Francis Coquelin demands number 14 jersey at Arsenal

French central midfielder Francis Coquelin has claimed first dibs on Theo Walcott’s number 14 jersey next season if the Englishman leaves the club. Coquelin believes he is the heir apparent for the shirt number made famous by club legend Thierry Henry.


That is a load of rubbish, and the headline itself probably got a load of your knickers in a twist.

I also hear that Mohamed Elneny wants to wear number the number 1 shirt in 2018/19 and Hector Bellerin wants to wear a Petr Cech style hat with his top knot sticking out.

So rumours surfaced earlier in the week that Mesut Ozil would only stay at Arsenal if he was given the number 10 shirt. This is literally a made up story for RTs and hits. As fake as my Francis Coquelin demands number 14 jersey at Arsenal headline on this blog.

Firstly, I would be surprised if Ozil signing a new contract hinges on the shirt he is going to wear.

Players are motivated by 3 things:

    1. Money
  • Success
  • Love of the club


Now we can get rid of number 3. Ozil is motivated by money and success. And probably more money than anything else.

I imagine Ozil would wear Joe Willock’s number 69 (wah-hey!) if we were to pay him £300k a week.

It really is a non-story. People coming out and saying Jack does not deserve to lose his jersey and others saying Jack is always injured, give it to Ozil if it means he stays.

Why does it matter what number you wear? Whether it be William Gallas in 10, Abou Diaby in 2, Or Ozil in 11. It is just a name and a number.

Bring back the days where everyone wore 1-11 without the names on the back. But the marketing and sales boys would not have this. Getting a name and number is just to generate money for the club with idiot adults who still buy club shirts with a name and number on the back.

Ozil should be playing for Arsenal because he wants to be at the club, not because of the number on the back of the shirt.

And if he really is demanding the number 10 shirt to stay, he knows where the door is.

The number on the back of the shirt is not important. The performances on the pitch are.


2 thoughts on “Francis Coquelin demands number 14 jersey at Arsenal

  1. Atid

    Hire a taxi, put no 10 on it and ship him out. While we are at it, stick nos.7, 14 and 23 in it as well to and try and get as much money as possible for the quartet and buy just 2 replacements. Whilst giving more chances to wilshire, Nelson and nketiah


  2. Charles Charlie Charles

    I remember when the back pages had real news like such and such a player out for two weeks due to injury or player X moves to team Y for fifty grand. You bought the Standard and read the news and it was news to you and everyone else who read it. The journalist who got the scoop knew the day before, had to type the story and get it to print and out to the stands. You had to buy it and read it a day later.

    Nowadays, there are a million websites competing for your clicks so that they can grab some ad revenue. They only need to grab your attention long enough to make you click and they get their money.

    So they put out some headline bait to grab your click. Things like “you wouldn’t believe what Arsenal players did after that goal”. You read on and basically, fuck all happened. Too late, you got dragged in, they got their 0.0001 pence click bait money.

    The internet is great for instant news, but to get it, you have to shake out the chaff.

    99.99% of what you read on the web is surrounded by chaff.

    I was always told not to beleive everything I saw in the papers. But at least the papers made a bit of an effort when they published news.



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