Arsenal beat Swansea – But not everyone is happy


So I didn’t watch the game. I am still enjoying a bit of downtime in Suffolk with some family enjoying the fresh air, visits to garden centres, walks in the meadows, the sort of boring stuff that people who don’t live in London do. But I must say I feel refreshed.

I caught some of it on TalkSPORT and, expectedly, the commentary was biased. Will come onto this later.

Another two goals for Theo Walcott and a cracking finish for Mesut “stealing a living” Ozil are clear highlights. The change in attitude and performances by Theo this season is incredible. He is back to the free scoring winger that was was in 2012/13.

Walcott could have had a couple more (not the 6 more than TalkSPORT exegaratted too) but there is nothing to complaint about. And anyone who complains that he only scored 2 is a bit of a tosser.

Talking about tossers complaining. I see people moaning and arguing over the Granit Xhaka red card. Straight after the game. On Twitter.

I completely agree with that. Arsenal won the game, went top, and yet all people can do is argue on Twitter. Go out. Have a beer. Celebrate with mates. Although I imagine those arguing are the usual drips who do not go to games, sit watching it on a dodgy laptop stream, wearing their new Arsenal shirt with Granit Xhaka on the back, screaming Wenger Out to the TV then spending all evening online. Oh, and they are #AgainstModernFootball too, despite being part of the problem.

That is probably why I have taken an enforced break from Twitter. Too many drips who think that are hard behind a screen, who cater to 14 year old Ahmed in Dubai, and get excited that a bunch of teenage boys like and RT their tweets. I am done on the platform for a bit. Agendas, keyboard warriors and liars spoiling the decent conversations.

Anyway, I have digressed. Back to the game. Back to The Arsenal.

Had you said after that Liverpool defeat, with no new CB or striker, that we would be sitting, after 8 games, level at the top of the league, I would have laughed at you.

Especially with Man City and the God-like Pep Guardiola running away with it, and Spurs being unbeaten – only they could unbeaten and be below Arsenal.

It is testament to the side, the management, and how we are moving forward.

Although the bitter British media seem to be crying into their free coffees.

After the result, Danny Gabbidon, he of WBA, Cardiff, West Ham, QPR, Crystal Palace and Pateng, gave the summary. And I will summarise to the best of my memory.

“This result shows why Arsenal are not title contenders. Any decent team would have stuck 6 or 8 past this Swansea team. They were awful defensively and lucky to win. They are not title contenders.”

This weekend, Arsenal won, the champions were spanked, the league leaders held to a draw, and the only unbeaten side in the league failed to win against WBA.

Arsenal were the only side in the top 3 to win.  Yet it is Arsenal’s result which shows why they are not champion material?

Down to 10 men and hanging on for a win. Any other side would have shown their “championship credentials”. But not Arsenal. Not with the biased British media.

So fuck you Danny Gabbidon. Fuck you British media. And fuck you moaning Arsenal fans who moan about everything. Tossers the lot of you.



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