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Arsene Wenger was RIGHT about Leicester in the Champions League

Fake news seems to be the buzz word of 2017. Football fans have had to put up with it for decades. Journalists twisting words for hits, creating transfer stories to fill column inches.

After Leicester’s brilliant victory over Sevilla last night, many Arsenal fans have started regurgitating fake news with the sharing of the following Evening Standard headline:

But has anyone who has shared it, tweeted it, actually read what Arsene Wenger said?

“If you play at Barcelona on Wednesday night, you have to fight for every single ball and again on the Saturday in the Premier League then of course it will be difficult.

“I cannot predict what the future of Leicester is, but the only thing I can say is it’s much more difficult once you play in competitions like the Champions League.”

At no point did Arsene Wenger say Leicester will struggle in the Champions League.

Reading what he actually said, it is clear the point he was making. It is harder playing Wednesday Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday then it is playing just once a week. And Leicester’s struggles in the Premier League this season shows this.

There results in the Champions League have been brilliant this season, through to the Quarter Final beating a very good Sevilla team. But there Premier League form has dropped as a consequence.

Currently 15th in the league, they are 3 points off the relegation zone. From runaway league champions to relegation contenders in 12 months. They were also knocked out of the FA Cup a couple of days before the 1st leg tie against Sevilla.

Whilst being in the Champions League is not the only contributing factor, it has played a part. As Arsene Wenger says, playing mid week and then the weekend is not easy. Especially for a side like Leicester who relied on little possession, high work rate and have a small squad.

Further proof of Wenger’s point is seen in Chelsea. They have benefited from a lack of European football this season.

Whilst watching Chelsea v Manchester United in the FA Cup on Monday night, the commentator said “this is Chelsea’s 35th game of the season, Manchester United have played 47”.

It is undeniable that Chelsea have been massively helped by only playing once a week. It reminds me of Liverpool a few years back when they mounted a title challenge. Leicester last season did not have European football.

I have actually seen many Arsenal fans, some of whom criticise Wenger all day, every day, say they would not mind not having Champions League football next year so that we can concentrate on the league. So why spread the fake news, when essentially you agree with what Wenger said? That it is harder when you are in the Champions League to perform on all fronts.

That’s right, you change the narrative to suit the agenda.

Dropping from 1st to 15th proves that being in the Champions League makes things more difficult.

So before you spread fake news, actually take the time to read what was said under the headline. You will probably actually agree.



Proof that the Champions League draw is flawed?

So Arsenal get Bayern Munich in the Champions League knock out stages again. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

At least it has saved me £500 on tickets, flights, hotels and booze. But whilst watching the draw, I noticed a massive flaw which could lead it to be fix and / or flawed.

The runners-up are drawn first from a single bowl. Once the runners-up are drawn, some UEFA suit picks out balls from the bowls of the teams they can face. These balls are then put into a bowl that is infront of Ruud Gullit, who is drawing the winners.

A courtesy mixing of the balls round the bowl, and Gullit then draws the side.

So Gullit can see which balls are taken from which bowl, sees these balls go into a bowl infront of him, and then watches as they are ‘mixed’ up, remaining in the order they were in the bowl.

Anyone who has ever been to Spain and play the “find the ball” game with a lookielooklie man will know how it works.

As the ball go’s under the cup, you keep an eye on that cup. And as long as your eye speed is quick enough, you can almost always find out. Of course, they are usually a scam, with a quick slight of hand trick removing the ball. Or whilst you are watching what is going on, pick pockets work the outside stealing wallets and phones whilst you concentrate on the cups.

We all know the game.

So back to the Champions League draw.

The balls go in the bowl infront of Gullit. He knows which ball is which, keeping an eye on the one he wants as they spin around the bowl, and can then pick out the ball he chooses. Made even easier in a situation like Arsenal’s where there were only 4 balls in the draw.

The UEFA Champions League draw is badly flawed and it is no surprise we got Bayern Munich once more.


Silly Sanchez in Switzerland

iWhy the hell has Alexis Sanchez gone to Switzerland?

The game is pretty much a dead rubber, with Arsenal relying on PSG to lose at home to a bunch of Bulgarian goat farmers to be within a chance of topping the group. And with the way other groups are, it pretty much makes no difference this year if we finish 1st or 2nd in the group, with regards as to who we play in the next round.

Yes, I understand those flying out today have spent good money, so deserve to see a good team. And I imagine their is pressure from sponsors for Arsene Wenger to play the big players on the big stage, but in the grand scheme of a season, tonight’s game is pretty much meaningless.

So why is Alexis Sanchez on the plane?

Between the game against Manchester United and the FA Cup tie against Preston in January, Arsenal have 13 games in 50 days. That is 1 game every 3.8 days. A hectic schedule. To ensure we have the best chance in the Premier League, we need to rest and rotate when we can, and today is an ideal opportunity.

It is not just the 90 minutes, but what go’s on around that 90 minutes. The mental and physical preparation required. The travelling. The flights. The hotels.

Arsene Wenger could, and should, have given all first team players the week off.

On Sunday they should have all been in for a rehabilitation session. Stretching. Yoga. Ice baths. Get the muscles repairing after the West Ham tie. Then give them Monday off. Unless they want to see the physio, they should not be seen at the training ground. A day playing golf, a bit of Christmas shopping. A day to rest their body and minds.

Then today, they should all be at the training ground participating in a light training session. Nothing to strenuous. Just some more stretching, yoga, some light gym work. Let the bodies fully recover.

Tomorrow, back to full training, preparing for Stoke City on Saturday.

In the past we have seen players pick up minor injuries – which at Arsenal always seem to turn into major injuries – due to being over played. Due to being in their red zone. Due to not getting a little break.

Taking into account that Alexis Sanchez has been flying around the globe for the last 2 years representing Chile, as well as his non-stop performances for Arsenal, he needs to be given a rest.

Sanchez might not be happy about being told to rest. He comes across as the type of character who wants to play all the time. He will probably sulk. But that is where Wenger needs to manage him. Explain why he isn’t playing him. Tell him to go and chill with his dogs for a few days.

It just seems silly that Sanchez is in Switzerland.