Journalists make complaints against Arsenal due to a cup of tea

For anyone who is not on Twitter, you missed a hilarious Sunday as a load of journalists got their knickers in a twist at Arsenal’s social media team:

Arsenal’s crime? Tweeting a gif of Mesut Ozil drinking a cup of tea to a journalist who, when doing a North London Derby combined XI, delightfully announced that his side will contain XI Spurs players:

Now these journalists who spent their Sunday’s crying into their morning brew have shown themselves up as being complete and utter hypocrites.

They work for, and have themselves produced, click bait articles.

Fabricated stories with ludicrous headlines designed to get a response, designed to get hits to please the advertisers.

The journalist in question even Tweeted about the combined XI he submitted. Boasting about the fact that his combined XI was just the Spurs starting XI. He did it for the attention. He did it for the hits. He is a young, unknown journalist, looks like he only just finished university last week, and was clearly trying to raise his profile.

As we have seen recently, having thousands of Twitter followers these days is much more important than the quality of content you put out.

Arsenal responded, in kind, with a picture of Mesut Ozil drinking a cup of tea. With a cheeky wink. It was a brilliant response. A hilarious one.

Now some of what followed was unsavoury. We know Twitter has its vile elements. People who tweet homophobic, racist abuse, that they think is OK because they are behind a keyboard.

This type of behaviour is not OK, and Twitter themselves need to do more about this. Those people also need to take a look at themselves. Saying stuff online that they would not say to someone’s face. The abuse some people give out, constantly, just to raise a profile, is disgusting.

But this is in the minority, and is something, I am afraid, we do have to live with. Twitter allows you to block, mute and report. These people are best left ignored.

As the saying go’s, do not feed the trolls.

What the journalists tried to do was blame Arsenal for the furore that followed. They claimed that if Arsenal had not tweeted the journalist, then none of the abuse would have followed. Whilst that is cause and effect, and true, perhaps they should take it a step further back.

The journalist in question deliberately wrote an article intended to wind up fans. And then bought attention to that article. Had he not Tweeted about his article, bringing attention to it, then Arsenal would have had nothing to respond to.

The journalist also showed his immaturity, his lack of ability to cope.

The best response to arsenal’s tweet would have been a video of himself, drinking a cup of tea, saying touché. It would have got him far more positive attention and would have been forgotten about by Sunday lunch.

Instead he threw his toys out the pram and, alongside his more senior colleagues, attempted to make a story about it. They thought they would get a lot of support, but soon realised that many fans, of all clubs, think they are a bunch of tossers.

Taking into account that these journalists write for the likes of The Sun and the Daily Mail, two bottom feeding rags who are constantly caught out abusing people, and groups of people, for the hits, the whole situation is laughable.

Apparently the Daily Mail have complained to Arsenal about the tweet. Remember this is a tweet of a man drinking a cup of tea. They are trying to get someone sacked.

I hope Arsenal tell them exactly where to go. There is nothing to apologise for. Arsenal twitter is there for Arsenal fans, and the response yesterday was that Arsenal fans loved the tweet.

The journalists who have complained need to take a look at themselves. They are senior reporters who sit in their ivory tower.

Next time they are at Arsenal, I hope the club does not put on any food for them. I hope all they get is a cup of tea.


3 thoughts on “Journalists make complaints against Arsenal due to a cup of tea

  1. Peter Burgess

    I hope you send a copy of your article to all those so called journalists who claim to believe in free speech. Or do they really?. I believe they only believe in their having free speech without any one having the right of reply. If they do not like the reaction a particular medium may generate,they should not use that medium in the first place.


  2. jade sara

    This is an amazing blog that you have here. I really like the way that you have thought through all the possibilities of how we are and how we were. I really liked the one about the Pannier



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