Too late to start protesting Stan Kroenke

Boycotting and protests pointless for Arsenal fans

The time to protest was 6 years ago.

That is when the club went stale under the leadership of-then majority shareholder Stan Kroenke. It was 6 years ago Arsene Wenger should have left the club, and 6 years ago that Ivan Gazidis should have been held accountable and the ticket price inceases were a final straw for many.

It was December 2012 the the Black Scarf Movement (BSM) were at their peak as a fans supporters group. Thousands signed up as members, making them the biggest Arsenal supporters group, and thousands turned up for a march through Islington showing their disgust at the way the club was run.

It was at this point that supporters groups should have come together, backing the BSM to create a collective voice. Twitter was in its infancy, but there were already key social media influencers. There were also countless bloggers and a few podcasters (not as many as now).

6 years ago was the time to rise up as one.

Instead, people looked after their own interest. Did other Supporters groups and influential bloggers also fail to back the march , was it in fear of losing their place at the top table and some nice custard creams with Ivan ?? who knows….

That meant the momentum from that original BSM march was lost. It failed to gain the backing of other groups and bloggers as they were scared of losing the feeling that they were important to the club. In recent years, those people who sucked up to Ivan et al have realised that the club do not care about them.

So what would boycotting or protesting Stan Kroenke taking full control of Arsenal get now?

Well it would not make Kroenke decide to call it a day, to sell up.

He is about to invest another £550million into the club. Why would he make that decision to then sell up because a few fans stand shouting on a round-a-bout?

As for people talking about boycotting, about hitting Kroenke “where it hurts in the pocket”, lets look at the facts…

  1. Season tickets for the season have been sold. Arsenal already have 3/4’s of the yearly gate receipts in the bank.
  2. The vast majority of revenue comes from TV companies. Boycotting will not stop TV companies paying our share.
  3. Emirates are secure as our shirt sponsor until 2024.
  4. The value of our new kit manufacturer deal is linked to how many units they will sell, not how many people turn up to a game.

So boycotting will not affect the 4 main revenue streams of the club. Not buying a pint or a scarf from the club shop has very little affect on revenue.

So why bite your nose off to spite your face? Why stay away when it changes nothing? Why stay away when the time to boycott and protest was 6 years ago.

On Sunday, turn up and support the team, the new regime. The changes at Arsenal in the last couple of months have been huge.

Boycotting and protesting will not make Kroenke suddenly decide to sell up and walk away. It will literally change nothing.

Myself, I am looking forward to Sunday. It is going to be a great season.


10 thoughts on “Too late to start protesting Stan Kroenke

  1. Jd

    Ignorant writer, if there was a boycott of going to watch matches don’t this writer understand tthat there will be pressure from sponsors that could forces a change


    1. Selvin

      Absolutely not get behind the team and support, how does he Kroenke increase the value of his shares his 1.8 million investment it’s simple he has to take the club forward and don’t even look how his American clubs are run because they don’t deal with transfer fees they deal with picks and where you finish in a season is relative to who gets to pick the top players first give the dude a chance now he has taken full control. Another thing why would he pump money into the club when the Russian owns a large portion of shares for them shares to increase drastically then he has to spend even more money to get them let’s just use own brains a bit and think before we talk shit


  2. Philbet

    The writer is not ignorant at all, just a little niave, there is already a boycot going on thousands of fans have not renewed season tickets in the last ten years,they have many reasons but ultimatly have voted with there feet and now no longer attend, Where he is misguided is that these fans have been replaced by newer season ticket holders,which is any companys business plan, just because you once held an Arsenel SD does not mean you automatically renew.
    If I could give you an example, I used to go into my McDonalds for a burger at least once a week, then as I became bored with the taste(and quality) of my Big Mac & Fries I started using them less and less,nowadays I havn’t been in McDonalds for over two years, so in effect have personnally boycotted them, I would reckon as I see no sign of impending collapse of the business I have been replaced by other customers who have discovered the delights of the McFlurry and Chicken Zinger.
    I would suggest more reporting on the football and less on one sided pressure groups creating unrest would be a solution.


  3. gmv8

    The article above is the whole problem with Arsenal Football Club. Of course supporters can bring about change, if they act as one. That’s how Liverpool supporters got rid of Hicks and Gillett, and why they are doing so much better than us now, Empty stadiums does not impress sponsors or the media, that is why we have a new manager and strategy this year, because supporters were not turning up last season.



    Let’s cast our minds back to August 2012…. Wenger had sold RvP to Man Utd because we needed to pay for the stadium (which is still being paid for) and fans like you was telling everyone to get behind the team because Wenger is awesome and Kroenke is leading us forward! Not forgetting your hate campaign towards RvP for leaving the Arsenal sinking ship!

    Let’s also add to the mix your vendetta against WOBs who also wanted Kroenke out as people who in your eyes don’t support the team.

    Let’s fast-forward to now. Reality being that Wenger the parasite who needed to go in 2006 is gone, Gazidis is ready to jump into bed with AC Milan, Usmanov had enough of the corporate bullshit by Kroenke & the boardroom (Remember Love Arsenal Hate Usmanov banners) and the Wenger loving fans like you are quietly plotting the demise of Unai Emery.

    It’s hilarious how you are telling people to not protest due to it being too late, like you have such influence and power to dictate anything! Your pathetic blogs are an insult to that thing called “freedom of speech”…. I’m all for it but not when someone like you just churns out verbal diahorrea!! Any real WOB wanted Wenger, Gazidis
    & Kroenke out but getting Wenger out was the priority! Unlike you, fans want the team to do well and succeed…. Winning the FA Cup while bottling the league is not progress. But you like finishing 20+ points from 1st place but winning an FA Cup. Arsenal deserves better than that and you would ridicule fans for wanting better for this club.

    I recall you saying, Arsenal were nothing without Wenger…. So I ask you this, “Why are you still here supporting Arsenal that no longer has Wenger at the helm?”



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