Idiot Arsenal fans celebrate losing to Watford

Almost as disappointing as Saturday’s defeat to Watford was reading through various Facebook pages and Twitter timelines seeing some Arsenal fans happy that Arsenal had lost.

There was some fans, it felt reading their comments, who were almost celebrating Arsenal losing. Celebrating as it suiting their agenda. Whether it be against Wenger, the board, or whoever.

Arsenal fans delighted about Arsenal losing.

Let’s get one thing right, if you want Arsenal to lose, if you are ever happy they lost, if you celebrate a defeat, you are not an Arsenal fan.

I constantly see people saying Its Arsenal FC, Not Arsene FC and they are correct, I support Arsenal, not Arsene. However, there are fans out there who say this, yet refuse to support Arsenal due to Arsene being the manager. They fail to see the irony.

These people are not Arsenal supporters. Hoping your team loses is a direct contradiction to what the definition of supporter is. By wanting Arsenal to lose, you are not supporting Arsenal, you are refusing to back the club because of your agenda against the manager.

It is Arsenal FC, Not Arsene FC.

I, like many, want Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal. He should have probably gone in 2014 after the FA Cup win over Hull City. He most certainly should not have been offered a new contract in the last summer. But he is here, and whilst I am unhappy he is still at Arsenal, it will not stop me supporting Arsenal.

There is a feeling that in some peoples eyes, you should not be able to celebrate a win if you do not think Wenger should be at the club. You get labelled a flip flop. Labelled something because you are happy that Arsenal won. OK.

I actually feel for these people. Unable to celebrate a win. Always moaning. Always complaining. There lives must be full of so much negativity, they must be so angry all the time. That chip on their shoulder gets so much bigger every time Arsenal win.

He is some news for you. You can be upset about the state of the club at the moment, but you can also celebrate Arsenal winning. Just like you can be happy with the state of things, but be equally frustrated when we lose.

You do not have to be happy all the time, or angry all the time. The majority of the time are in the middle. They are happy when we win, angry when we lose. It is only those on the fringes, the fair right and fair left of the fan base, who are unable to be happy or angry because it does not suit their agenda.

One oddity I have read is people saying the worst thing that happened to the club is winning 3 FA Cups in 4 years.

So let me get this right, you want #WengerOut due to a persevered lack of success, then you say winning trophies is the worst thing that happened to the club.

I imagine those that say this do not go to games. They have not made 9 trips to Wembley in a little over 3 years. They do not have mates. They sit at home watching on their illegal streams, typing angrily on Facebook when we win.

All 3 FA Cup’s were brilliant. Fantastic weekends out with the mates. 48 hours of drinking and celebrating, If you think winning trophies is the worst thing that can happen to a football club, maybe you need to take up another hobby?

Going for circle, the fact that people are celebrating us losing does show how poor a state or club and our fanbase is. But if you were happy on Sunday, skipping around your communal garden, then you are not an Arsenal no. The funny thing is, most of these people have a picture of themselves on their Facebook AVI or Twitter AVI with themselves in the latest Arsenal shirt.

Idiots, the lot of them


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