Brighton away ticket news set to cause travelling Arsenal fans problems

Yesterday we had some ticket news released by the club with regards to the away game against Brighton & Hove Albion on Boxing Day.

Tickets for the game go on sale to anyone with 35+ Away points on Wednesday 28th November at 10am until 2.30pm the same day.

This then drops to 30 credits, 25 and then 20+ over stair cased down over the next 24 hours. This is the usual club policy ensuring that those who go to the most away games, arguably the clubs most loyal supporters, get priority.

The problem is that on November 29th, Arsenal play FC Vorskla in Ukraine, and that on the Wednesday, when tickets are on sale to 35+ credits, most of these fans will be in the air on their way to the game.

Anyone doing the journey to Ukraine should be applauded.

The trip include planes, trains and automobiles. It is not an easy trip to do logistically. By releasing the Brighton tickets when fans are both travelling, and in Ukraine, the club are punishing some of the clubs most loyal fans.

Not every fan out there will be able to obtain internet access, or have someone back in the UK that can buy on their behalf.

It could lead to a situation where fans who have not missed a game for decades, who are out in Ukraine, are unable to buy tickets for Brighton and miss out on Boxing Day football.

We at She Wore are pleading to the club that they change this date of sale, so that those who are out in Ukraine can purchase their tickets whilst still in the UK.

If they do not change the sale, ensure you follow the advice below and apply the old school way by sending an application to Arsenal box office securing yourself tickets.

She Wore

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