David Moyes and the implications for Arsenal

Sorry for the late blog today. Thought I would leave it a bit to let yesterday’s Liverpool Myths Exposed blog really hit home.

And how it has hit home. The Scousers, true to form, have basically justified everything written with their bleating. They filled up the comments section on this site, as well as ensuring that both SheWore’s and my own twitter mention’s were kept busy on the bank holiday Monday. Guess the truth hurts them.

My next sentence was originally going to be ‘anyway, back to Arsenal’. But it is impossible to ignore today’s big news, that David Moyes has been sacked.

The David Moyes saga has highlighted 3 factors that Arsenal need to take into account as, and when, Arsene Wenger leaves.

1) Do not listen to the fans – Last summer, before being appointed by Manchester United, he was top of the list for many an Arsenal fan to replace Wenger. And bring Felliani too. How many now are calling for Wenger to go as Moyes is available again? Very few, if any.

Recently, many an Arsenal fan have called for Roberto Martinez to come in, and bring Ross Barkley with him. De ja vu anyone? Whilst fans are passionate, and are the most important factor of a football club, they might not be the most knowledgeable. Let’s leave it to the board to pick Wenger’s replacement, hopefully using the 4 criteria he must fulfil, and hopefully they get it right.

2) Better the devil you know – Yes, Wenger is doing an average job at the moment. Yes, we have not won anything in 8 years. But that does not mean we should rush out and replace him. It is important that we get the right man in, and do our research when deciding who that man is.

As Manchester United have shown, if you get the wrong man in, the consequences can be disastrous. In the hope of saving his job, Moyes spanked millions on Mata, millions on Felliani, and gave Wayne Rooney a massive pay rise and contract. Only to be sacked. This ties up a lot of money for the next manager.

Add in that David Moyes is due to get £10m compensation payout, getting in the wrong man can be a costly exercise. Over the years, Chelsea have spent nearly £100m replacing managers. Whilst we might be cash rich at the moment, getting in the wrong man can be costly.

Whilst Wenger is perhaps not the best manager for Arsenal at the moment, he is the devil we know. Better to keep him and finish 4th, then replace him and finish 7th.

3) Wenger should not chose his own replacement – David Moyes was Sir Alex Ferguson’s man. He told the Manchester United fans to trust in him and give him time. It was the wrong decision. The outgoing manager should never pick his own replacement, no matter how great a job he has done.

Rumours are that Fergie deliberately picked Moyes as he knew he would fail, therefore reinforcing how great Fergie was. Whilst this is likely to be ludicrous, these types of rumours can be detrimental.

Too make matters worse, Fergie remained in the shadows as part of the Manchester United set up. Were Wenger to pick his own replacement, then move upstairs to be director of football, his shadow would cast long and hard over the replacement.

Not only should Wenger not be picking his replacement, when the time comes for him to go, he should step away from the club completely.


So what is my opinion on Manchester United? They got rid of Moyes due to lack of Champions League football. This means they pay out less compensation. They realised they got in the wrong man, so have sacked him swiftly ensuring the least amount of compensation paid. Why give him another year, where the highest they’d likely finish is 4th, and still have to sack him for more money?

With Luis Van Gaal available, he will surely come in next summer, scuppering Spurs plans – although they’d surely go for Moyes. With Van Gaal, Manchester United would have a very good manager with a lot of international draw. I would not be too surprised to see his first signing be Arjen Robben.

And what does this all mean for Arsenal? Other then getting to laugh at the Mancs, it highlights further just how careful we have to be when replacing Arsene Wenger.


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Five Liverpool Myths Exposed

Neutrals want Liverpool to win

The largest, most ludicrous myth around at this moment in time is that neutrals want Liverpool to win the league. This is ridiculous. Firstly, this myth has been mooted by pundits and press men. It has come from the likes of Jamie Carragher, Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp. Brilliant unbiased view point.

The reality is, neutrals do no want Liverpool to win the league. Many have grown up with Liverpool gloating over the last 30 years. Despite having not won the league for 23 years, their gloating is intolerable, and were they to win the league, it would only get worse. Most neutral’s can not wait until that clock ticks over to 25 years, a milestone. The neutrals certainly do not want Liverpool to win the league.

Liverpool doing it the right way

The key reason why Liverpool are ‘the neutrals favourite’ (although we have already debunked this myth) is due to them doing it the right way. They are battling against the evil forces of Russian Oligarch’s and Middle Eastern Oil men.

It seems to have been forgotten by the press however that Liverpool are owned by the Fenway Group, a conglomerate of brokers, bankers, hedge fund managers and media executives. Billionaires in their own right.

In the last accounts, Liverpool lost £50 million. Chelsea lost £49.4 million. Manchester City lost £51.6 million. And lets look at expenditure over the last 5 years:

Man City: £512m
Chelsea: £410m
Liverpool: £270m
Man Utd: £230m
Arsenal: £172m

Whilst they might not have spent as much as Chelsea and City, they have spent more than Arsenal and Man Utd (£100m more than Arsenal). Acting as if they have got where they are based on youth and spending little is a false statement.

So Liverpool are owned by foreign businessmen (same as Man City and Chelsea), make huge losses (same as Man City and Chelsea), yet are considered as ‘doing it the right way.’

Steven Gerrard is great captain and deserves his loyalty rewarded

Steven Gerrard tried to engineer a move to Chelsea
Steven Gerrard ran over a kid
Steven Gerrard was caught on CCTV assaulting a man in a bar

Lets stop the Gerrard love in shall we? He is the Scouse John Terry

Liverpool fans are good sportsmanship

For some reason, the press are presenting Liverpool fans as a brilliant example of sportsmanship. That they represent the English game with aplomb. What parallel universe have I slipped into?

These Liverpool fans got English football banned from Europe for 6 years after their behaviour caused the death of 39 Juventus fans at Heysel.

These Liverpool fans robbed off their own in Istanbul. Stealing tickets, travelling with fake tickets and jibbing through the barriers to see Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final.

These Liverpool fans repeated the trick in 2007 at the Champions League Final in Athens. Selling their own fake tickets for £1,000. Travelling in their masses without tickets causing unsafe over crowding within the police cordon’s and fan zones.

Liverpool fan’s did similar at the Emirates Stadium during the Champions League Quarter Final in 2008. Every club throughout the Premier League will have their own stories of too many Liverpool fans turning up, fake tickets, and the lack of concern many Scousers have for their own fans safety. It seems to a Scouser, it is more important to see a game of football then be an honest, upstanding citizen. Their reckless behaviour is an accident waiting to happen.

And who can forget the Michael Shield’s incident. Whilst Shields has been correctly released from a jail after the murder of a Bulgarian man before a Liverpool away game, there is a murderer out there who was happy with his own mate taking the fall. Happy someone else taking a 10 year sentence for his crime. Happy for a fellow human being to be banged up abroad whilst he sits in Liverpool, probably still going to games, without a care in the world.

These incidents are not the only ones which highlight how poor the Liverpool fans are. Whilst the world mourns those who lost their lives at Hillsborough, Liverpool fans quite happily sing and gloat about the Munich disaster.

When Alan Smith broke his leg in 2006, those kind hearted Liverpool fans threw beer cans at the ambulance, blocked its progress, and attempted to turn it over. Nice men then.

Even last week, whilst Manchester City respectful remembered those who lost their life at Hillsborough, them Scouser’s attacked a coach, bricking the windows. The coach was reported to have had a ‘Justice for the 96′ flag in its window. What respect the Liverpool fans have for their fellow fans.

Liverpool fans are certainly not good sportsmen, they are the shame of English football.

Brendan Rodgers is a genius

Brendan Rodgers is a numpty. Anyone who has watched ‘Being: Liverpool’ will know he certainly is not a genius.

Liverpool have got lucky this year, Brendan Rodgers has got lucky this year. With no European football, and being knocked out of the cups early, he has been able to keep his squad fit, and at peak condition. Fewer games has restricted injuries, and meant that the likes of Sturridge and Sterling have been able to play at the top of the game for the entire season. Let’s see how they perform next year when they have to play twice a week. Just to highlight how few games Liverpool have played further:

Manchester City: 54 games
Arsenal: 52
Chelsea: 52
Tottenham: 51
Manchester United: 50
Everton: 41
Liverpool: 40

Clearly Everton and Liverpool have both benefited massively by playing hardly any games this season.


This is the truth about Liverpool. Do not believe the myths put out by the biased press.


Spend / Net spend of top 7 clubs over last 5 years

Was just doing a bit of research into the spend and net spend of the current top 7, thought I would share it with all.Spend

Few interesting points:

1) Manchester City have spent a hell of a money for just 1 league title. Infact, they have spent £80m more in 5 years than Arsenal have during the entire Premier League era.

2) Alex Ferguson spent his last 3 years at Manchester United spending the Cristiano Ronaldo money. Very shrewd. Moyes has spent 67.7m taking the team backwards,

3) Liverpool have a net spend similar to Manchester United, is 1 (potential) title really a success then?

4) Arsenal have pretty much broken even over the period, showing just how much we had to tighten our belt.

5) Spurs have had to sell to buy over the last 5 years as they plan the new stadium. Previous years, they have always had a commodity to sell (Bent, Modric, Van Der Vaart, Bale). Do they have the players to sell this summer to enable themselves to rebuild?

Just some thoughts really. Proper blog to come later.


All figures taken from http://www.transferleague.co.uk/