Alexandre Lacazette, Gooner Fanzine, Stoke City, Liverpool and Safe Standing

Alexandre Lacazette

Yesterday I discussed the future of Alexandre Lacazette at Arsenal. Some people clearly missed the point of the blog.

At no point was I pretending to have a source or inside knowledge that he is leaving. Now was I saying he was useless. I was merely putting forward the point that it would not surprise me if Atletico Madrid renewed their interest in him, and Arsenal decided to cash in and invest in someone different.

It always baffles me when people read the headline, or two or 2 lines of a blog, and then comment. Learn to read the whole thing.

Gooner Fanzine

Stoke City

I hope they get relegated. And then next season do a Sunderland and get relegated again.

The Aaron Ramsey stuff aside, their fans sum up everything that is wrong with football. They scream and shout and cry when they are criticised by the media or other fans, yet are happy to abuse others themselves.

It is actually hilarious that one of their fanzines now wants them to get relegated:

They are nearly as bad as Liverpool when it comes to playing the victim.

Liverpool and Safe Standing

I see Liverpool fans are attempting to “lead the way” when it comes to exploring the safety of standing. Quite ironic that it was their fans behaviour that lead to standing being banned across the United Kingdom.

Everyone always forgets Heysel. It is maybe this guilt that drives the likes of the Spirit of Shankly group. The knowledge that your fellow fans were directly at fault for others.

No one should go to a game and not come back. Whether it be Bradford, Hillsborough or Heysel.

It feels the rest of football is waiting for Liverpool fans to say “yes” to safe standing. That is like the medical profession waiting for Harold Shipman to OK the use of paracetamol.

Safe standing needs to come in sooner rather than later. It could revitalise the dwindling crowds at football. But Liverpool fans should not be put in the position of king-makers.


2 thoughts on “Alexandre Lacazette, Gooner Fanzine, Stoke City, Liverpool and Safe Standing

  1. Dexter

    I almost posted a response to your click baiting headline effort yesterday. But like many Gooners lately I couldn’t be Arsed.

    I read the whole article and you’re right you didn’t pretend to have a source although you clearly wanted people to think you did from the title!

    Acting surprised afterwards is a bit rich not to mention a bit Tim Lovejoy too!

    Anyway I can’t see Laca leaving now as he does fit and is a top striker. We need to focus on other areas of the squad IMO.



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