Arsenal can’t keep getting away with it

We got away with it against Manchester United.
We got away with it against Aston Villa.
We got away with it against Bournemouth.

We will not keep getting away with it.

Our defensive frailties since the World Cup have been a concern. And simply put, we will not win the league if we continue needing to score 3 to win games.

Whilst last minute winners are rightly celebrated like crazy, it is a concern how often we have gone behind since the break.

In the first 14 games of the season, we conceded 11 goals. We had the best defensive record in the league.

Since the World Cup, we have played 12 games, conceding 14. Only 7 teams have scored more.

And worryingly, we have conceded over a goal a game since the World Cup.

In those 12 games, we have conceded twice in 5 of them; Bournemouth, Villa, Man City, Man U, and Brighton.

West Ham, Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Bournemouth have all led against us since the World Cup.

Fulham are 7th in the league, and 5th in the form table. They have scored 14 in the league since the break, conceding just 8.

Games like today are those that will be 1-nil either way. Like Everton, like Leicester City.

Champions win the game by a single goal. Also rans will lose.

I am not really sure what has happened to our defence.

We have missed Thomas Partey in the middle of the park, but then he started against Bournemouth, Brighton and Manchester United.

The goals conceded at corners is certainly a contributing factor.

We have conceded from a corner in our last 2 games – Sporting and Bournemouth. The defeat to Everton also saw us concede from a corner. Brentford also scored their equaliser from a set play.

Worryingly the goals conceded against Sporting, Bournemouth and Everton were not too dissimilar – balls swung in at pace and an opponent getting in a free header.

Fulham are a huge threat from set pieces. Arguably the most dangerous team in the league from them. And that is a worry with our recent shakiness from them.

It is going to be a tight game today. Just like Everton. Just like Leicester.

Hopefully we see a repeat of the Leicester result rather than the Everton. And hopefully we keep another clean sheet.



4 thoughts on “Arsenal can’t keep getting away with it

  1. Richard Morgan

    Look let’s get it right away from home we have conceded 9 goals and those 9 have come in five games 3 against Utd and 2 against Villa 2 against Brighton 1 against Everton and Southampton but away from home our xga is 0.69 at home it’s higher. Fulham will be tough but we are generally more disciplined defensively away from home this season. This is tired and lazy just follow what pundits and other media are reporting let’s get real we have fourth best defensive record away Žwith Man Utd Chelsea and Newcastle only conceding 8 away from home fulham conced 1.3 at home just to note and score 1.6 we score 1.9 away so am going for a2-1 most likely but do fancy another clean sheet away from home.


  2. Silentstan

    We are now finding our true level.
    A young keeper
    A young cb
    A cb at fb
    A mf at fb
    No striker
    Expecting Nketiah to be good, consistently


  3. Tikpo

    Oh well 0-3 should steady your nerves.
    We didn’t concede…at corners or in open play.
    We scored three. Much more better than a 0-1 result.
    We played beautiful football.
    We defended competently
    We are the gunners.


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