Tottenham stadium costs continue to spiral

Electricians on the Spurs stadium site are earning £400 a day as the job approaches its opening deadline.

The Construction Enquirer understands around 500 mechanical and electrical workers are currently on the site on the heavily delayed project.

One industry source said: “They are paying big money at Spurs because everyone knows the job is working to a deadline.

“They are piling people in there and paying top dollar which is having a knock-on effect on other sites around London which are struggling to fill vacancies.”

The current hourly pay rate for a skilled electrician in London working under the JIB agreement is just over £20 an hour or £160 for an average day.

The cost of the project is projected to be £850m, although continuing spiralling costs could see it breach the £1bn.

More than 2,500 workers are currently on the site where construction continues around the clock to get the stadium finished for the new football season.

Spurs are planning to hold the first stadium test events in August and their initial Premier League fixtures away from home with the new 62,000-seater ground ready for September matches.



12 thoughts on “Tottenham stadium costs continue to spiral

  1. Yidarmy

    Wow you goons truly are obsessed with us mind you with the best ground in london and the best team again i suppose your bound to be jealous of the mighty spurs!


    1. John Beecham (@johnbgunner)

      London and you’re, but yes, I always use a small s for spurs. Small club, won nothing again. No trophies for 10 years, won the league in black and white. Olivier Giroud has won the FA Cup more times in 5 years than spurs have in 50!


  2. King paul

    That isn’t costing Spurs, it’s costing the construction firm. The reason they’re paying this is to avoid late completion penalties

    The cost of the stadium has barely moved. It is around £380m. The £800m figure is for the entire Northumberland Park Development, which includes residential, retail and insfrastructure development – none of which is being funded by Tottenham Hotspur


    1. mike

      All well and good but when (if ever) are Spuds going to win a trophy. Even the League cup would be something but you can’t even win that. Until you are winners of something I would advise you to keep low profile.


      1. Yidarmy

        Mike your a mug your glory days are behind you where as we are becoming bigger and better every year keep on harping on about wankers like giroud(who left you because your a joke) good luck in your Thursday night cup( again lol) the future is bright it’s lilywhite!


      1. King paul

        Indeed. But the costs and risks associated with all but the stadium do not lie with THFC. Much of them have been passed on to Haringey Coucil infact, which has partnered with Landlease for a big chunk of the housing – and provides a financial guarantee. Hence to crazily low borrowing costs for the development as a whole

        And West Ham thought they had a good deal 😀


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