Arsenal did NOT forget to register Olivier Giroud

We all know there are a lot of idiots following our club. A lot of people who believe everything they read in the press. A lot of people who make ludicrous statements to suit an agenda.

One of these idiots is proven supergrass, alleged phone hacker, sacked Daily Mirror Editor Piers Morgan.

Now old Piers has a lot of followers on twitter. He thinks he is some type of super fan who is a proper representation of real Arsenal fans. He isn’t.

Most of his followers are foreigners who do not have a clue about his previous actions, and do not realise that it is his type of upper-middle class tosser that is killing our game.

Anyway, I digress. Today the plonker tweeted:

Giroud can’t play vs Dortmund this week because we forgot to register him. If anything sums up Arsenal’s clueless management…

This tweet has then developed into a massive story, with many people, wrongly, thinking Piers Morgan is right, that Arsenal ‘forgot’ to register Olivier Giroud.

They did not.

When Giroud picked up his injury in August in the match against Everton, his expected date or return was January, at the earliest.

Taking into account Arsenal autrocious record of players returning from injury on time, there was no expectation of Olivier Giroud to be seen before Santa Claus.

So when it came to Arsenal submitting their squad for the Champions League at the beginning of September, Giroud was deliberately left out. Why register a guy who was not going to be fit enough to play?

And imagine the uproar in September, had Wenger announced he was going to include Giroud in the squad, despite him being out until January.

“Comical Wenger” we would have cried.

Olivier Giroud bucked the trend. He has come back 6 weeks early.

If you are following in Piers’ foot steps and using Giroud returning early and Arsenal not registering him as a reason to moan, then you can go site with Piers in idiots corner.

Giroud returning should be a positive. His goal on Saturday was class. Let’s grab hold of some positivity and get this season moving forward.

Arsenal did not forget to register Giroud. He was not supposed to return to fitness as quick.



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A brighter future without Wenger

Arsene Wenger should have left the club a winner as he bought us huge success. Last seasons FA Cup triumph was the perfect opportunity for both the board & Arsene to part company on a high. It would have left the club in a great position on and off the field. Instead he was offered 3 more years at a huge expense. Not talking money either.

Arsenal should be competing at the very top and 100% should be challenging for the top trophies. I have felt for some time that Wenger can not deliver us that.

He was once was a great manager. One that could compete. He was rightly worshiped around Highbury by many. He is now derided by most around the Emirates.

We are currently a club without leaders. We have no one that the players can look up to in the dressing room no one that commands success. The dressing room is a playground of jovial social media pictures at best.

Arsene has not changed and will not change & that there is the sole problem. His ability to adapt to modern football & its philosophy he is now tactically inept.

Arsenal is no longer a football club that commands success. We are a business that if we are lucky enough might win the Christmas raffle from time to time (Fa Cup).

Is it all Wengers doing? No

The board had the opportunity back last year to move Arsenal FC on to the next level. The failed to take it. The reasons I can think as to why they failed is that they banked on future success on the back of a fa cup win, but failed to remember the previous 8 years.

We will continue the season winning the odd game playing good football occasionally, then January will come & go with the usual hope of who can buy & then be palmed off with “we never had enough time.”

We will possibly retain the cup ( big ask ) and be knocked out the CL as usual.

Can the board ask the question to Wenger? Can they demand he does better? No.

By asking thos questions, they would be questioning themselves. Arsenal have 3 more years of ups and downs. I for one know where I stand. The future of Arsenal success will not be with Wenger at the helm.
Mr Glen Townsend

Carry on Arsene

Yesterday, in the wake of yet another calamitous defensive display against the poorest Utd team I’ve seen since last season, at which point they were then the poorest Utd team I’d seen in 25 years, I was castigated by the residents of Waco.

The reason for my hanging order, imposed by kangaroo court? I said I’d be happy to lose the last game of the season if it meant we finished 5th and therefore lost out on ECL qualification. Well, at least that’s how it was reported in best tabloid style by those who, shall we say require all vestiges of hope they can find to support their agenda and protect OGL.

Let’s take a step back and look at our record in the Champions League over the last 12 years, a period where we have qualified every single season, which is a very impressive record and one many clubs are rightly jealous of. From 2004 until 2008 we finished top of the group each year. In the following 8 seasons we have finished top just twice, in 10 & 12. This is despite being the top seed in the group for almost every one of those years.

For the last 5 years in succession, we have gone through to the 1st knockout round and been knocked out. In 09 we reached the semi, going out to Utd quite meekly, 4-1 on aggregate. 08 saw another semi defeat to an English club, this time Liverpool. 07 was a 1st knockout collapse at home to PSV, 06 I don’t want to talk about, nor 2004 as it’s too painful. 2005 saw yet another 1st round TKO.

Not a great record, other than the brilliant run in 06 which looked like the defence and 1-0 wins had been put together by a certain previous incumbent of the manager’s office. So it begs the question, are we actually equipped to win the Champion’s League under Arsene Wenger. I’d urge you to remember that next season, due to a change in the rules for seeding which actually rewards winners of their domestic leagues (quite rightly so too), we could find ourselves in pot 2 for the first time in ages.

So why do we put so much store in entering a competition it seems we need to vastly improve our performances in order to win. Filthy lucre, that’s why. There are other reasons of course; Attracting the best players (although Utd seem to have attracted a few this year), attracting sponsors and commercial deals and the fact that any club worth its name needs to be dining at the top table. I love those floodlit evening games as much as anyone too, especially when you are playing the likes of Barca, Milan or Bayern. During the period which shall forever more be known as the ‘Austerity Years’, when we had little money to spend due to the move to the Emirates, the CL money was vital to our being able to compete. When I say compete, what I mean is staying in the CL. A rather strange little cycle if you ask me; we need to stay in the CL to get the money to enable us to, well, basically stay in the CL. Round and around we go!

So, back to the question put to me. “Would you want us to lose the last game of the season if it meant we missed out on Champion’s League qualification?” The tabloid reporters claimed my answer was a simple yes, mainly because it’s twitter, so it means you can easily just pick the bit you want to use, especially when it suited their need to hang me out to dry.

What I actually said was a very clear twofold answer. If finishing 5th meant that at the end of this season we would change our manager, then my answer was yes. The 2nd part was me stating that if that scenario was to happen, it would obviously not be the loss of those 3 points that had us

finishing 5th, my point being that there were 37 previous games that all contributed to our points total, so a loss at home to Utd, or away to Swansea, or draws at home with Hull and Spurs could just as much be held accountable as game 38. If we had lost at Newcastle, or WBA, or at home to Wigan, would it really have been because of those games that we failed to qualify? Do me a favour!

I am of the opinion that Arsene has taken us as far as he can. I think he should have gone on a high in May with one last trophy, although we could never have prepared properly if he had, but a 2 year contract would have meant everyone could have started to prepare now for the transition and change in the best way possible. Will finishing 5th mean the board, well let’s be honest, Stan would sack Wenger? Of course not. Stan would probably take it as a blip, besides we have cash in reserve to cover the CL exit (bear in mind there’s maybe more games played in Europa League I think, so he’d be rubbing his hands at the thought of more matchday income). Obviously he could reduce the amount of ‘warchest’ made available to AW and then there would be the ‘advisory fee’ requirement to add x% to ticket prices. It might start to sow a seed of doubt, but I’m not convinced he’d be pulling out much hair over it (yes, I know).

So would AW consider that he had failed in the minimum requirements of his role? Would he see that he has taken the club as far as he can, do the decent thing and fall on his sword? No chance. His stubborn megalomania would not allow it. He’d draw up his reasons for the failure, spunk 75 million on some more attacking players, change the system again and try to resolutely prove everyone wrong. Again.

So in effect, me thinking finishing 5th would increase the chances of us changing the manager is probably barking up the wrong tree. Finishing 5th would however increase the divide within the fans and the toxicity levels would rise quite a bit. The Wenger cultists (think I’ve spelt that right) would have to tick another mantra off their list of reasons why he still walks on water, but they’ll carry on defending him, strangely enough, far better than our current back 4 can do the job.

The funny thing is, we spent most of last season on top of the league & still finished 4th. Not even in December, we are now 15 points off top, 7 points off 3rd and only 2 points off 4th placed Utd. So we could still mount a strong challenge for the ‘4th place’ trophy and if we achieve it then it’s Carry on Arsene. There were some shocking ‘Carry on’ films, but none of them were quite as lacking in humour as the one we’re currently watching.