn’t been on TV recently calling his team mates out for not showing cojones.

Have a good Sunday. I am having lamb shank.


Ups and Downs – An Arsenal Away Fans Thoughts

As the season is nearing its end, my mind often turns to the bottom of the league table, and top of the Championship. Thoughts and conversations with pals revolve around who we want to go down, who we want to stay up.

As someone who go’s home and away, with an away scheme membership (away season ticket) I travel the length and depth of the country every week with my pals. No agendas. No BS. Just a good group of lads going to the football.

For us, relegation and promotion into and out of the Premier League is important. Who are we losing. We are we getting?

It is always sad to lose a London club. Since the £26 ticket prices, we save a lot of money with easy trips round the capital. Birmingham clubs are similar. Just a little over an hour on the train, cheap train tickets, Birmingham is always a cheap trip up north.

On the other hand, last season the ‘worst case scenario’ came true when Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull came up. All rank trip to Northern towns. I actually have not made any of them this season.

So who do I want to go up and down?

With regards to relegation, I am happy with it being as is, with the current bottom 3 disappearing.

I am bored of Sunderland now. Their constant battle against relegation year after year. If they were a horse, dog or fish they would be put down by now. Time to put them out of their misery.

The trip has improved recently with a new train from Kings Cross direct to Sunderland. But it is still a 4 hour trip, with no boozers the other end (unless you go via Newcastle). Sunderland station is in a run down part of the city (or perhaps the entire city is run down?). They will not be missed.

Also in the north-east we have Middlesbrough. Another dump. Whilst I will not be making the Monday night trip this season (thanks Sky!) I have done it before. It is another place that is not high on the list of places to visit in the UK.

Making up the north-east trio is Hull City Tigers. One of only 2 current Premier League grounds I have not yet visited (the other is Burnley). I have no plan to visit it. I went for a wedding in Hull 2 years ago. I do not plan to go back.

I would not shed a tear if all 3 went down.

Also in the relegation dog fight is Swansea.

Swansea is a decent away trip, if you are doing the night out. Full of Welsh slags. But if you are not doing a night out, it is a long old trip up their with Sunderland. Around 4 hours, their is usually delays, often engineering works.

In the last 3 years we have been re-rooted vie Gloucester, held just outside Swansea station for over an hour, and had to get a rail replacement bus service from Port Talbot. A good night out, but a tough old journey.

West Ham and above are probably fair enough ahead to not be dragged into it. Whilst the Hammers going down would be hilarious, going to the London Stadium is the easiest trip for me to do.

Leicester fall into the Birmingham category of being a nice easy, cheap train trip.

Sandwiched between are Burnley and Crystal Palace.

Palace have the London thing in their favour, although it would be nice to get rid of their embarrassing ultras. Burnley can also disappear off the face of the earth. A nasty little racist town.

Sunderland, Hull City Tiger, Middlesbrough, Burnley & Swansea. 3 of those 5 gone will make away days a little more enjoyable next season.

As for who comes up, it looks like Newcastle and Brighton are almost certain to have their Premier League status secured for next season.

Despite my hatred of the north-east , I actually do not mind Newcastle.

Whilst in terms of time the train journey is not too much different from Hull and Sunderland, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or a pub at the end of the train journey.

Newcastle has some decent boozers near the station. The ground is a short (but hilly) walk from the station. Plenty of options home (trains back to London every 20-30 minutes). It is a decent away trip. Add in that it is a decent night out too.

I am not so enthused about Brighton coming up.

We have done the trip down to the Sussex coast a couple of times in the FA Cup in recent years and both times, I was not too impressed.

The journey is not the issue, but I just do not like Brighton as a town. It just is not set up for football fans to turn up en masse and have a pint. We are looked at by locals as the scum of the earth. They do not want us in their establishments and seem like they can not wait for us to leave.

Add in that horrible little train to Falmer – Brighton are not actually based in Brighton – and a stadium which comes out of the identikit stadiums that sprung up in the late 00s / early 10s and all in all it is a trip I will not overly look forward too.

Everything could change, however, it we get scheduled to play them in August or September. Bit of summer sun and beers down on the beach.

It looks like a 5-way battle for the play-offs.

Huddersfield, Reading, Leeds, Fulham & Sheffield Wednesday.

Right off the bat, I do not want Reading.

Like Brighton, it is one of these grounds not built in the city or town it resides in. Instead it is build on an industrial estate which you have to get a bus too. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, not bothered about going back.

Sheffield Wednesday is another I would right off. After the League Cup defeat, I do not have great memories of the ground. It is falling apart. And is a pigs-ear to get to. Trains planes and automobiles come to mind as you have to get a combination of trains, trams, cabs and walking to get to the ground.

That leaves Fulham, Leeds and Huddersfield.

Despite having done Fulham plenty of times before, it is always an enjoyable trip.

Another London day out, easy to get too, plenty of decent boozers. I do not think I have ever had a bad away day to Fulham. Even when it was torrential rain. They would be my favourite.

Huddersfield and Leeds are two trips I have never done before so I honestly do not know what either would be like for an away trip.

It would be nice to have Leeds back in the Premier League. A proper club who were ripped apart by improper owners.

A nice easy journey into Leeds, with a bit of a horrid journey to the stadium ,it would be nice to have a proper club with proper fans back in the Premier League.

Huddersfield, whilst one many have not done in recent years, is probably bottom of the 3, purely because of the train journey. You have to get to Manchester Piccadilly then across to Huddersfield.

I think I will stick to my original thoughts and welcome Fulham back to the Premier League with welcome arms.

Despite everything that is going on at the club at the moment, I go to football for the day out. That involves the train, the beers, the mates, as well as the game.

When you travel up and down the country following your team, there is much more important things that make it a great day rather than just the football.


Arsenal beat Swansea – But not everyone is happy


So I didn’t watch the game. I am still enjoying a bit of downtime in Suffolk with some family enjoying the fresh air, visits to garden centres, walks in the meadows, the sort of boring stuff that people who don’t live in London do. But I must say I feel refreshed.

I caught some of it on TalkSPORT and, expectedly, the commentary was biased. Will come onto this later.

Another two goals for Theo Walcott and a cracking finish for Mesut “stealing a living” Ozil are clear highlights. The change in attitude and performances by Theo this season is incredible. He is back to the free scoring winger that was was in 2012/13.

Walcott could have had a couple more (not the 6 more than TalkSPORT exegaratted too) but there is nothing to complaint about. And anyone who complains that he only scored 2 is a bit of a tosser.

Talking about tossers complaining. I see people moaning and arguing over the Granit Xhaka red card. Straight after the game. On Twitter.

I completely agree with that. Arsenal won the game, went top, and yet all people can do is argue on Twitter. Go out. Have a beer. Celebrate with mates. Although I imagine those arguing are the usual drips who do not go to games, sit watching it on a dodgy laptop stream, wearing their new Arsenal shirt with Granit Xhaka on the back, screaming Wenger Out to the TV then spending all evening online. Oh, and they are #AgainstModernFootball too, despite being part of the problem.

That is probably why I have taken an enforced break from Twitter. Too many drips who think that are hard behind a screen, who cater to 14 year old Ahmed in Dubai, and get excited that a bunch of teenage boys like and RT their tweets. I am done on the platform for a bit. Agendas, keyboard warriors and liars spoiling the decent conversations.

Anyway, I have digressed. Back to the game. Back to The Arsenal.

Had you said after that Liverpool defeat, with no new CB or striker, that we would be sitting, after 8 games, level at the top of the league, I would have laughed at you.

Especially with Man City and the God-like Pep Guardiola running away with it, and Spurs being unbeaten – only they could unbeaten and be below Arsenal.

It is testament to the side, the management, and how we are moving forward.

Although the bitter British media seem to be crying into their free coffees.

After the result, Danny Gabbidon, he of WBA, Cardiff, West Ham, QPR, Crystal Palace and Pateng, gave the summary. And I will summarise to the best of my memory.

“This result shows why Arsenal are not title contenders. Any decent team would have stuck 6 or 8 past this Swansea team. They were awful defensively and lucky to win. They are not title contenders.”

This weekend, Arsenal won, the champions were spanked, the league leaders held to a draw, and the only unbeaten side in the league failed to win against WBA.

Arsenal were the only side in the top 3 to win.  Yet it is Arsenal’s result which shows why they are not champion material?

Down to 10 men and hanging on for a win. Any other side would have shown their “championship credentials”. But not Arsenal. Not with the biased British media.

So fuck you Danny Gabbidon. Fuck you British media. And fuck you moaning Arsenal fans who moan about everything. Tossers the lot of you.