Spurs coming up to 10 years without a trophy

Tottenham finished above Arsenal last season. It was the first time since 1995 that they had finished above London’s most successful side. Arsenal won the FA Cup.

That FA Cup was Arsenal 3rd major domestic honour in just 4 years.

Meanwhile, Spurs have failed to win a trophy since 23/02/2008. That was the League Cup.

That is 3551 days ago.

With them having been knocked out of the League Cup this year by West Ham, that clock will soon tick around to 10 years since there last trophy.


That is a bloody long time.

And yet their fans are in a boastful mood. All because they finished above Arsenal for the first time in this millennium. All because they put the pressure on Chelsea last season. All because they finished 3rd in a 2 horse race in 2015/16.

They are the media’s darlings. With their young talented Englishmen, their attacking brand of football, they approach the game in the right way. They are battling and competing against sides with much bigger finances.

In Mauricio Pochettino, they have one of the best young managers in the game. A true visionary. And in Daniel Levy a superb owner. Always gets top dollar when selling his best players. Keeping control of a tight wage bill.

But all this means for nothing if they fail to win trophies.

It is just 2 League Cups since 1991.

The majority of those boasting on social media about the power shift have only seen their side win a couple of League Cups in their lifetime.

To put that into comparison, my pals son is not yet 4 years old, and he has seen Arsenal (or at least been alive for) win 3 FA Cups.

Arsenal, a club in crisis, still winning trophies. Spurs, a side who are up their with Manchester United’s 99 team, Arsenal’s 2004, the famous Liverpool sides of the 80s, have won nothing.

There manager as well, the great Pochettino, this is his 9th season in management and he has yet to win a single trophy.

Arsene Wenger has been labelled a fraud in recent years. A declining manager. A man whose best days have been on gone. Yet he has won more trophies in the last 6 months than Pochettino has won in his managerial career.

I see Spurs fans posting up memes about Arsenal, and about Wenger. They sing about wanting Wenger to stay. They laugh at Arsenal not having won the league since 2004. They used to make silly memes about things that had happened since Arsenal last won a trophy.

Well when Spurs last won a trophy:

  • Gordon Brown was still Prime Minister
  • George W Bush was President of America
  • iPhone was on its first generation
  • Heathrow only had 4 terminals
  • Lewis Hamilton had not yet won his first world title

The best comparison I have seen someone make over the Spurs side is they are reminiscent to the Newcastle side of the mid-late 90s, and the Leeds side of the early 00s.

Between 1995/96 and 1996/97 Newcastle United finished 2nd twice, playing a brilliant brand of attacking football under Kevin Keegan. In 1997/98 they beat the mighty Barcelona at home in the Champions League, Faustino Asprilla scoring a hat trick.

Bar a couple of FA Cup semi-finals in the following years, Newcastle won nothing. Their last domestic honour was the 1954–55 FA Cup.

Following on from Newcastle was Leeds United. A brilliant young side filled with English talent.

Leeds went on a brilliant Champions League run in 2001, culminating in a Champions League semi-final appearance. They lost.

The previous year, they made the UEFA Cup semi-final. They also lost.

Both Newcastle and Leeds were relegated in the mid 00’s. They won nothing during their successful periods. Everyone loved them. The odd folk who have second teams cheered them on.

Ultimately, if you fail to win trophies, it does not really matter how many brilliant nights in the San Siro or Wembley you have. These games will just be forgotten into history.

I have laughed at the reaction to Spurs in the Champions League this season. You would think they were the first ever English team to have qualified from the group stages, or the first side to beat Real Madrid. It might seem I am coming across as bitter, but the reality is everything Spurs are currently do, I have seen Arsenal do, except for going 10 years without a trophy.

The fact is, Spurs finished above Arsenal last season, and they have the boasting rights. But history does not remember those sort of things. History will remember Arsenal finishing above Spurs 21 seasons in a row. History will remember Arsenal winning 3 FA Cups in 4 years.

History will remember Yaya Sanogo winning more trophies at Arsenal than Harry Kane has won at Spurs.

Until Spurs actually win something, they will be no more than a Leeds or a Newcastle. A side who has not win a trophy for decades, yet cling to the fallacy that they are a big, successful, club.

5 days to go till the North London derby…


26 thoughts on “Spurs coming up to 10 years without a trophy

  1. Original yid 73

    M8 stop This obsession with the number 1 club in London atm every empire has its day then dies arsinhole have Had there day so boom bitch get out the way the future is bright the futures Tottenham COYS yid army yid army yid army


      1. S-P

        You still here? I must have forgot to call the police. Still have the evidence though 😋

        Honestly, this desperate need to try and salvage the fact that we finished way above you, and you are having to endure the Europa League, is so pathetically sad it is embarrassing.

        You made a whole pathetic cult about finishing above us. Even gave it a pathetic name. Then you requalified it on the sly and hoped no-one would notice. No you want to move the goalposts altogether because the roles have been reversed. But the thing is, people have memories. Now listen carefully, because I understand that this may be a new and difficult concept for you – people remember shit. Like, for instance, a lot of Spurs fans remember that the last time we won a trophy (it wasn’t “that” long ago), ArseAnal fans laughed and said it was morning, only the league mattered – and qualifying for the CL. So, now you want to say it is winning the trophy that matters and not that the league is the bread and butter, and qualifying for the CL? Get outta here. You spent so long scoffing and now you’ve fecked up! Face it with some dignity rather than a backsliding whining coward-toad. You like to give it, learn to take it.

        Instead of desperately trying to find things to laugh at Tottenham about, you should address the situation at your own club. As I predicted, your FA Cup win has done nothing to alleviate your Wenger shaped civil war. One disappointing result and it flared up again. You have boardroom unrest, managerial instability, an old, fading squad with half, and the best half, of your first team in the last year of their contracts (they’re off, let’s face it), an inferior youth set-up and youth players, your training facilities are inferior to Tottenham’s, who will soon have a bigger stadium that will be better in every way. You may have several years of having to churn these articles out – but, but, but ArseAnal used to be better, m’lord!

        Maybe you should be grateful for being in the Europa League – you might have a chance of winning that one. Leave the CL for the European specialists of North London. Yeah that’s Tottenham. Did you know that Spurs have won three genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies? How many genuine recognised by UEFA major European trophies have ArseAnal won? I’ll give you a clue it’s less than two 😂😂😂


  2. Keith

    We are no longer London’s most successful side. We have been usurped by Chelsea. Their achievement of five Premier League Titles alongside winning the Champions League carries more weight in the modern era. Until our club steps up it’s game & performs at the very top level we will be living on past glories.


    1. S-P

      A sensible ArseAnal fan. Whodda thunk it!

      Hate one another we might, but at least Spurs and ArseAnal are authentic, and not, essentially, a rich man’s invention.

      Only one authentic North London club, though 👍


  3. Brett

    Fuck me …do these cxxts ever talk about anything else…remind of my jealous cxxt neighbours…social envy from the masters of mediocrity…..


    1. S-P

      Sadly, no…this is it. We finished above you in the league, we’ll invent a stupid name for it, don’t care if you won a trophy. You finished above us in the league, who cares, we won a trophy. Sad, hypocritical tests. Still desperately looking for anything, no matter how ridiculous when scrutinized, to take the per over. It is, essentially, a bully mindset. Most of them are glory-hunters who just don’t seem to understand that the two clubs were basically even on trophy hauls until Mr Scholar nearly bankrupted Tottenham. Originally the two sets of supporters had banter, proper banter. They’ve attached themselves to a winning team and grown up lording it over Spurs and ridiculing them. It really does seem to have never occurred to them that the shoe might not always be on their foot. But now the shoe is on the other foot, they just can’t deal with it. Like rats who smell the smoke but can’t yet see the fire.


  4. Patnevin

    You sat there and worked out all those permutations and wrote them down…..aww, how very special needs of you. Here’s something you might want to , pay attention too, Tottenham don’t give a toss about arsenal. You lot are still obsessed with who finishes higher, whereas we’re going only interested in finishing first now. Two seasons ago, as soon as the title was gone we stopped playing, yet you celebrated finishing 2nd (above us) like you’d won the league….how sad is that! In the eyes of every pundit and rival fan Tottenham are above you. Even Ian Wright, Dixon and Keown admit it. Yet you can carry on counting out how long it’s been since we won a trophy, kidding yourself that you’re still a threat. Lmao at you!!


      1. S-P

        But you award yourself one for finishing above Spurs!

        And if you took the time to read, and understand (tough ask, I know), what he said, he said he doesn’t care about where ArseAnal finish, he cares about winning trophies 😂😂😂

        But here’s the acid test for your newfound belief that it doesn’t matter how far away from fourth you finish as long as you win a trophy: ArseAnal finish fourth this season but win nothing; Spurs finish one place below due to one less in goal-difference but win the FA Cup. Do you..
        1) Keep your pathetic mouth the fuck shut?
        2) Go right back to celebrating your pathetic, redefined St Totteringham’s Day crap, and saying the cup doesn’t matter?

        Ooohh, what are you gonna do? 😂😂😂


  5. Chris_101

    You do come across as bitter.

    I hope for your sake, the Arsenal board do not see things as you do, or your team is doomed to descend further into mediocrity. Where you define your success in relation to another club’s failings, you’ll never be a winner.

    Spurs do not define themselves by their position in relation to Arsenal. Their fans do not keep going on about Arsenal. They care far less about their neighbours than you do. Whilst Spurs have not won anything they will not be satisfied, and it is for this reason that the ‘balance of power’ has shifted.

    Spurs are on a journey upwards, sure they haven’t reached their destination, but your team’s race is run. Arsenal just aren’t relevant anymore. And that’s what’s hurting you isn’t it?


      1. Chris_101

        Your entire article could have been summed up with “Spurs are better than Arsenal, and are likely to be for the foreseeable future. But Spurs haven’t won anything … yet.” These are pretty nailed on observations that don’t really need discussion.

        When Spurs do breakthrough that glass ceiling, and it will happen, then what value will there be in me coming back to you? You’ll only get more upset. The delight in bringing home a trophy means what Arsenal do is irrelevant. And that’s Arsenal in a nutshell – irrelevant.


      2. Chris_101

        I know this is hard for you right now, as you’ve been basking in the reflected glory for a few years previous and are now finding it difficult to come to terms with the change in circumstances. Just because Arsenal are boring, mediocre and irrelevant doesn’t mean that you are those things as well.

        Glad this blog is giving you some therapy, but if you need professional help, don’t be scared to ask for it. There’s no shame in that.


      3. keenosafc Post author

        No one asked you to swap them. I would still follow Arsenal over land and sea if we were relegated to the conference and beyond. The point here is that you are “mocking” Arsenal for a lack of success, when the reality is, we have been a lot more successful than Spurs over the last 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, etc, etc.

        You’re a weirdo who laughs at his mate for not getting a shag one weekend when you are still a virgin


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