Antonio Conte becomes a “former serial winner” overnight after Tottenham appointment

We have seen it all before haven’t we.

Spurs sack manager. Spurs bring in “serial winner”. Spurs fans get all excited. Serial winner wins nothing. Spurs sack manager.

The appointment of Antonio Conte has a bit of deja vu about it.

It was not too long ago that their fans were celebrating bring in serial winner Jose Mourinho. Claiming that he would turn them from trophyless laughing stock to a winning team. We all know what happened.

Conte is actually not too dissimilar to Mourinho.

He goes into teams, spends a lot of money, brings in a functional brand of football, wins trophies, fills out with players and then leaves.

Like Mourinho, Spurs will be a different challenge for Conte than his previous clubs.

He is not coming into to talented but underperforming squad. Not will Tottenham hand him hundreds of millions to spend – despite rumours of him getting a “£150m January transfer kitty”.

Changing manager does not change Spurs’ precarious financial situation. Having to finance a £1bn stadium in the post-Covid19 era is going to be tough.

Finances were the reason Conte did not take the job in the summer.

He wanted to much money. And wanted to spend too much money.

Daniel Levy has relented and agreed to pay Conte £15m a year. But they still do not have a pot to piss in.

Their biggest mistake last summer was not selling Harry Kane.

That decision has cost them over £100m and left them with an unhappy striker.

Conte might get a tune out of him for the rest of the season; but will he push once more for a move next summer? Or is he now mentally shot that he has little interest in football? Maybe early retirement and life on a Barbadian golf course is in his near future.

So Spurs fans are all getting excited. But ultimately we will all know how it ends.

Conte will win nothing. Will leave in 18 months. And Tottenham fans will be talking up their new manager like he will return the club to greatness.

Over 5000 games without a trophy.

Have a good Wednesday.



7 thoughts on “Antonio Conte becomes a “former serial winner” overnight after Tottenham appointment

  1. Gonnerjim

    Spuds do have a decent squad, it is underperforming and it does look like this time levy has no choice but to go for it. Gutted they got conte. He’s an elite manager at his very peak unlike mouriho who was winding down. As an Arsenal fan it’s sad watching them showing so much ambition, we’re stuck with this so called shite ‘project’ which is just a cheap get out to fleece us fans season after season. Kronke out!


  2. Rav

    I absolutely love the tone of this and how scared and jealous this reporter is. Reading this, actually think your wrong about every single point you’ve identified. Poor research and poorly written. Dont give up your day job chump


  3. Bob

    Thanks for your thought Keenos-san.

    Looking at what Tot did with their manager and project, I feel grateful to be an Arsenal fan.

    People with some sense of management can see that Arsenal are working toward positive direction.

    Our new player truly showing they were recruited due to what they capable of, no more conflict-of-interest involvement from certain player agent (things I found suspicious from our post Wenger recruitment era). Non performing player were showed the exit door. Specific coach for specific task (corner kick, free kick) are recruited and showing their result. The tactical drills showed results. Our player in each position compete one to another by showing their best during the match. They know other player, even from different position (see what Laca did to Odegaard) may take their starting role anytime.

    The best part is, we have a lot of academy youngster ready to push our current player anytime soon!!!

    We, fan, should stop thinking football is just in field clash that can be solved by calling new coach and recruiting new player. Off-the-field battle where the legal office working their player contract, statistician reporting player performance, coach improving our player day by day, are crucial for any modern football club.

    Sure, Conte is a good coach.

    But I wont exchange him to what we already have from our current Arsenal.


  4. Johnno

    I reckon there`s every chance he might win something. Most Premier League teams would fancy their chances in that Europa Vauxhall Conference thing and then you`ve got the Caraboo Cup which is always Tottenham`s main target every season. Conte will only be there a couple of years anyway, then he`ll move onto bigger and better things.


  5. Lucian Levy

    From a Sunderland fan lol! Division 2 small no trophy club! Wtf has Sunderland won?! So bitter and small its pathetic, so obsessed and sad. Concentrate on your lower league small rubbish club. So much envy and rage, if spurs are a laughing stock what are Sunderland? Newcastle are much bigger and now have money. A bitter twisted sad article, howay the lads in division 2 lol! The only laughing stock is Sunderland.


  6. Mike Pinner

    Fascinating the different opinions on here – some obviously blinded by club loyalty so unable to accept the obvious. Gonnerjim is right that Spurs have a decent squad (it’s just very unbalanced) and it’s possible, with the correct investment that they will turn things round rather quickly (although that is the big question mark). As far as Arsenal are concerned I admire their ‘project’ as they have several excellent young players and if they stick together and build on that they will improve quickly. They remind me of Spurs under Poch. .


  7. Spurs4life

    Don’t talk s**t Levy has already said Spurs are financially stable, money starting to come in from the stadium your the club with money problems you spend it on average players.



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