Alexis Sanchez GONE – Some thoughts

The Robert Pires quotes

Over the weekend, Arsenal legend Bobby Pires has come out with some interesting quotes about how happy Alexis Sanchez was in London and that he is leaving because Arsenal could not match his ambition.

“Alexis wanted to stay at Arsenal. I have not talked to him, but what I see, what I smell, is that he was very good in London, very good in Arsenal. What Alexis wanted was for Arsenal to spend money on other players.”

These quotes will, as usual, lead some to come out and abuse the Frenchman. Unacceptable.

However, these quotes from Pires do need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as the first thing Pires says is “I have not talked to him”.

Therefore, this is no more than Pires’ opinion on the matter, that he thinks (not that he knows) that Sanchez is leaving because Arsenal would not spend money on other players. That they could not match his ambition.

Alexis Sanchez’s ambition

Robert Pires is right in the fact that Arsenal failed to match Alexis Sanchez’s ambition, but not in the way he, or others, probably think.

The move has nothing to do with trophies, nothing to do with signing players, and everything to do with pound, shilling and pence.

Sanchez, like so many others before him, left for the money.

If he wanted success, he would have gone to Bayern Munich last summer, or Manchester City this window. But he picked Manchester United.

He went for £450k a week, £15m in his own pocket as a signing on fee, and an additional £12m for his agent. That is why he left.

“He has gone to Manchester United to win trophies. To play Champions League football” is the line being put out by many.

It is almost like people have forgotten that in the 3 years he was at Arsenal, Sanchez has won two FA Cups.

OK, it might not be the league title, but Manchester United have been no closer to winning the league than Arsenal in that time.

In fact, since Sir Alex Ferguson left, Manchester United have failed to finish above Arsenal.

They will, of course, finish above Arsenal this year but, 12 points behind Manchester City, they are not in the title race.

Had Sanchez joined Manchester United instead of Arsenal back in 2014, he would have a FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League medal in his locker.

It will be hilarious come the end of the season if Arsenal finish with a trophy (or two) and Manchester United, and Alexis Sanchez, finish potless.

Sanchez moving to win things? He is moving for the money.

Selling to a rival

After Robin van Persie we were told that we would “not sell to a rival again”.

Whilst it is frustrating that we are losing Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United, to then label Arsene Wenger a “liar” is childish.

What would you prefer? Arsenal to not be swapping Sanchez for Mkhitaryan? To let his contract go to zero and then join Manchester United for nothing? So at least we can say that we “did not sell Sanchez to a rival”.

Arsenal are getting a good deal.

No one is bigger than The Arsenal

From Brady to Henry, top players have left Arsenal in the past. Alexis Sanchez is not the first to make the move from London to Manchester, and will not be the last.

He is not even the best player to have left Arsenal for Manchester United.

No player is bigger then the club. Last I looked, it was not Alexis FC, it was Arsenal FC. THE Arsenal Football Club.


7 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez GONE – Some thoughts

  1. NetBulger

    Good stuff. Exactly as I see it. Alexis was a great player for us but his ‘selfish’ dribbling game was imperfectly suited to our passing game. Since the middle of last season he has been, at best, average. He’s past his Arsenal sell-by date, and it was time for him to go. I’m delighted we have Mkhi as a replacement.

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  2. begeegs

    Sanchez left because no one else matched the bid that Man Utd offered. As a club, Arsenal accepted the bid that was best for them and rejected the one that was not. If Sanchez held out for a move to City, he’d have been gotten even more dog’s abuse from fans and probably this website because it would mean that we would have gotten a worse deal. Instead, we are bringing in a very good player to replace him.

    Of course, the fee was agreed, he accepted a very healthy pay packet with Utd. and why not? He was also one of our best players and a truly world-class player.

    To see people actually saying how he is average and didn’t suit our game is frankly laughable and speaks of sour grapes. Our ‘passing’ game is reliant upon individual brilliance because none of the players are properly drilled like say a Man City or Liverpool. You can see it in the build-up, defending and attack. Sanchez has carried this team for a long, long time. He hasn’t been great this year, but then again, who has?

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  3. Charles Charlie Charles

    To be fair to Sanchez, he is only doing what anyone else would do in the same situation. He’s only got a few years left in the game and he is trying to maximise his lifetime income.

    He was never an Arsenal player as such. He wasn’t from the academy, he didn’t grow up supporting the club. He came here for the money and because his bird wanted to live in London.

    But, while he was an arsenal player, he always gave 100% and always wanted to win things. You couldn’t expect more from any player.

    With Theo, again, you couldn’t expect more from him in his determination to do well. Not the greatest player ever, probably got a bit more to offer. But you can’t hone your game from the bench and I can understand him wanting to leave for more game time elsewhere. Pretty sure though that he would prefer to have had that game time with the club he loves rather than at the Toffees. Fact is, he wasn’t consistently good enough to be a starter in every match.

    Wenger? The Arsenal?

    They are doing what they have been asked to do many times. Bringing in some new bodies and making some changes.

    Too late for this season maybe? Maybe not?


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    1. keenosafc Post author

      Pretty much agree with you. I think why some fans are frustrated as they fooled themselves into thinking Sanchez was different to other players, when in fact, he is motivated by the same as every other player, money.

      All 4 parties in the swap have got a good deal. Both sides getting a good player, both players getting the move they wanted.

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  4. toejamfootballblog

    Interesting article. Thanks for the insight. I sense Arsenal will improve without he shadow surrounding this saga.



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