Response to draw highlights expectation gap between Arsenal and Tottenham

Upon leaving the ground on Saturday, Tottenham fans were celebrating the 1-1 draw with Arsenal as if they had won the game. Meanwhile in the away end, fans left disappointed, frustrated. You would have thought they had just seen their team lose.

With Tottenham fans and the media so often trying to talk about a power shift from the red side of North London to the white corner; the response of the fans shows how far off the mark these claims were.

Arsenal fans were disappointed with a draw
Tottenham fans were ecstatic with a draw

Spurs fans were celebrating not losing a game, ignoring the fact that this year they had failed to beat Arsenal in the league. Had take just 1 point from a possible 6.

Arsenal fans were frustrated about not making it 2 wins from 2, 6 points from 6.

Whilst Tottenham still strive for top 4 finishes, and put a lot of weight on finishing above Arsenal; Arsenal strive to win trophies, to be successful.

Mauricio Pochettino recently said it could take another 10 years to build a title challenging team. Most will expect Unai Emery to build one within 3 years.

And ultimately it is the expectation of both teams, their supporters and the media that shows that their is no power shift.

Tottenham have failed to win a trophy this decade, yet it is deemed a decade of success.
Arsenal have won 3 FA Cups this decade, yet it is deemed a decade of failure.

There will not be a power shift in North London whilst the minimum expectations of both clubs differ so much. There will not be a power shift in North London whilst one side deems a draw a good result and the other deem it a poor result.

Saturday just confirmed what we all know. That Tottenham are in Arsenal’s shadow.



15 thoughts on “Response to draw highlights expectation gap between Arsenal and Tottenham

  1. Sir4U

    Get a grip.. you missed a last minute penalty, keeping the teams below us a, four point s behind us.. you were crying as you felt you could have been a point behind us..

    Reflecting over this and hence Why Spurs fans felt the happier set of fans…



  2. mick

    With a referee xhaka would have been sent off for his 12th minute assault on Kane .
    Arsenal would have played nearly 80 minutes with 10 men and lost!!


  3. Sue

    We were expected to lose…. I was very pleased with the way we played.. brilliant goal by Ramsey.. nice parting gift from him! He sure does love the NLD 👊
    We were unlucky not to come away with all 3 points… unbeaten in the league against them 😊 COYG


      1. mick

        Sue are you thick? Xhaka assaulted Kane long before any of the events you mention!
        Arsenal should have been down to 10 men after about 12 mins, before you scored .


  4. billy bunter

    Mauricio Pochettino sent us to ‘war’ against Arsenal in second half, says Danny Rose
    “It’s literally one of the best team talks I have been involved in since I have been playing football”

    The team talk was from a serial loser. 1 milk cup this century and the last title win 1961? even with the referee listening to pochettino team talk and a brown envelope changing hands the spuds still couldn’t win. Despite the dirty play. the spuds got a point by cheating and the help of the referee.

    serial chokers.


  5. mick

    Sue what you cannot grasp xhaka going changes the match probably Ramsey does not score.
    The Sanchez ,Rose incidents do not occur game incidents alter completely,


  6. con5t4nt1n3

    Lazy, wilful misinterpretation of the circs surrounding the end of the match, nothing more. You can publish any old delusional, twisted drivel online these days, and this site usually does. Also, Aubameyang missing the penalty was hilarious.



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