Mesut Ozil talks a great game, but his actions speak louder than his words

He has always played the media game well has Mesut Ozil. I wonder how much he spends on his PR team?

Yesterday he released an interview through The Athletic where he painted himself the victim at Arsenal.

He blamed Arsenal for rushing the pay cut talks, and said that he refused to take one as “questions remained unanswered”.

Ozil declared himself fit and ready to play, and that he was committed to Arsenal.

He showed disappointment in Arsenal distancing themselves from his view on the treatment of Uighur Muslim’s in China.

And finally he said he had no regrets of his actions and decisions.

As expected, his fans lapped it up. Backed him. Blamed Arsenal. Some even said he should “sue Arsenal” for the way they have treated him.

All these people show that they are supporters or Mesut Ozil, not supporters or Arsenal.

When the time does come for Ozil to leave, they will likely leave him, and begin supporting whatever Turkish, Chinese or American side he joins.

He oddly has a huge backing from Nigeria.

Dare criticise him on Twitter and your mentions will be inundated with Nigerian based “Arsenal fans” supporting him.

So Ozil has spoken a great game once more. But actions speak louder than words.

Following the resumption of football, he ended up out of Mikel Arteta’s plans.

Some have said that this was a financial decision made by the board in an attempt to force him out of the club – to get his £18m wages off the wage bill next season.

But this view does not make sense.

Qualifying for the Europe League is worth around £35million. Can double that if we had have sneaked the Champions League.

Each individual place in the Premier League is worth about £2m more than the place below.

It is clear and obvious that the financial reward for finishing higher in the league is greater than what Ozil would cost over the next 12 months.

So the financial incentive of the club would have been to finish as high up the table as possible, and therefore Arteta to play his best team as possible.

Leaving Ozil out for financial reasons and then failing to make the Europa League makes zero sense.

Whilst every few weeks Ozil tweets or posted on Instagram that he is ready and raring to go, Arteta got to see him day in, day out in training.

His actions and performances at London Colney speak much more about his readiness than what the player says on social media.

The ultimate action was Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi not being at Wembley for the final, whilst the likes of Shkodran Mustafi, Bernd Leno, Gabriel Martinelli and Callum Chambers we’re invited along.

What it indicates is Arteta didn’t want the atmosphere around that both players bring. The negativity.

A decision was made not to have either about and Arsenal won.

There has been plenty of talk about Ozil often calling in sick to training. About his inability to complete a full weeks training.

On top of that, he has reportedly pulled out of match day squads with a “sore back” at very late notice.

Against Manchester City in the first game back it was on the day of the game.

So whilst Ozil might sit on social media and tel his fans that he is ready to play, his actions clearly do not back up his words.

Ultimately, if Ozil has the hunger and desire to play football, he would be looking for a move away.

The fact that he has said he will remain at Arsenal next season regardless of whether he plays or not shows he has no real interest in playing football anymore.

Yes, he is under contract at Arsenal and does not have to force a move away. But if he had the hunger to play football he would.

His time at Arsenal is clearly over. It is now down to him whether he wants to play football or not.

My feeling is he will remain at Arsenal for the season and not playing. All that action does is support Arteta and the management team at Arsenal.

It simply highlights that Ozil no longer has the right mentality to be a top footballer.



16 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil talks a great game, but his actions speak louder than his words

  1. Stan Adams

    I would think that even the Ozil supporters at Afc can now see he is screwing Afc for as much money as he can and doesn’t give a shit about the club.
    Bad mouthed his national team and screwed them and now bad mouthing Afc the true charactor of this guy was shown when he and Kalasniac were attacked Kalasniac bravely fought back Ozil hid in the car.
    Can’t wait for him to leave my club !


  2. Godfrey

    well your write up or script is not balanced at all . your last line of defense on your trash shows how childish your are. ozil wanted to leave arsenal but he was urged to stay. Teams were circling for his signature with better offer than what he ended up obtaining at arsenal. ozil is expense are similar to what pepe is costing arsenal. if arsenal were to replace ozil they needed in excess of 70 million plus wages of the player so ozil is cheaper . he has been useful but buying guendouzi and the likes to play with ozil shows that arsenal board is just made up of clowns. do your calculation before you show the world that your just an empty vessel.


    1. 49'

      What teams wanted Ozil at the time? And are you privy to the amount of money they offered him cos I’m certain no top club in Europe showed interest.


    2. Daniel Elekima

      Godfrey, that was really derogatory. I don’t think there’s any need for that. The writer merely aired his view. If you’re of a different opinion u politely present your opinion too. Your response to this article makes you more childish than you realize.


  3. John Abraham

    Mesut Ozil was once a great footballer. Not anymore. He has been freeloading in Arsenal for a while until we got a manager who will not tolerate his shenanigans. We should have let him go when his last contract was up. Like Sanchez, we would not have missed Ozil.


  4. zTOM

    Arteta confirmed Özil’s professionalism in training while Kroenke and the Board showed their true colours in that money matters more than people.

    The player’s pay cuts were supposed to happen to save Arsenal jobs due to COVID.
    Kroenke and his wife made close to half a billion dollars since the crisis began yet they apparently can afford to secure 55 jobs until the situation improves. They lied.

    It’s evident that Arteta was forbidden to use Özil as the Board required him to push him out of the club no matter what.
    There’s a clear case of having to toe the line for Arteta if he wants the key signings he needs.
    Another proof lies with Maitland-Niles who was clearly stated by Arteta to be needed in the squad but was overruled again by the Board and put on sale.

    While Özil’s style of play surely doesn’t fit very well with the high pressure policy put in place, it’s silly to be blaming the man for the Board’s lies.


    1. Korede JACOB

      Was it the board that ask emery not to play him?was it the board that send him to turkey when the team was playing its most match in fa cup final? Support ozil all u want,but we know dat he doesnt care about us(d club,team or fans).while someone taminated his deal to move 2 roma for regular football,ozil will rather take his money and not even train.if u like,support ozil,but 4 me i will arteta and arsenal.



    well well, please let me use this opportunity to thanks all of you arsenal fans for the comment presented by the person who will waited to hear from him and he finally speak out, that’s Mesut ozil in respect of of he’s absence. But today whatever comment we are going to said about him or to confirm where is ozil, when and where is the situation about him and he throws words from different angle. let us kindly believe him because he is the want signed to played for arsenal during the Arsene Wenger went he was the arsenal boss and he did not seek for any advice from any one of us rather he make up he’s mine to signed went Arsene Wenger requested him or service and he responded. We are not decide for him, when he will leave or service is not needed by the club. Everything in this life there is protocol and you cannot wake up and decide what to do. I respect ozil always because when he said B is B and nobody can change it.


  6. JOEL

    I believe that Ozil has been absent from match day squads due to illness or a sudden glare up of an undiagnosed chronic back injury mire than a dozen times over the last couple of Seasons.Firva professional sportsman this is unacceptable particularly when he’s then been pictured out socially or visiting Turkey.He’s shown time and time again that he’s not motivated enough to either play at the highest level or to justify his salary.Its about time that Clubs like Arsenal or Real Madrid were able to turn the tables on their “non-playing” footballing employees.If they are deemed to be in breach of contract when not training to the levels required or not making themselves available to play due to nothing more than a negative attitude then they should face sanction…official warnings and then termination of contract if they continue in the same vein.Pampered players have for far too long been allowed to get away with murder as far as effort in performance is concerned and should be treated like most other employees as far as effort and performance is concerned.


  7. Kutoiam

    Once a gold digger, always was and always will be,always get paid for not doing ur job no one complain now u r saying crap about sacking staffs, ve u Eva thought of the reasons they ve to sack them in the 1st place was bcos of u, they ve to sack them to raise money to pay u now u r saying shit about the club, about the players, even if ur name wasn’t mentioned, everybody know u r always a black sheep to refuse not to take a paycut so it’s not a surprise, we will only be surprised if u r not


  8. Kutoiam

    Once a gold digger, always was and always will be,always get paid for not doing ur job no one complain now u r saying crap about sacking staffs, ve u Eva thought of the reasons they ve to sack them in the 1st place was bcos of u, they ve to sack them to raise money to pay u now u r saying shit about the club, about the players, even if ur name wasn’t mentioned, everybody know u r always a black sheep to refuse not to take a paycut so it’s not a surprise, we will only be surprised if its not u


  9. Olanrewaju

    I’d really appreciate you back up your statistics that showed Ozil being backed up by Arsenal fans in Nigeria. The Arsenal fans around me sure dont consider the present Ozil as adding to Arsenal in the last 8 months. We expect more from him than he is giving and, for me, he’s a luxury that the club dont need. Cut the cost, thank him for his contribution over the years, and let him go! Arsenal fans look forward to those that can work their socks off for the club; not stroll around on the pitch and throw tantrum when substituted for not playing.


  10. Daniel Elekima

    First and foremost let me refute the claim that all Arsenal fans in Nigeria are pitching their tent with Ozil. I am a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria. Ozil’s poor attitude and lack of passion for my beloved club is pissing me off. I cannot speak for another person but personally I have never supported Ozil even at the time of Emery.
    His recent attitude of going on holiday in Turkey while his team mates are at a cup final made me lost all respect for him. I just wish the board can kick him out of our club. He is becoming a serious drag force to the progress of the club.


  11. sammygeeten

    Well this issue will go on up until Mesut finally leaves the club. I happen to be on both sides of the coin and just so you know I could give a long list of Nigerians who are against my boy Mesut Özil. And recently Arteta praised all the players for pushing each other to make matchday squads which shows he is now putting in more effort. I know we now have Willian but just as we saw against West Ham Willian will not solve all our attacking or should I say creative problems. Plus how do you know if the reason he pulled for ‘back spasms’ was because he trained too hard to get Bab back to the matchday squad. Thank God Arsenal are at the summit without Mesut Özil which is the most important thing



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