JW Diaries: Day 1 in Singapore

Having touched down in Singapore after a 14 hour flight at 7am, today as ever here, the first thing you notice is the heat; It is extremely hot and sticky!

A quick cab ride to our hotel ends in disappointment that we can’t check in until midday; meaning that no shower and wearing the same cloths for a few more hours.

This gave me the opportunity to go to the stadium and pick up our sets of pre-ordered match tickets.

After checking in, showering and a hours sleep, it’s a drink in the hotel bar and at £13 a pint there was just the one!

The Arsenal hotel was only a 5 minute walk away, with the team out at their training camp, we had a chat with some friends working for the club.

Camped outside the hotel there was around 30 locals waiting for the team to return hoping to get photos and autographs, all have been successful!

I was hoping to have a few words with our CEO Ivan Gazidis especially with the speculation coming out from the UK with a possible move to Milan, he was out watching the training; a better opportunity awaits tomorrow.

The story about Gazidis joining AC Milan as their CEO is simply not news out here in Singapore. Likewise yesterdays news about Alisher Usmanov exploring the sale of his 30.04% Arsenal stake.

Whilst in the team hotel, we ordered another beer; Two bottles of the familiar locally brewed ‘Tiger Beer’ came to a staggering £21 – ouch!

In the evening, we ventured to the Bar used by the Singapore Supporters Club, Five Square, probably the biggest bar I’ve ever seen outside of the UK! Again drinks were unsurprisingly expensive, on top of the menu price you have to pay 7% tax and 10% service charge even when you don’t use the waitresses!

Back in bed by 1am; tomorrow brings another trip to the team hotel for a ‘Fan Party’ and hopefully some news direct from our CEO!


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