5 reasons why Liverpool should be crowned Premier League CHAMPIONS

Liverpool deserve it

Liverpool are 25 points clear of Manchester City in 2nd, with 30 points left to play for.

The Premier League was done and dusted many weeks ago. It has been a case for some time of when Liverpool win it, not if they win it.

Whilst arguments can be had over who would be relegated, finish top 4 or in the Europa League, no such arguments could be had over who would be Premier League champions.

Liverpool are worthy champions

But no one would care winning

If they handed Liverpool the title tomorrow, no one would really care about it. There are much more important things going on in the world at the moment.

And by the time football would restart with fans in the stadium, the gloss and boasting of them being champions would have well and truly worn off.

And they could not celebrate

Liverpool would be handed the title at the training ground. There would be team lifting of the trophy in front of its own fans, no fire works, no champagne and no celebration.

There would be no open top bus parade and no big drink up for fans to celebrate.

Celebrating winning is as big as the actual winning of the trophy.

When an Olympian is awarded a medal years later following opponents failing drugs tests, they talk about how heartbreaking it is that they could not celebrate their success at the time, on the track.

Without being able to celebrate, it will almost be like it never happened.

There will always be an asterisk

Whilst they deserve to win it, the records will always show the 2019/20 winners with an asterisk next to it for an incomplete season.

They would not have won the title be getting more points than all other teams over a 38 game season. They would not have won the title by being the best in the league over 19 home and 19 away games.

They would be given the title after playing 29 out of 38 games. They would not be really winners.

Liverpool would have been given the league title, rather than have won it.

And we would never hear the end of it if they weren’t awarded the trophy

By giving them the trophy, there will always be that asterisk against it. With everything that is happening in the world we would quickly get over them being a champions. By the time fans return to stadiums, the 2019/20 season will be a distant memory. We might even have a 2020/21 champion by then.

This season would quickly be consigned to history.

But if Liverpool were not given the title, we would hear about it for decades.

They would paint it as unfair, claim to be the victims and would sing about it for years. We would probably never hear the end of it if they were not rewarded the trophy.

So better to give them the trophy now, get it over and done with and move on.



7 thoughts on “5 reasons why Liverpool should be crowned Premier League CHAMPIONS

  1. Uwot?

    Errrr.Dont think do.Thought I’d arrived as some rabid scouser website there for a minute.WTF are you promoting any sort of discussion as to why the “ mickey mousers” should be handed the title or not? Leave it to the whinging b***** trs themselves.No way.still almost. a quarter of the season to play for & however unlikely anything can happen & sometimes does.By declaring null & void & NO TITLE would piss myself laughing after 30 yrs.Let them do what they’re always good at.playing the victim.oh. & consider it payback for the 5 seasons in (1985 onwards) that they got English clubs kicked out of Europe because of their antics.What goes around comes around hey?


    1. Ian

      Why the fuck are you concerned about being banned from europe? It’s not like you’ve ever won a euro trophy worth speaking about. Even if it is null and void, Liverpool would still be european cup holders!


  2. Pete

    Jesus. How sad and bitter are you lot. Obsessed. I suspect Wenger would be embarrassed by “fans” like you.


  3. Doom&gloom

    Didn’t take long for the whinging mickey mousers to arrive with their “ obsession “ to end the 30 year wait.Null & void.The only SENSIBLE solution.Theres always next year”.whats another year.”Johnny Logan…….


  4. Sue

    To be honest, I think either way will be a nightmare. If they’re not awarded it, we’ll have to endure the constant moaning about how hard done by they are (even though var/the officials favoured them on numerous occasions this season)
    And if they are ‘given’ it we’ll have that rammed down our throats for evermore… although at least my comeback will be ‘errr, you didn’t actually win it’ 😄


  5. Robert Acedius

    There is only one way to become champions of the EPL. that is to have more points than any other team after 38 rounds of football.



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