Gabriel, Adidas, Ceballos, Bellerin and More

Still nothing happening over The Arsenal.

The Gabriel deal seems to be dragging on with reports now that Man U interested.

It does feel like the player (or his representatives) are playing the game to maximise his salary. But it might just be the deal with Arsenal is done but not announced, and the press are just trying to fill column inches.

Gabriel would be the final piece in the jigsaw as Arsenal continue to reshape the defence over the last 12 months.

We had the official swat kit release yesterday. It is awful.

I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, but I feel insulted that Adidas have tried to say the design is inspired by Highbury’s marble halls. It isn’t.

Fact is, Adidas missed an open goal by not having a 50th anniversary 1971 double celebration kit. A simple Yellow with blue trim would have flown off the shelves.

Just show these graphic designers do not really have a clue about the history of what they are designing.

Hector Bellerin was pictured smoking. Who cares?

Then we have Dani Ceballos who wished Joe Willock a “Happy Birthday” and added “see your soon”. Was that a hint?

Finally, Community Shield is a little over a week away. Crazy really!



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