Arsenal fraudster jailed

A fraudster who made thousands of pounds selling Arsenal tickets he did not have on social media has been jailed for two years and 11 months.

Hussayn Hirani, 24, (30.9.1993) of Eagle Drive, Colindale, pleaded guilty to 28 counts of fraud by false representation at Harrow Crown Court on Thursday, 1 March.

The offences were committed between August 2016 and October 2017. Hirani would take images of real football tickets posted by others on social media, and advertise them for sale online.

Once sold, victims would be asked to make payment into bank accounts belonging to friends and associates of Hirani. The cash would be then be withdrawn at a later date and handed back to him.

No tickets were ever sent to the buyers. Hirani was originally charged with three counts of fraud by false representation, but as the result of a lengthy investigation carried out by the Met’s Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) unit and Action Fraud, 26 further charges were made.

Throughout the investigation detectives discovered Hirani also sold fake Wimbledon and concert tickets. He defrauded his victims out of more than £9,000 over the course of his offending.

Hirani was handed 25 months’ imprisonment for the offending between August 2016 and October 2017. However, he was previously arrested and convicted for the same offence in June 2016 and June 2017 and was handed a suspended sentence on both occasions.

Her Honorable Judge Dean reviewed Hirani’s previous offending and as a result handed him an additional 10 months’ imprisonment – a total of 35 months’ imprisonment.

Detective Constable Paul Allgood from FALCON said: “This was a lengthy and complex investigation, involving dozens of victims. Hirani betrayed the trust of all of these people and made a living out of lying. He arranged for the profit he made from these crimes to go into the bank accounts of his friends and associates in order to distance himself from the offending.

“FALCON and Action Fraud worked in a close partnership to bring Hirani to justice. I would strongly discourage members of the public from allowing anyone to access or use their bank accounts. You should never disclose personal bank details unless for a legitimate purpose, to an authorised individual or organisation. I would also encourage the public to take extra care when purchasing goods through social media.”

1 thought on “Arsenal fraudster jailed

  1. Charles Charlie Charles

    I was in the Horatia before the Everton match and bunch of a dozen lads from Basel in Switzerland came and sat at the long table by the window.

    I had an interesting chat with them. They asked me about the ground, told me what section they were in, One of them said that he’s heard that Arsenal supporters blamed tourists for the lack of atmosphere in the gound. I concurred, but I did not blame the tourists but rather the touts that supplied the tickets to the tourists.

    These lads were proper football supporters. They showed me pictures on their phones of Basel home and away matches. But they were in London for a stag weekend and wanted to take in a match.

    I asked them how they got tickets and they pulled out a selection of Silver Membership cards along with A4 printed instructions and return envelopes.

    They’d paid £250 a pop to a site called for seats valued at around £60 each.

    A couple of them were worried that they would be ID checked at the ground and denied access. I reassured them that Arsenal doesn’t give a fuck who comes though the turnstiles as long as all of the tickets are sold and they can announce a capacity crowd at the end of the match.

    This isn’t an isolated thing either. Every match I go to I will be asked directions to the ground from a Frenchman or an Australian who has paid a couple of hundred for their once in a lifetime visit.

    And it doesn’t just piss me off either. I took my 79 year old dad to the Liverpool match using my brothers membership and took a picture of him outside the ground. Some Gooner walking past called us “fucking tourists” which was a bit painful TBH as I’ve been going since 1971.

    The upshot is, that as long as Arsenal sell out every league match, there is no monetary incentive to improve stuff on the pitch.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. In the old days it was simple. If the team palyed like shit, the attendance would drop and the finances would take a massive hit. The club would have to react or go under.

    But that is no longer the case when your club has become a must see London attraction like the Eye or Madam Tussauds.

    Touts have made the game inaccessible to the average earning working man.

    Next time you see a tourist taking a selfie in block 124, don’t have a go at him. Ask him politely how he got his ticket and then track down the slimey bugger who sold it to him.



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