Mesut Ozil, I just don’t think you understand….

Mesut Ozil is arguably the biggest enigma we have had at The Arsenal – He is Brilliant, Magical, Inspiring, Frustrating, Lazy, World Class and opinion dividing all in one – I don’t think I have ever seen a player that has split the opinion of a fan base more than Mesut Ozil.

213 assists in 579 career club appearances, 65 goal involvements in 92 aps for Germany. He has been the top provider in Germany, Spain, England, a World Cup, Euros and the Champions League – that tells you all you need to know about his strengths. On his day he is arguably the best number 10 world football, the most creative footballer in the planet. This has been back up by Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Joachim Low who made him integral parts of their team.

Many of Mesuts current and ex-team mates and say he is the best player they have played with technically; BUT the question that has always been asked about Mesut “Does he want it enough?” “Does he really care?” “Does he work hard enough?”

I guess as Arsenal fans a lot of people would say no to those 3 questions. Yet Ozil was an integral part of ending Arsenals 9 year trophy drought – he went on to win 3 FA Cups with Arsenal in 4 years.

Ozil joined Arsenal in 2013 following a promise he gave Arsene Wenger prior to joining Real Madrid 3 years earlier.

On the 31st January 2018 Mesut signed a new 3 year contract with Arsenal for £350,000 per week – this was the same time we lost Alexis Sanchez.

Sanchez was unbelievable for Arsenal at the time and was a huge blow to lose him to Manchester United. Mesut could have easily followed suit, but he didn’t he signed a new deal to stay at the club that he felt was his home – he has always paid a huge respect to the Arsenal fans that have always stuck by him.

When Unai Emery joined Arsenal he made Mesut Ozil one of his 5 captains but at the same time challenged Mesut by insisting he had to improve his work rate.

Ozil was reminded that he was no different to any other player in the squad and if he didn’t do what was asked of him he would not play.

That is fair enough – you have to adapt and as an Arsenal fan for over 30 years all I have ever wanted to see is a player give 100% for the shirt – especially if you are earning £350k a week!

Mesut managed 5 goals and 2 assists in 24 games in the Premier League in the 2018-19 season is this enough to justify his huge new contract? By far the biggest contract we have given to a player.

Some fans argued that we should have got rid of Mesut and given that kind of contract to Aaron Ramsey and kept him – I could see the logic in that.

Rambo is an Arsenal man with over 10 years under his belt for the club.

When struggling for game time under Unai Emery, when he did play you could see what he offered – 110% work rate and was hugely influential in getting us to the Europa League final which he missed due to injury!

Mesut I feel has always been a player that needs to feel completely free and have 100% confidence in him to really perform.

He clearly doesn’t have that under Unai Emery.

This season be has played only 1 game in the Premier League and has been left out of the last 3 match day squads. You can see that something is not right.

Rumours that he doesn’t fully apply himself training; that he has a tendency to call in sick on a regular basis circulate.

Is Unai making an example of Mesut? He famously had a similar power struggle at PSG with Neymar which clearly was won by Neymar; but is history repeating itself with Mesut? Unai Emery seems very reluctant to give Mesut the chance to redeem himself.

Why would you sign Mesut? To create goal scoring opportunities for his teammates and chip in with goals – that’s his strengths and that’s what he has been better than anyone else at for over a decade.

You certainly don’t sign someone like Mesut to track back and tackle. But is this where football has changed? Defending starts from the front and no matter who you are; you work hard, you press. Liverpool the perfect example of defending from the front.

Body language has never been Ozil’s best friend. Even when he is covering more distance than any other player, putting a shift in, he still looks lethargic.

Ozil has perhaps found himself as the victim of Arsenal’s defensive frailties.

The side is so shaky at the back with not enough cover from midfield, Emery has had to sacrifice the playmaker who can coast defensively to bring in someone harder working like Dani Ceballos.

But Ozil is still the best playmaker at the club and with Pepe, Lacazette and Aubameyang up top; if given the chance I struggle to see how we wouldn’t be more prolific. Perhaps the best form of defence is attack?

He was recently again voted in as one of the 5 captains but more importantly this was voted for by the players – does this tell us something we don’t know?

After a rare recent interview with The Athletic; Mesut has reaffirmed his love for the club:

“I have a contract until the summer of 2021 and I will be staying until then. When I signed the new deal, I thought about it very carefully and said it was one of the most important decisions of my footballing career.

I didn’t want to stay for just one or two more years, I wanted to commit my future to Arsenal and the club wanted me to do the same. You can go through difficult times, like this, but that is no reason to run away and I’m not going to. I’m here until at least 2021.

I said that Arsene Wenger was a big factor in me joining Arsenal — and he was — but ultimately I signed for the club. Even when Arsene announced he was leaving, I wanted to stay because I love playing for Arsenal and that’s why I’ve been here for six years.

I’m proud to be an Arsenal player, a fan and I’m happy here. Whenever people see me in the street I always say, ‘This is my home’. I’m going nowhere.”

Ozil has always done the PR stuff well. It is why he is a huge brand in his own right.

In his interview he said all the right things. It then actions speak louder than words.

Mesut Ozil clearly loves London – he clearly feels at home and when he is on it he is one of the most enjoyable players to watch playing this beautiful game – but where does he go from here? He is 31 now and his contract runs out in the summer of 2021.

It is difficult to see both Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery still being at the club come the summer of 2021 – but will either of them be here? If so who do you think?

One thing is for sure –Mesut Ozil at his best he has been an absolute joy to watch in the famous red and white and for me I won’t forget his best bits!

“We’ve got Ozil, Messsssssut Ozil” “I just don’t think you understand” But is he Unai’s man?

Kind regards,


8 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil, I just don’t think you understand….

  1. gee

    Yet Ozil was an integral part of ending Arsenals 9 year trophy drought………..

    So glad that you have mentioned this as most people seem to have very short memories and little loyalty.

    Santi Carzola, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil. – 3 Key players that served Arsenal with sweat, blood and broken bones in some cases and have put in years of service and have acheived for the club and brought great Joy and satisfactions to the fans.

    unai emery time at arenal has brought 1 point more than Wengers last season.
    we score less, let in more goals and play crap football but our fans have given emery a free pass and excse all the BS he does while players that have proved themselves are now been questioned by this guy who has done absoulutely nothing for the club.

    Everyone questioning Ozil but where are the same questions for emery?

    he said that he had a plan for every player at the club to bring the best out of them – cant see that.

    he said he would rather lose 5-4 than win 1-0 or some BS.

    Why was Santi released when he is playing well in spain even getting a recall to national team?

    Why did Ramsey say at the start of last season he was looking forward to the new season

    working with the coach and then 6 months later signed for Juve?

    Why is Ozil out the team when we lack creativity?

    why do we not have a functioning midfield after 12 months in charge?

    Why do we give up our midfield to weaker teams?

    I could go on but i think you get the picture!


    1. Ken

      Because Ozil is lazy and with him in the team we have a big defensive hole in the middle of the park, where counter attacks can hit us hard.
      Arsenal does not have enough fire power at the back to play with Ozil. That’s it. And at the same time Ozil struggles against top team and when the team is overplayed , he does not provide anything, he just watches and fade away.
      There is no way for Arsenal or Germany to move forward with him. He is past it. End of the story.


      1. gee

        @ Ken – i think you have swallowed emery BS without question.

        Ozil has played 1 out of 8 games this season but yet we have the worst shot against record in the league. one of the worst goal differences and a still got a shit defense while playing crap football.

        Also according to opta Ozil has created the most chances under unai emery, its just those chances have not been conerted to turn them into assists. all with less mins than anyone in the team.

        He dropped Ozil last season and put him back in the team when we needed results.

        Ozil is not a one man team – you could level all those accusations to any player in the team as they have all been in crapform for a while.

        The job of the coach is to get the best out of the team and he aint doing that. dont give me we are 3rd after 8 games because relying on Auba all season is a recipie for disaster

        tell where ozil figures in this? tell me when ozil was dropped and we were losing games he contributed to our defensive weakness. Tell me how pepe (who does not track back or tackles makes us anymore solid?)


      2. gunnerbear

        Spot on. Playing with Ozil on the park against the best teams (or even physical sides) is like being down to ten men. If the useless t23t won’t track back, tackle and get stuck in, he’s f56kin’ useless to us.

        We simply can’t carry a player…


  2. gunnerbear

    Ozil…great player but lacks the stones to do the ‘hard yards’ in the Prem’ when it all gets a bit industrial….chop the spineless wage stealing c56t in January….lets get a player in that will fight…


    1. TH14

      I would rather have Ozil behind a front three of Aubameyang, lacasset and Pepe that would at least allow for guendouzi and torriera to sit and protect the back four, rather than to have the one footed xhaka in my team.
      Complete waste of a player


  3. Richard McClung

    He should get a chance like you say we don’t buy him to run round like head less chicken but for that one piece of magic with the players in front of him the best of him will be shown everyone goes on about the money he on put it’s the man is one of the best player in the world


  4. Julius

    Ozil has been a fantastic player in Germany, Spain, and EPL under Wenger, he has been a good player all his playing time under different managers. and this is why Arsenal gave him the current contract. the question is, why is a failure under your new manager? all the managers he has played for got the best out of him, and this includes Germany when he won the world cup. your new manager is useless and he is tryin to hide his failures in Ozil. this guy must go before he destroys the team.



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