10 reasons why Arsenal will beat Spurs + starting XI

  1. Tottenham are the most overrated, over hyped team in English football history
  2. With just 2 League Cups in 26 years, they have almost no recent success to shout about
  3. Which is probably why they celebrated progression and putting the pressure on like it actually means something
  4. Not only have they not win the league since 1961, last season was just the 1st time they had finished top 2 since 1963
  5. They have won just 2 of their last 32 games in Islington
  6. So embarrassed were they of their North London inferiority, they tried to move to East London to be closer to their real rivals, West Ham
  7. Their fans celebrate records such as highest home attendance and most expensive British player sold
  8. Yaya Sanogo has won more in English football than Harry Kane
  9. Spurs fans boast about half of the English national team being made up of Spurs players. England are not very good
  10. They are a joke of a club

Predicted XI:


Koscielny Metesacker Monreal

Bellerin Xhaka Wilshere Kolasanic

Sanchez Ramsey



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