Denis Suarez – A Short Story

In hindsight, the signing of Denis Suarez has been a poor one. But the criticism floating around of Suarez, Arsenal and Unai Emery is unfounded.

Suarez joined when Arsenal were struggling in the final 3rd.

Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil were both out of favour and suffering from minor injuries. The club made a decision to bring in an additional attacking midfielder and Suarez was that man.

It was not Arsenal’s fault that Ozil and Ramsey returned to form / favour in February, meaning that Suarez’s game time was restricted.

It was also not Arsenal fault that Suarez picked up a couple of niggling injuries that hampered his progress. The latest of which has seen his season end.

This is not a Kim Kallstrom situation where he was signed with a broken back. Suarez was fit and ready to go. Any player can get injured at any time.

I saw someone say “Mislintat must be laughing” after the rumours that he quit over the recruitment of Suarez.

For a start, he quit because he was turned down for an internal promotion. He has ended up at Stuttgart who are fighting relegation in the Bundesliga. Next season he could be the Director of Football at a German 2nd tier club. He does not exactly have much to laugh about…

The Suarez deal did not work out. Let’s wish him well and move on.


2 thoughts on “Denis Suarez – A Short Story

  1. chris

    He did not get much chance. But when he did he looked as though he had as little appetite for combat as Ozil, Mihk and Lacazette. All of them stars of non physical contact !


    1. gunnerbear

      Spot on. None of the one’s listed have the stones to do a job in the Prem’. All are failures as top rank Premiership footballers.



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