Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal TONIGHT

Or that would be the headline if anyone at Arsenal actually cared about the future of Arsenal Football Club.

Putting the result to one side for a second, it is an absolute disgrace that not a single member of the Arsenal board felt the need to make the trip down to Brighton to watch The Arsenal play.

In the past, board members have claimed to be the custodians of the club. Owning and running it on behalf of the fans. That is clearly no longer the case.

Back in the day, the likes of Danny Fizsman and David Dein would be seen at every game, Home and Away, over land and sea. They would even be seen at most reserve games and even some ladies matches.

So here was The Arsenal senior team, playing in the top division of England, a side in crisis, and every senior member of the club stayed away.

No Stan or Josh Kroenke (although this is not a surprise), no Ivan Gazidis, no Sir Chip Keswick or Lord Harris of Peckham. No senior Arsenal employee, or so called custodian at the game.

And that is the reason why Arsene Wenger is still in a job tonight.

If the board had anything about them, if they had any of love for the club, Wenger would be gone tonight.

You can not expect Wenger to walk away on his own accord. He is an employee of the club, on £10m a year. Why would you walk away from that? Even if he is already a rich man, he wants to be even richer. He will still until he is sacked. Until he gets his contract paid in full. He won’t walk.

That leaves it to the board. The absent board. People who are more interested in their own pay cheque (Gazidis) or sipping whiskey and smoking cigars in their old boys club (Keswick and Harris). They are just as culpable for the situation Arsenal are in as the manager.

4 defeats in a row; 8 defeats in 2018. It is March.

Any other club would be sacking the manager on the way home. But not Arsenal, not with our board that does not really care.

They will hide behind the Europa League. Behind AC Milan on Thursday. A game they will probably not even be at (unless their wives want to go shopping in Milan).

You could argue that as Raul Sanllehi has only just begun his job as Head of Football Relations, that it would be down to him to sack Wenger. And that he is 2 weeks into the job and should be given time.

But this would just represent more passing of the buck from the gutless board. That they have done nothing previously when it was their job, and have taken at least 5 years to get a serious football man above Arsene Wenger. Now they will hide behind this man so that they do not have to make a decision.

Arsenal are broke. The manager needs to go, we are performing poorly on the pitch and off the pitch.

Wenger is only part of the problem. The absent board members have a lot to answer for – and will refuse to answer anything.

Wenger Out.



35 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal TONIGHT

  1. Malaysian gunner

    Blame the US owner.If reports about him treating as Arsenal an atm and not bothere d
    about the gunners being competitive are true,he shd sell his shares to the Russian.
    The fm shd go asap otherwise more damage will be done. He shd let Bould
    start the team.

  2. Mark

    This blog is worth visiting as it’s hilarious. They’ll be a blog about why Arsenal are still miles better than Tottenham very soon so pop back in an hour or so. Btw when you clicked did you think you were visiting a proper blog? Must be your first time

  3. Chinedu

    I think you’re path of the problem and not just Monsieur Wenger. Wenger leaving arsenal doesn’t change any thing so long as Arsenal continued to be contented with average players who cannot be expected to exceed their peak. And you insist in seeing Wenger as the focal point of the problem rather than the players who cannot rise to the occasion to lift their came. Did Sanchez leave arsenal because of Wenger? Please let’s be realistic for once

    1. DWStrangeman

      So BHA have better players? Forest have better players? Bournemouth have better players? Every team we have lost against has better players? We can’t win every match but but we can prepare for them, give the players a chance… Every player who has recently left the club has said they are given no instruction, no coaching just to go out and play… Fine when you’re 5, not so good in proffesional footbal when every other team has a game plan. Wenger is past it, time for him to move on.

      1. Oyewole

        How would you not give instruction to players but ask them to go and play? Not an experience coach like wenger,tho the last 2 seasons has been worst but who do we blame? Is it Wenger alone? The man that has been with the club for 20yrs and suddenly he becomes an enemy of the club now that he’s not performing well? Yes no one is happy but in times of turbulence like this let’s be unite and see the way forward. If I am wenger I will resign and name my successor and has an honorable man that’s what I expect. I personally wish after a bcm the next coach because he knows the club inside out. Wenger has done well in the past and now things are not working let’s rally round and support the team at this period until the season end and see what the board comes up with.

      2. Oyewole

        He should name arteta as his successor since he knows inside out of the club. The so called average have made the club proud once and the man that bought the average players once bought the so world class of today who were once club rejects henry,pires,wiltord,bergkam, keown, parlour,overmars,etame, song,hleb,arteta,and others. Let’s be unite as gunners bc we are arsenal.

    2. Rajesh Chand

      1. Lets assume the players are bad, who recruited them so that can’t be an excuse.
      2. Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell are on loan when both gave excellent contribution on whatever time they were given on pitch. Tell me both are inferior to any player in our current playing XI. Who send them on loan?
      3. Iowbi went on late night party and was awarded with a game instead of punishment. Thats how Mr. Wenger discplines his erring player.
      4. Also, please explain what are Arsene’s tactics against any team this season..what we do apart from defensive lapses, holes in midfield and isolated strikers.

      1. keenosafc Post author

        Agree with all of that bar the Perez / Campbell comments. neither are good enough and both struggling on loan. At no point were they “excellent” for Arsenal

  4. Reallysickofpeoplewhoknownothingaboutfootball

    I assume you’re back in MacDonalds serving burgers again tomorrow because you sure as hell know jack shit about managing a football club. “Supporter”, the clue is in the name!! You’re a disgrace to the club.

  5. Niall Byrne

    You mention Fizsman. I think it was him that sold us down the river. Yes, Wenger’s time is up, but all the promises he made to us on the clubs behalf about moving to a bigger ground to compete with the big clubs in Europe went out the window as soon as the club was sold & Fizsman walked off with £350m.

  6. Chelo simasokwe

    If you love Arsenal FC. Stop going to the emirates stadium.let those seats be empty till next season.then we will see who’s silent between kroenke and the fans.

  7. John Kelly

    Firstly what Arsenal needs to do is regain stability and the answer is yes Wenger needs to go the longer he stays on the more damage will be done. Secondly no part time Manager to be appointed as that leaves the players in limbo. Get rid of all back room coaches it’s obvious that the management are to blame for the way the team is playing. Bring in a reputable Coach and a back room team players and supporters can relate to plus the problem of physical play Arsenal have to get a very good defensive coach and a very good goal keeping coach and a very good physical but also a very good intellectual and clever Tactical manager and watch the difference in a team with such a management team working in harmony and not the word of one man causing problems.

  8. harkinubeemuyiwa

    I feel angry everytime i read his posst match interview,he even said before the game that he can ‘live with the current situation’ and I keep wondering what he will have to do before the board sacks him….

  9. Malmo

    I blame those who inexplicably sold their shares to Kroenke the American over Usmanov, the russian and real arsenal fan…. Kroenke was preferred just because he is an American… something wrong with those british shareholders.

  10. Disamu samuel

    If ARSENE WENGER Leaves, will arsenal have a change ?, though one of d main problem dat arsenal fc are facing is frm ARSENE WENGER due to brain-drain(aged tells), wot arsenal fc are facing nw is nt just only the coach ”ARSENE WENGER” the board too is amongst but I think they are nw realising d mistake they did in previous time nw, the third which is the main source of problem is frm d arsenal directors, How ? They don’t release enough funds for the coach to sign a geniune(quality) players for d club nd dey expect d club to ve enough funds in acct nd without winning trophies u can’t achieve dis. So I fink those are the three factors dat make arsenal fc to be in jeopardy till today but If dey can change, there should turn around for good in arsenal fc. I LOVE ARSENAL FC

  11. Harj

    Team is going through a tough time. Fans are not helping. I saw a US documentary on fans that lose the plot and go overboard and it was nearly all based on Arsenal and that blasted afctv.
    The manager has a two year contract, he has acted with dignity and he continues to work hard. He is OUR manager. The greatest manager of Arsenal, the greatest in the FA Cup and purveyor of an invincible team. He might be fading, he might make a comeback, he might leave. In any scenario he and the team need our support and whoever comes after him needs the same.
    Two fingers to the pundits, two fingers to the media, there is more passion for Arsenal in Wengers little finger than nearly all of these newspaper hacks and so called pundits put together.
    Losing hurts, throwing your club under the bus hurts more.

  12. TONY M

    Hi all, Sorry to say wenger is partially yo blame , but the players we have are just not good enough to wear our jersey.
    watching the game last night i counted the times we gave the ball away and gave up after 50 , we cant we even pass a ball , not one player gave his all you could see it on their faces the likes of overpaid OZIL , hes a disgrace , Wilshire another non performerwe have to get a strong man in to weed out the dross we have and replace with players who want to give their all . Not Arteta or Rogers surely their is such a coach , and not BOULD hes useless crap , Please choose an experienced manager who can rebuild our team

    1. Gooner Lad

      I disagree, confidence does that. It’s why we (England) lose on penalties. I believe we have coaching problem. Players have alluded to it time and again that they are not coached and developed tactically or defensively they are not drilled. Since Arsene started on the Total Football philosophy this has come about. Nobody in the club challenges him so the board and club are failing too…

  13. gama

    am really tired of this so called next season its time to try another man wenger is not the only coach to elevate arsenal the time make an exit

  14. Gooner Lad

    Sad state of affairs. Feel sorry for one our best managers. He needs a structure around him to challenge, support and encourage him. I think once David Dein was removed nobody filled that role. Seems everyone else is busy on the golf course. Stan will surely be alarmed, it’s only a matter of time before the Sponsors start complaining and voting with their money. they did not pay up to be in partnership with a failing entity.

  15. TH14

    I keep telling people the problem at At Arsenal is the board and owner… They lack ambition and foresight… They don’t know where they want the club to be or what direction they want to be moving in. I heard a report the other day that they would like Arsenal to remain self sufficient…. I have heard this for so many years now… First it was, we cant spend like the other top clubs as we are paying for a new stadium, not its we want to remain self sufficient… (Please… how much of the supports money do they need in their bank accounts before they give something back)

    Last year, you I and the rest of the world knew that Wengers contract was coming to an end… I thought it would be a good time to let Wenger go… (As he has made the board enough money now). But the board decided to let the status quo remain although it was one of Wenger’s worst season. I think the reason for this is because the board didn’t even consider a change.. They didn’t even draw up a plan B if Wenger didn’t sign a 2 year extension. They have no vision as to where they would like the club to be and rely heavily on Wenger to perform some managerial magic which now seem to have run out.

    I don’t think Arsenal will ever win anything again with the current owners at the club but I do think Wenger will manage elsewhere and win trophy’s.

    I wish there was a leave campaign for the owners at Arsenal FC as my name be right up there!

    We need to stop blaming Wenger and look to the people that was meant to be supporting him for the last 8 years. As its being the last 8 years we have being under preforming and not the full 20 years since Wenger has being there. Think about the Team and how young it was pre-Kronke and then assess the team post-Kronke… Age, quality and style of football has change considerably.

    We need to get these Americans out and put someone in that understands football. Wenger has shown good football fills stadiums – win or loss.

    And whats on show now is not pleasant watching!

  16. olard4real

    If you love arsenal avoid going to the
    stadium,let the seats remain empty for
    the rest of the season


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