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Arsenal Meme and it’s all Embarrassing

It is all just getting a little bit embarrassing isn’t it?

A couple of weeks ago we had Plane Wars as Arsenal banners fought it out in the air space above the Hawthorns. And then this weekend, Arsenal fans dragged the formally class name of the club further into the gutter with their actions.

Firstly we have the van.

Now I fully understand why people are upset, and I kind of understand the logic of having a billboard on a van driving around Holloway. It spreads the word.

One of the best recent protests was the billboard hired by the BlackScarfMovement back in 2011. It was simple, classy and effective.

The van on the other hand, whilst good meaning to the Wenger Out cause, was embarrassing. It lacked class. It ended up looking like Arsenal were on a political campaign. I was half expected a battle bus to turn up with Corbyn on the top deck waving to his followers. Next to him Donald Trump trying to hold on to his toupee. Boris slumped on the bank seat, drunk.

At the protest, fans were being handed out a step by step guide how to protest. How embarrassing and cringey can you become?

Actions included instructions to sign a petition, paying them more money (but they won’t tell you what it is being spent on), tweeting Arsenal sponsors (like the work experience boy who deals with the twitter accounts cares) and sending emails of complaint to the sponsors and partners customer services with #WengerOut at the end of the complaint.

It is all just embarrassing.

We then have fans fighting in the stadium. It made national news. Well done lads.

Then the attack on Arsenal Fan TV outside. Is there anything more embarrassing at Arsenal at the moment than Arsenal Fan TV? A bunch of attention seekers who want to be the centre of everything. One of the plonkers even grabbed a microphone at the protest, recording himself screaming down it. It is all about him, not about the protest.

Arsenal Fan TV getting attacked was actually a positive. They shame and embarrass the majority of Arsenal fans every weekend. The quicker they shut up shop the better. A brilliant concept reduced to embarrassing rants all for profit. None of them care about Arsenal. They only care for the profiles and how much money they can make.

Let the attacks continue!

Fans who record the arguments are perhaps worse than those who are willing to throw punches for their view are those that stand by and record what is happening for a few hits, a bit of attention, for their notifications to go off as their tweet go’s viral.

If two (or more) men (or women) want to has a punch up over their views on Arsenal , I do not actually have a problem – as long as no innocent bystanders get hurt. The problem becomes when people around the altercation get their cameras out. Those recording what is happening are grasses. The police and club no longer need to use CCTV evidence. It is all over Twitter.

The fans who attacked the cast of Arsenal Fan TV had it right when they pointed to the crowds saying they were the problem. People videoing other people videoing some melt doing an ‘interview’, that is embarrassing.

We are grassing on each other, getting each other banned, all for a few hits and 30s of fame.

When it became clear that the ‘In Arsene We Trust’ was paid for by a group of fans in Hong Kong, a lot of fans vented their anger. This was the problem with modern football. Foreign fans interfering. But now we have fans around the globe holding up Wenger Out signs. They have been spotted at events throughout the world, including at Wrestlemania this weekend.

Ignoring the fact that grown men still watch wrestling, which is embarrassing in itself, fans holding up placards at events where Arsenal are not playing is simply embarrassing.

Wenger Out not longer has a message. It is now a Meme.

There have also been responses from fans holding up Wenger In signs, bringing us full circle. The tit for tat infighting is embarrassing.

Arsenal Football Club is now a Meme. We are embarrassing on and off the pitch. We are becoming our own worst enemy.

I actually do not want to go to games for the rest of the season. It has nothing to do with performances on the pitch. Through thick and thin I am Arsenal. It has everything to do with the embarrassing fans off the pitch.

Your actions are shaming yourselves, your club, and your fellow fans.

Stop being an EMBARASSMENT.

Arsenal Football Club are not a Meme.