10 reasons why going Arsenal is no longer fun

  1. The club is rotten from the top – Against Brighton, not a single board member felt the need to turn up. We have a majority shareholder who does not see himself as a business owner, 2 directors who do not care, and an underperforming CEO.
  2. The manager can see no fault – Arsene Wenger does not want Arsenal to fail. But the fact is he can no longer come up with a solution to stop us failing. His comments are disrespectful to fans and his inability to shoulder any blame is becoming boring.
  3. The players do not care Back in 1995, after the George Graham scandal, Arsenal’s senior players bashed each others heads together and drove us to the ECWC Final. They cared about the club. The current crop clearly do not care. They go home to their fortified mansions, lock themselves away and play FIFA.
  4. On the pitch – All of this leads to the situation that Arsenal currently face on the pitch. I love Arsenal, not just Arsenal with trophies, but it is becoming a struggle to turn up to games with a board, a manager and players who do not care.


But it is not just on the pitch matters

  1. TV Companies – The likes of Sky TV and BT Sports only care about the fans who watch on TV. Of course they would, as that is their paid audience. But the Premier League allow them to dictate kick off times. Allow themselves to get bullied for a few billion pounds.
  2. Kick off times – This leads to kick off times really killing the game. We travel up to Newcastle on a Sunday for a 1.30pm kick off. We have not had a single Saturday 3pm away game this season. And just four 3pm home games on a Saturday. It is killing the day out that happens before and after the game.
  3. The police – The police really are turning into the fun police. Walking around pubs in Islington constantly on a game day with their body cam on, recording everything. My car got nicked a few weeks ago. The police have not even come around. Bet if I had an argument at a game, they would soon knock on my door.
  4. The pubs – Alongside the police wearing body cams, so do Wetherspoons staff. Both in the White Swan and the Angel. Why? Pubs are closing down left, right and centre on Holloway Road, and now the White Swan are banning people for having a sing son in the pub. Their policy now seems to be no fun, sit and drink quietly. I was informed during the League Cup Final that I was banned from the White Swan. The reason? Alex from the Angel did not feel comfortable serving you. I took a picture of him whilst he was filming me and my mates.
  5. Fellow fans – As if we did not have enough with the police and the bar staff recording us, fellow Arsenal fans are also constantly recording each other. All for a few hits on their YouTube channel, a little bit of attention on Social Media.
  6. Social Media – Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know I left \t the beginning of last year. I got bored of it. Attention seekers fighting for their 15 seconds of fame. The constant moaning and over analysis of everything. People living 24/7 on social media. It became depressing. It is depressing. What happened to a few beers with your mates in the pub, then get on with your working week? Now people spend every single day tweeting about Arsenal. And that just gets boring.


1 thought on “10 reasons why going Arsenal is no longer fun

  1. Stanley simons

    Great post.every word you say is true.football is not a working man’s sport that he can enjoy his pint and a good game of football.as you say dreadful kick off times now become a corporate sport unhappy days!!!!



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