Nearly 10 Reasons why we will beat beat Sunderland – My starting 11

1)  Even tho we were toilet in Europe this week for large spells of the game the players didn’t give up.

2) Sunderland got spanked by Southampton last week, an early goal and they fall apart again.

3) We have a great record both against Sunderland and up at The Stadium of Light, only losing once to them in the last 21 games in the League.

4) Diaby is injured, Jack is suspended but Theo is back and likely to start on the bench,

5) If we don’t win it will the worst opening 9 games to a league season under Wenger, or since football began according to some idiots.

6) Sanchez is our one major bright spark, he looks settled now and could again be the inspiration.

7) With Jack suspended Wenger can’t try playing him and Ramsey in the middle together, a partnership which still looks doomed to fail.

OK I give up, I can’t think of anymore, it’s going to be another tricky game and confidence in the team is almost at an all-time low under Mr Wenger. Fingers crossed the players confidence is higher and they start putting in the performances the wages they get paid deserve.

My Starting 11 – Chesney, Bellerin, BFG, Chambers, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Santi, Alexis, Ox, Welbeck


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The Arsenal Civil War – Similarities to real war?

Arsenal is at Civil War. The infighting and arguing is getting out of hand. When a confrontational fan group such as the Black Scarf Movement is moved to tweet and blog, calling for fans to give it a rest, you know it has gone too far and for too long:

In geopolitics there is a theory on war. The theory go’s that if one country can get two of its enemies fighting each other, the power of that first country is strengthened.

The two countries at war pour all their resources, which can amount to billions, fighting each other. Killing each other. Meanwhile, the first country sits idly by doing nothing more than stirring the pot, ensuring that their enemies continue the fight.

Whilst the two countries who are at war are fighting each other, they can not be fighting their main enemy, the original country. We are seeing this theory play out currently in the Middle East.

America have created a situation where 3 of their potential enemies, Syria, Iran and Iraq, are now busy fighting themselves and ISIS, rather than combing forces to fight their common enemy, America. The current war will likely plunge all 3 countries into further decades of upheaval, ensuring that none of them will ever have the power to challenge the US. It has gone on for years in the Middle East.

At Arsenal, we are seeing a similar landscape. The board, the club, have created a situation where we see a split of fans. You have those who want Arsene Wenger gone. Those who want him to stay. It has created a massive split in both fan groups and fans themselves. The animosity witnessed on the streets of Belgium between the two sits was at his worst.

There have already been reports of fights in the stands at Brighton and Reading, and now the arguments have gone abroad.

And here is the issue, whilst the fan base is split, arguing, fighting over a single issue such as Arsene Wenger, they are split, and ignoring the common enemy, Arsenal football club themselves.

The fans should have risen as one to fight the club on ticket prices. On safe standing. On Stan Kroenke taking £3million out of the club. But whilst they are too busy fighting each other, whether it be on the streets or on social media, they will not unite to take on the club.

Meanwhile, the club sit there, stirring the pot. Giving Arsene Wenger a 3 year contract. Not buying the players we need. Saying that Wenger is the king maker. It ensures that all our energy is spent on being “Wenger In” or “Wenger Out”, giving the board are fairly free ride to make other decisions, knowing that the fans will not rise as one.

There is no side on the Arsenal civil war that can claim to be better than the other. Both sides are equally to blame. And both sides have used similar intimidatory tactics.

In Belgium, it was the ‘Thanks for the memories’ flag. A fan voiced his opinion against this flag, and was ‘laid out’. At Reading, a fan unveiled a Wenger Out flag, voicing his opinion, and he was laid out.

Claims by both ‘sides’ that it is the other who is causing the issue, is in the wrong, are false. They both are. I have seem people who want Wenger Out abuse their opponents on twitter with sickening comments. And then their opponents tweet “Typical WOB, always returning to violence and abuse.”

Likewise, I have seen the Wenger In’s tweet abuse and make derogatory comments to their opponents, and then the response being “Typical AKB, can’t have a debate without abusing.”

Both parties site their and say everyone is entitled to their opinion, whilst abusing anyone who dares offer a different opinion.

Neither the ‘WOB’ or ‘AKB’ can be proud of their behaviour towards fellow Arsenal fans.

Anyone attempting to claim the moral high ground, to put forward a view that they are all cuddly and happy to have a civilised debate, whilst their opponent is a monster and unwilling to sit and talk is wrong. They are all monsters and unwilling to talk.

Arsenal has a fan base at war with each other. Blaming each other for the war. Accusing each other of underhand, tactics. Until the war is over, we will be unable to move on, to unit against the common enemy, The Arsenal Board.


Poor victory, but Arsenal could qualify with 2 games to spare

What an awful game that was. For 89 minutes, it was a snooze fest. At points, it felt like I was watching an England game. It was dull, boring and uninspiring. But someone, by hook or by crook, we got out of Belgium with 3 points.

And looking at the table, what an important 3 points it is.CL Group D Table

Despite being embarrassed at Borussia Dortmund and limping past Anderlecht, Arsenal are in a situation where they could guarantee qualification after the next round of games.

The equation is simple. We beat Anderlecht at home, which we should, we move on to 9 points. With Borussia Dortmund playing Galatasaray at home, it is likely that the German’s will win. That would leave the table looking like:Potential CL Table


Arsenal would have an 8 point lead on the 2 sides below them, with just 6 games to play for. Qualified after just 4 games.

The question then is what do we do with the remaining 2 games?

Go out for the win in Turkey and at home to Dortmund in an attempt to finish top (where we could still end up facing Barcelona & Atletico Madrid as it stands), or send out the youths enabling our side to be a bit fresher for the weekend fixtures.

Personally, I would favour the latter.

With our paper thin squad, and massive injury problems, any opportunity to rest the entire 1st team should be taken with both hands.

Yes, finishing top reduces the chances of facing one of Europe’s Elite, but we will have to face them at some point to win the competition, and let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that we will win the Champions League this season.

The only advantage of finishing top and getting an easier knock out game was progression to the quarter finals guaranteed more coefficient points enabling us to remain a top seed. But with the change in UEFA rankings for 2015/16, where the top seeds will now be the holders and seven league winners from the top seven European leagues, Arsenal will be 2nd seeds no matter if they make the quarter final or lose in the first knock out stage.

By sticking out the youths, it will give players a much needed mid-week off, before games against WBA & Newcastle.

Yes, it might be a bit of a defeatist view, but with our struggling league form, surely it will be more beneficial to put ourselves in the best position possible to beat WBA & Newcastle by keeping the players fresh, than playing a strongest 11 in Europe when qualification is already guaranteed?

On top of that, we could end up beating Galatasaray and Dortmund, and still finish 2nd on goal difference – we currently have 7 to make up on Dortmund.

Yesterday was shocking, but a wins a win, and if we are sitting on the 4th of November with Champions League qualification in the bag, that is positive.