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1 in 1 out at THE Arsenal + Man City F.E.A.R

So no-one was really expecting too much excitement this transfer window, But Emery finally got his man and Suarez will be on loan to us till the end of the season with an option to buy. The only suprise when the club announced it was them welcoming him to Arsenal and not to THE Arsenal. WE ARE THE ARSENAL, the THE seperates us from other clubs, it’s a respect thing, it’s a class thing. No-one calls that lot THE Tottenham, unless its followed by are shit.

Going out on loan is young Smith-Rowe who will spend the rest of the season at RB Leipzig in Germany. This is a great move for the youngsters education and does seem very on point these days to look at young players in the German league. From the rumblings I hear Smith-Rowe wanted to go on loan at the start of the season but Emery wanted a good look at him and get him used to his style. Smith-Rowe was rewarded with a few games for the 1st team and took them well. Can only hope RB Leipzip give him plenty of games and he comes back to us next season a better player.

Young Eddie may have woken up today a little disappointed to also not be on his way to Germany. He desperately needs 1st team action week in week out, sitting on the bench right now is doing him no favours. But with only 1 attacking player coming in Eddie will remain the 3rd choice Striker. If he gets the chance this season he has to take it with both feet, we may need him too !

Man City away is really giving me the F.E.A.R Fukin ‘Ell Arsenal’s Rubbish. Whilst we have won 96 games Vs them compared to them only winning 54 (45 draws) since they have been funded by an oil rich nation we have been on the end of a right kicking too many times. We have lost the last 4 on a spin scoring only once and letting in 11. Man City are coming off the back of an away defeat to Newcastle, so there is some hope, but with our lack of fit defenders we are really going to need a bit of luck and taking every half chance we get up there end.

An odd fact is since we lost our opening 2 games we have gathered only 3 points less than Man City and we are 5 points up on 24 games last season. I’m seeing too many “fans” and I will use that term loosely happy when we lose or grind out a win, too many wanting any reason to have a pop at the new boss, oddly a lot these “fans” were the same ones who thought the ex-boss walked on water, you can draw your own conclusions to that. Yes we are having a bumpy ride, yes at times Emerys sides do look unblanaced and without a clear plan or style. But anyone with the smallest knowledge of football would’ve been expecting that and that’s without having major injuries with the defenders. Have a bit of faith in Emery eh and less of the F.E.A.R

Up The Arsenal


FA Cup more important than finishing 4th

For a long time now I have not really cared about the top 4.

Yes, I understand the money involved in making (or not making) it, and that some of our financial restrictions at the moment are due to a £30million black hole where the Champions League television money used to be, but I really do not care.

Finishing 4th and trophyless is a nothing season. We did it for it for 8 years between 2006 and 2013. Not winning a trophy each year hurt. It was boring. Top 4 is not a trophy.

It is interesting how things have changed since that barren run for Arsenal.

We were rightly criticised for treating top 4 like a trophy. For celebrating it as one, whilst not actually winning any real trophies. Role forward 5 years from the end of that trophy drought and we see the media treating top 4 very differently.

The likes of Tottenham and Liverpool are now heavily praised for finishing top 4, without a trophy. It has become a barometer of success. Something to strive for.

Since Arsenal’s trophy drought began (2006), the pair have won 2 League Cups between them. Yet that is ignored in the press and their top 4 places are celebrated.

Give me a trophy, whether it is the League Cup, FA Cup or Europa League, over finishing top 4 any day of the week.

And tomorrow we have a chance to progress in the FA Cup against Manchester United.

With the race for top 4 hotting up – 7 points separate 3rd and 6th, it would be easy for Unai Emery to rotate the squad tomorrow and play a B team. He has refrain from doing so an put out the strongest team possible. Progression is key.

We do not play another game until Tuesday, that is a 3 day rest. We play Cardiff at home.

Whilst no games in the Premier League are a “gimmy”, a game at home to Cardiff who have won just once away in the league all season is a much easier fixture than Manchester United in the FA Cup.

If needs be, against Cardiff, rest a couple of players. But do not do it in the FA Cup.

In other news, the “will he won’t he” transfer saga of Denis Suarez rumbles on. Will he sign? Won’t he sign? Do I care?

We also had some glorious clickbait journalism yesterday:

Both articles were about Emiliano Martinez joining Reading on loan for the rest of the season…

Enjoy your Thursday and Up The Arsenal.


Double deal would represent “solid January” for Arsenal

Transfer speculation seems to be intensifying over Arsenal signing Denis Suarez and Medhi Benatia before the end of January.

Whilst neither player would be top of many fans list, and plenty would complain that the club are “recruiting on the cheap” both signings would actually represent a solid transfer window.

On Denis Suarez, I have seen very little of the Spaniard. However he has previously played for Unai Emery at Sevilla, and was signed by Barcelona under Raul Sanllehi. Both men would know a lot more about the player than someone on social media.

I have seen him described as a “Iniesta-lite” which is certainly not mean as an insult considering that Iniesta was one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.

The comparison is more about the style of play. That Suarez likes to keep the ball moving, is comfortable on it, able to create space and create chances for others. Capable of playing in all 3 positions behind the striker, he was once named Manchester City Young Player of the Year.

Barcelona signed him in 2016 with the view of him being Iniesta’s replacement. It has not worked out for him during his second spell at Barcelona.

With Aaron Ramsey set to leave the club, Arsenal need a back up number 10, providing cover for Mesut Ozil. At just £20million, he would represent good value for money.

And good value for money is key.

With Arsenal set not to get a fee for Ramsey, we need to replace him without taken too much out of the pot. We do not want to go and spend big money on an Ozil understudy when we need a first team central defender, left back and winger.

Another thing to take into account is salary.

Suarez is reportedly only on £60,000 a week. That is £50,000 less than the reported £110,000 is on. I imagine Suarez would not be getting a significant pay rise.

Were Suarez to join on a 5 year deal, he would cost Arsenal around £7.12m a year (amortised transfer fee + wages). Ramsey currently costs £5.72m a year (just salary). The financial impact of replacing Ramsey with Suarez is minimal.

The second deal to keep an eye on is Mehdi Benatia.

Arsenal have been linked with the Moroccan  central defender for a number of years – way back in 2013 when he left Udinese for Roma. I doubt a year has gone by when we have not been linked with him.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Arsenal would let Ramsey go to Juventus in January (not cup tied in the Champions League) if they get Benatia in return.

At 31-years-old, many fans would rightly be sceptical about the deal. At face value, it would feel like the Henrikh Mkhitaryan / Alexis Sanchez deal again. That Arsenal are just happy getting anything, anyone, for a player set to leave on a free in the summer.

It would be another defender who is 30+ to go alongside Laurent Koscielny and Sokratis. Another short term option like the Greek and Stephan Lichtsteiner.

I have long had the opinion that Arsenal should not panic buy a central defender in January. That we should save our money for the summer, sell Shkodran Mustafi and Calum Chambers, and invest the £50m we get for the pair into a first choice, first class central defender.

However circumstances change, and Benatia would not be a panic buy.

I saw us going into next season with a new central defender, Sokratis, Rob Holding, Laurent Koscielny and Konstantinos Mavropanos. However, having broken down twice since his return from injury, Koscielny is clearly a busted flush.

It is time for the club to thank him for his service, and allow him the freedom to find a new club in the summer.

That would mean we need two central defenders.

Benatia would not be coming in as a long term option in the middle, but as a mid-term replacement for Koscielny.

As he would not cost a penny, we would still have a full budget available in the summer to buy a long term central defender.

That would leave us with the options next season of new CB, Sokratis, Benatia, Holding, Mavropanos (in no particular order).

We would basically have two experienced defenders, and two younger guys.

In the short term, Benatia makes sense.

Holding is out for the season, Koscielny needs to be written off, and Mustafi has struggled with injuries this season. Mavropanos is also yet to play, and has only 3 senior games to his name in England (one which he got sent off in). Koscielny could have covered in the short term (ie until the end of the season), but it looks like he is no longer capable of doing that.

Losing Ramsey in January, signing Suarez and Benatia, a total spend of £20million. Plenty in the pot to buy another central defender, a left back and a winger in the summer.

Get them both done, our squad is stronger, both are more than a 6-month option, and both are available to play in the Europa League.

Trust Unai. Trust Sven. Trust Raul.