Beast from the East blows away Arsenal break

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, and after the back to back defeats against Manchester City, I thought to myself at least I can forgot about football for a week.

Yesterday I was due to visit family in the Midlands, before spending the weekend at my company awards do and black tie dinner. A perfect escape from all things Arsenal. And then the Beast from the East and Storm Emma hit the UK.

Visiting family went very quickly out the window, and at 10am yesterday the email came through the works conference was postponed. A waste of a days annual leave yesterday sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle, and a busy weekend cancelled.

I had already sold my Brighton brief, but it means rather than a long weekend of getting away from it all, I am sat thinking about football. About Arsenal.

Everything Arsenal is just crap at the minute. I could use worse language but then the blog would get blocked by NewsNow. Fuck it. Arsenal are shit.

Since the turn of the year, the results have just been shocking:

P 13 W 4 D 2 L 7

7 defeats in 2017. It is the 2nd of March. On the pitch, it is just not good enough.

And off the pitch it is not much better.

The latest round TV games were announced. More Arsenal games moved. Resulting in a situation where we do not have a single away game at 3pm on a Saturday this season.

I am getting fed up of football. Not just due to the results on the field but due to how fans are mistreated off the pitch.

To not have had a single away game at 3pm on a Saturday is nothing short of a disgrace. And then Sky Sport have the audacity to celebrate and boast about their new TV deal. More games on TV. More on a Friday night. Less at 3pm Saturday.

Football without fans is nothing. As we saw against Manchester City, when the fans start to stay away, the game starts to crumble. Match going fans are what is important, not those watching on TV across the globe.

It is all just a little shit at the moment.

In the last week, Arsenal announced their half year financials. As always, the brilliant Swiss Ramble puts it into layman terms that even an idiot like me can understand. This is well worth a read:

What stands out, and what I have bashed on about for so long, is how bad our commercial deals are. We all want Wenger Out, but that only solves half of the problem. Until we close the £100m a year gap in commercial income that our competitors have above us, we will always struggle to compete.

The new shirt deal is a step forward, but once again it is a house deal. It is not as big as the club will make out. The sleeve deal could be important, but it is still not enough. We are £100m short. That is a couple of top players a season. And that is what we always seem to be short.

Onto a final though, serial scammer Hussayn Hirani was jailed for nearly 3 years yesterday. I know many of those reading this would have been scammed by him. Good to see the ugly scumbag get the punishment he deserves. Hopefully he gets more of what he deserves in jail.

Tomorrow is Brighton. Up the Arsenal.


2 thoughts on “Beast from the East blows away Arsenal break

  1. Charles Charlie Charles

    I’ll keep on about this until the day I die.

    The biggest problem with Arsenal at the moment is that they sell out every game.

    It doesn’t matter if only half of the stadium is full with real people, the tickets are sold and the club makes a motza.

    And it’s scumbags like Hussayn Hirani which make it possible. All under the watchful eye of plod right outside of Arsenal, Holloway Road and Finsbury Park tube stations.

    Arsenal dish out Red memberships to anybody with £35 to spare. Arsenal put Red member tickets on sale at 10.00am on a Tuesday when most people are at work.

    The touts buy them up and flog them openly. The Chinese tourists will pay £200 a pop for their once in a lifetime visit to see the mighty Gooners. The Gunnery is full of them after the match paying £40 for a wallet you could buy down the market for a fiver.

    Next time you see a tout, kick him in the nuts fo destroying our game.



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