Arsenal and Manchester United set to repeat Alexis swap deal?

After Wednesday’s blog discussing the need for more balance in the team, one name popped up a few times in my mentions who would be potentially ideal.

Anthony Martial

It is easy to forget that the Manchester United winger is still just 22. He is a year youger than Raheem Sterling, and just a month older than Leroy Sane.

The Frenchman is on par with both with regards to natural talent.

He has had a tough time under Jose Mourinho which has clearly affected his confidence. But this is a player who hit 19 goals in his debut season in England. A figure that puts him between Sterling (23) and Sane (14) for most goals in a season

The statistics for the 3 are not too far off each other. Obviously they can be looked into deeper, breaking down per minute, etc, but I really do not have the energy for that.

Sane is the stand out player when it comes to stats, but he also come to the Premier League as a more established player, where as Sterling broke through as a baby at Liverpool and Martial joining Manchester United as a teenager.

Martial  was always going to have an uphill struggle to justify what seemed like a heafty price tag back in 2015, and this still unfairly hangs over him. Yet two summers on from his big money move from Monaco, is the £36m Man U paid for him really that expensive?

A year later City paid £37million for Sane. He might have been a year older than martial at the time of signing, but had pretty much played the same top level games (Sane 47 Bundesliga games & 11 goals; Martial 49 Ligue 1 games & 11 goals).

Martial was merely the first. He set the benchmark of what players considered as the most talented teenagers in football would cost.

Whilst there has been plenty of talk and speculation over the destination of Aaron Ramsey in recent weeks, and months, Anthony Martial’s contract is also set to expire at the end of the season.

Like with Ramsey, it looked like the two parties were close to agreeing a new deal over the summer, but I am unable to find an article confirming it is complete.

Martial and Ramsey swapping clubs would suit all parties. Arsenal need a wide man, Man U need a central midfielder.

Ramsey would suit Manchester United more than Arsenal at this moment in time. Likewise Martial would fit into the Arsenal time like a glove; providing the width and pace we currently miss in wide positions.

Instead of losing a player on a free at the end of the season that they do not really require, both clubs would be gaining a player that they do want.

From Aaron Ramsey’s point of view, Manchester United are probably the only Premier League club who could match his reported £200k wage demands and offer him the first team football he desires.

As for Martial, Arsenal could dramatically increase his current £75,000 salary to the £115k region, keeping him within the current wage structure.

Martial would get the play time his talent deserves and a coach that promotes free flowing attacking football.

It is a deal that the more I write about, the more I speculate, just makes sense.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal and Manchester United set to repeat Alexis swap deal?

  1. Christopher Morton

    Let’s see where the issues arise in this article:

    1) United holds a team option on Martial which they will inevitably use. Next year he would mirror Sanchez.
    2) United has stated their desire to retain Martial and regardless to not move him within EPL.
    3) United has shown now no interest in Ramsey and in fact he isn’t rated higher by neutral agencies as existing MU players.
    4) Sanchez/Miki was done that way out of deference to Heinrich…it wasn’t something United set out to do. The number of these trades is very small for a reason.
    5) Martial’s big issue isn’t MU, it’s Mourinho and no one really expects him to be here in June.
    Other than those issues, yeah, it’s perfect.



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