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Arsenal break China with 16th commercial deal

At the back end of 2013, we discussed how hard the Arsenal commercial side had been working to increase our commercial deals, in an attempt to close the gap between ourselves and Manchester United, who at 34 deals and £153mill generated from said deals were by far and away the Premier League leaders.

10 new deals signed in 2013 saw us reduce this gap and should (hopefully) see a boost in revenue that will hopefully offset future ticket prices (we can dream, hey?)

It seems the commercial department of Arsenal, led by Tom Fox, have not rested on their laurels, and are already agreeing deals with new firms in 2014.

Arsenal have just signed a deal with Chinese telecoms giant Huawei as its official smartphone partner until the end of the 2015/16 season. The deal will benefit both sides, as it should make the ‘Arsenal brand’ more accessible in the growing Chinese market, whilst also assisting the smartphone developer in breaking into the UK market.

Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Mark Mitchinson, executive vice president at Huawei Technologies UK and Lukas Podolski

” This is the first global deal we have signed with a Chinese brand, demonstrating our long-term commitment to the market through pre-season tours and sustained digital fan engagement. Huawei is a genuine leader in its field serving more than a third of the world’s population with its information and communications technology. We are delighted to be partnering with Huawei at such an exciting time in the development of its brand globally, and in particular in the UK and Europe.” – Tom Fox

Having just travelled Thailand, where Manchester United and Barcelona players appear on every other billboard advertising various products, hopefully this deal will see a similar response in China, and see us increase our ‘fan base’ in the region.

Whilst 16 partners is still a long way from Manchester United’s 34, if the commercial team continue their good work from 2013, this gap should close further in 2014, seeing our revenue spike, allowing us more money to invest in the playing side.