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Too late to start protesting Stan Kroenke

Boycotting and protests pointless for Arsenal fans

The time to protest was 6 years ago.

That is when the club went stale under the leadership of-then majority shareholder Stan Kroenke. It was 6 years ago Arsene Wenger should have left the club, and 6 years ago that Ivan Gazidis should have been held accountable and the ticket price inceases were a final straw for many.

It was December 2012 the the Black Scarf Movement (BSM) were at their peak as a fans supporters group. Thousands signed up as members, making them the biggest Arsenal supporters group, and thousands turned up for a march through Islington showing their disgust at the way the club was run.

It was at this point that supporters groups should have come together, backing the BSM to create a collective voice. Twitter was in its infancy, but there were already key social media influencers. There were also countless bloggers and a few podcasters (not as many as now).

6 years ago was the time to rise up as one.

Instead, people looked after their own interest. Did other Supporters groups and influential bloggers also fail to back the march , was it in fear of losing their place at the top table and some nice custard creams with Ivan ?? who knows….

That meant the momentum from that original BSM march was lost. It failed to gain the backing of other groups and bloggers as they were scared of losing the feeling that they were important to the club. In recent years, those people who sucked up to Ivan et al have realised that the club do not care about them.

So what would boycotting or protesting Stan Kroenke taking full control of Arsenal get now?

Well it would not make Kroenke decide to call it a day, to sell up.

He is about to invest another Β£550million into the club. Why would he make that decision to then sell up because a few fans stand shouting on a round-a-bout?

As for people talking about boycotting, about hitting Kroenke “where it hurts in the pocket”, lets look at the facts…

  1. Season tickets for the season have been sold. Arsenal already have 3/4’s of the yearly gate receipts in the bank.
  2. The vast majority of revenue comes from TV companies. Boycotting will not stop TV companies paying our share.
  3. Emirates are secure as our shirt sponsor until 2024.
  4. The value of our new kit manufacturer deal is linked to how many units they will sell, not how many people turn up to a game.

So boycotting will not affect the 4 main revenue streams of the club. Not buying a pint or a scarf from the club shop has very little affect on revenue.

So why bite your nose off to spite your face? Why stay away when it changes nothing? Why stay away when the time to boycott and protest was 6 years ago.

On Sunday, turn up and support the team, the new regime. The changes at Arsenal in the last couple of months have been huge.

Boycotting and protesting will not make Kroenke suddenly decide to sell up and walk away. It will literally change nothing.

Myself, I am looking forward to Sunday. It is going to be a great season.