Why Tottenham will still be in Arsenal’s shadow this season

There have been a lot of envious green eyes pointed in a north-easterly direction at that lot up the road this summer. The sole reason behind this is the near £90m they have spent on incoming transfers, whilst Arsenal have spent just £0m.

True, our transfer window has not gone well with our only signing being that of Postman Sanogo. However, rest assured that there is NOTHING to worry about, and infact their transfer window this summer is reminiscent to our transfer window in the summer of 2012.

Gareth Bale is leaving Tottenham this summer. The deal is done. Both parties are keeping quiet. Spurs recently signed an agreement with Real Madrid this summer. The agreement is akin to being a loser and becoming Facebook friends with the school quarterback. However, the agreement is currently helping Spurs.

By not completing the Gareth Bale deal early, Real Madrid are allowing Tottenham to get in their replacements in without yet having to pay inflated prices. How else could they afford to spend near £90m once the Willian deal is done?

And they have bought his replacements. In has come Brazilian international’s Paulinho and Willian, France international Ettiene Capoue and Spanish international Roberto Soldado. Or when I say ‘internationals’, they have 38 caps between them, despite all being 25+.

In 2012, Arsenal sold Robin Van Persie. Like with Tottenham, we bought our replacements before letting him go. In came Santi Cazorla, Olivier Giroud and Lukasz Podolski. Yet we as Arsenal fans were not happy. We had let go our star player, and whilst we were happy with the players coming in, we failed to get true quality to replace the Dutchman.

You see, like Gareth Bale, Robin Van Persie is a special player. Like Theirry Henry. Cristiano Ronaldo. He has the special ability to create something out of nothing. To win a game on his own. How many points did Arsenal get through a bit of individual magic from Van Persie or Henry? How many did Manchester United get through Ronaldo? And, whilst Bale is not on these 3’s level, how many points did Tottenham get through Gareth Bale last season?

He scored 22 goals, and was top scorer by 11 league goals (Jermaine Defoe second with 11). But what for his stats:

  • Tottenham WITH Bale: 2 points per game
  • Tottenham WITHOUT Bale: 1.1 ppg
  • Tottenham WITH Bale Scoring: 2.6 ppg
  • Tottenham WITHOUT Bale Scoring: 1.3 ppg

Gareth Bale is an individual match winner. The statistics show it. And like Robin Van Persie, it is his consistency that takes him up a level. A player like Willian scores a ‘worldie’ 2 or 3 times a season. Soldado is like Oliver Giroud. Good in the 6 yard box, but will create little for himself. And Paulinho and Capoue are hard working midfielders.

By losing Bale, they not only lose his wonder goals. They lose his consistency. And that is very hard to replace. As Arsenal showed getting in Cazorla, Podolski & Giroud, you might be able to strengthen the over all team, but football game’s are won in moments. And if you lose the man who has the most moments, you will undoubtedly be worse off.

Last season, Robin Van Persie scored a lot of key goals for Manchester United. Everytime it seems he was either scoring the equaliser, the winner, or the 1st goal. He could of been doing that for Arsenal. Gareth Bale was doing much the same at Spurs. Often scoring the key goal in the match. With freightening consistency.

With Bale (all but) gone, I do not foresee any of the current Spurs side replacing his consistency. Yes, Willian will have his moments. As will Lennon. As will Adebayor & Defoe (if they keep them – more later), but Bale had 15 or so games last season where he had moments where he dragged Tottenham forward. They will miss that.

A Spurs fan recently said to me ‘I actually think Spurs have bought in some proven quality.’ I do not know what he was smoking over their, but his definition of proven quality is very different to mine.

Roberto Soldado – A striker who was bombed out of Real Madrid for just €4 million who can not get in the Spanish team ahead of Fernando Torres (14 league goals in the past 2 years). Yes, he might of got 24 league goals last season. But Lionel Messi got 46. Big John Hartson once got 25 league goals for Celtic!

Ettiene Capoue – Once on Arsenal’s radar, if he was so good, why didn’t Arsenal buy him? Or Newcastle? He has 7 caps for France at 25. Diaby has 16 (although when did Diaby turn 27???)

Paulinho – Some no mark from Brazil who was so good that when playing in Lithuania, his side got relegated and, after a ‘single successful; season’ in Poland, so many top European sides were after him that he went back to Brazil. Lets be honest, all everyone has seen of him was against England in a friendly. 25 and only just making his ‘big money’ move to Europe? OK.

Willian – Another Brazilian, who was so good that he followed other brilliant Brazilians into Europe playing for the likes of Barcelona, Inter Milan, Shakhtar Donetsk & Anzhi Makhachkala. Elano MKII

Big fee’s does not mean you are buying top quality. Just ask David Bentley (Similar fee to Paulinho), Gervinho (Similar fee to Capoue), Shevchenko (Similar fee to Soldado) and Veron (Simialr fee to Willian).

And then we have the players Tottenham have let go. Their 4 top scorers last year were:

Gareth Bale – 22
Jermaine Defoe – 11
Clint Dempsey – 7
Emmanuel Adebayor – 5

Now Dempsey has already gone. Bale is on his way. And Spurs will reportedly listen to bids for Jermaine Defoe. that leaves them with just Emmanuel Adebayor. Who some quarters say might also be off (but is unlikely too due to high wages.) That leaves Spurs trying to find 39 goals in comparison to last season. They only scored 66. And there incoming players?

Soldado – 24
Paulinho – 7
Capoue – 7
Willian – 3

Now many will be surprised about Willian. You would think he had more. Well great goals are always remembered. To think, some stil lthink Cheick Tiote has a great shot because he scored a banger v us. That to date is still the only goal he has scored in what is now his 4th season at Newcastle.

Anyway, that was a side note. There incoming players scored 40 league goals last season. But the difference is they were scored in easier leagues to score in (Brazil, Russia/Ukraine, Spain, France). And take into account Capoue had only scored 5 league goals previous, and all of last years came from corners (so only him or Vertonghen can score).

Yes, Spurs have spent a lot of money. Yes, they have a bit more quality in some areas (Paulinho & Capoue are a step up from Parker and Huddlestone) but what they now lack is the start quality. And it is that star quality which gets you into the title race. It is that star quality which spurs now lack which means they are still not as good as us. Arsenal went backwards last season when they lost their game changer. Spurs will go backwards this once Bale is wearing the white of Real Madrid.

Whilst some might say Spurs have ‘strengthened’ simply having more expensive players in their squad does not mean they are stronger.

Let me take you back to my original thoughts. In the summer of 2012, Arsenal sold Robin Van Persie, but signed Santi Cazorla, Lukasz Podolski & Olivier Giroud. Had we moved #forward? Were we #Stronger? Were you happy? If the answer to all is NO, then why are you worrying about that lot up the Seven Sisters Road?


74 thoughts on “Why Tottenham will still be in Arsenal’s shadow this season

  1. A

    I don’t think anyone is worrying about spurs mate. All I’m worrying about is wenger not buying the players we need to win somthing.

    1. tai

      you say you’re not worried about about spurs too right,there are 19 tems you’re unambitious joke of a club should be worried about

  2. barretta

    Read the first half and got bored….clutching at straws comes to mind.

    Spurs are losers for selling Bale for a World Record fee? Hmmm, I guess ManU are losers too. Didn’t you give them RVP (best striker in the league) for £20m – lol?

    Willian hasn’t even signed yet – keep up. And the rest of what I read made no sense due to poor grammar/content.



    hahahahahahahaha you lot must be worried if you have to spend your time writing nonsense like this. Here’s a couple of true facts for you. Your grammar is appalling and Soldado will outscore anyone in an Arsenal shirt this season. COYS

  4. Will

    Stop the obsession with THFC.
    Focus on the Chavs: hated by both.
    With a 60K & Wenger you should be fighting for 1st not worrying about us. We compete with you but most of us have forgiven/forgotten/never known about the past history and apart from the usual morons (we all have them) most of us place AFC far higher than CFC in our like list.
    I am sorry but the above is like two little boys in a toilet with rulers and one boasting about size.

  5. Thfc4ever

    To think you actually gave up time in your life to write this shit is almost as bad as me reading it.. The tide is turning. Get used to it. COYS

  6. James Clayton

    You support a team in decline. Just jealous of the teams overtaking you. Arsenal will struggle to get fourth this season. And inspite of what you’ve written…you know it.

  7. Jamie

    Wow, someone is shit scared of Tottenham this season, so much so, you’ve wrote a lengthy article on it!
    Funny how I’ve not seen the same from us yids…. That is because we KNOW we’re better than you now. If truth be told, so do you…. hence the above bullshit :haha

  8. Yiddish

    Lol why you so concentrating on our team so much? You are either jealous or a very worried individual. Coys lol

  9. Yiddish

    Oh by the way not one of your first teamers would even get in our first 11 if you disagree who do you think would?

      1. Yiddish

        Lol wilshere would be on the bench as for the rest avb would probably give them free transfers lol

  10. Conor

    great article! Yids think all these signings are in the messi league, Even Lamela for 30 Millions they are getting ripped off. 30 Million for a guy whos played one season at the age of 21 and cant get in the Argentina Squad? Di maria is valued at 20 Million so as far as im concerned they can waste the Bale money and become the new leeds.

      1. Conor

        Enjoy your 90 million spending spree on players who aren’t fit to polish bales boots. and regarding Lamela.. it was a friendly.. Players like Sterling and jenkinson have even benn capped in freindlies.. and lets not forget david bentley

    1. Yiddish

      Conor you are deluded and one jealous twat. Concentrate on your own team and forget about us please. At least where trying to spend and improve on what we got. Who you bought this season? Twat

      1. Conor

        theres reasons we dodged bullets such as Capoue and Willian. Willian is a mercenary – FACT and Capuoe just wasnt up to it. go out tonight and celebrate your 5-0 win over a poor poor Uefa cup team

  11. ChirpyVee

    Wow. Youve convinced me we really are a shit team. Wasted so much money and have sold a one man superteam (who according to many Arsenal fans is not as good as Walcott).
    Don’t worry about us lot up the Seven Sisters Road? Seems to me you’ve used up a lot of words trying to convince yourself. Not sure you’ve convinced too many others. Guess we’ll see come next May. Enjoy the ride.

  12. Deluded Arsenal Fan

    You can read the desperation you have. You keep telling yourself this, it may come true. Must be hard to admit that Spurs are a better team but deep down you know it’s true. Trying to say I’m not scared of Spurs, we will still be the better team. How deluded can you get.

    Why are Arsenal fans so happy and content at 4th place, have you no ambition? You were winning the tilte and challenging for it but these days it’s 4th LOL we finished above Spurs. Do you think Man Utd, Man City or Chelsea would be happy with the lack of ambition you guys show.

    Real fans are happy to admit when things go wrong and that other teams are better. Where have all the real Arsenal fans gone. All I see are fake plastic, i’m happy how things are at Arsenal. Very Very deluded.

  13. GoonH8r

    Glad to see you are spending so much time analysing another team and wasting your time writing about it!! Typical Goon

    1. Captain_Optimism

      Ignoring the fact that you’ve called someone else “idiotic” while being borderline illiterate yourself, how did you enjoy the game in hindsight?

  14. hk

    Quite funny to read an article comparing you guys solely to Spurs. You could almost cut the fear with a knife. Relax, the competition is healthy.

    I’d like to ask, surely you do realise that the comparison is completely pointless? Spurs and Arse are very different clubs, with different management, training, and styles of play; lacking and boasting in very different areas. As you say, having more expensive players doesn’t make us stronger, but having better players, more depth, and a more balanced and complementary mix of players does. It isn’t all about performances in previous seasons, it is about horses for courses – understanding what a club needs and what players have the attributes required to fulfill those needs. Adding Paulinho and Capoue for example, bring complete versatility in that they are solid physically, defensively and offensively, and can pick a pass. Willian for example, provides double the assists than he does goals, which will complement the play of Soldado who had a higher chance conversion rate than RVP last season (not saying he’s better).

    Everyone knew that Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud wouldn’t solve Arsenal’s problems alone. Firstly it’s because they are not really star players. Secondly and equally important, it’s because they are still lacking a Fabregas or box-to-box, playmaking midfielder, as well as an enforcing defensive midfielder. It’s horses for courses and achieving success isn’t only about having star players, but having the right, complementary components for the team to mesh. That requires time and a more considerate approach to signings.

    1. dan

      I have been scouring these sites for weeks during the summer, and this hk is the most intelligent and sensible peice I have written.

  15. jim

    Sound like sour grapes to me feller!!! Spurs overall squad looks much stronger than Arsenal’s going into the new season..

  16. Tai Obasi, Lagos

    so much positive points made, good analysis…but you oiled every stuff with the emotion of one seeing a rival fan do what his darling club couldn’t – do real business this summer. Take it from me, Spurs is presently much stronger than Arsenal…unless Wenger truly brings in the likes of Karim Benzema and Lars Bender, Spurs have left us behind!

  17. dan

    A load of rubbish, confounded by the fact you state bale scored 22 goals and then came Defoe with 10 less, scoring 11. 22 – 11 is 11 by the way. Everything you needed to know about a bitter gooner in one comment.

  18. Manilacoys

    An interesting article, clearly you are not concerned with your big rivals! Hang on the whole article is about Spurs but never mind you have a point, losing a star player is always a problem. What did Man U win after Ronaldo left hmmmm!

  19. nljj201

    What an absolute moronic article, I don’y think i’ve read anything as hopelessly ill informed as this. Saying that Soldado isn’t proven is one of the most ignorant things to say and backing it up by using John Hartson as an example scoring more goals for celtic, its Celtic fool, you could put titus Brambell up front for them and he would be the top scorer. The scottish league is diabolical. Moreover you talk about him bombing out of madrid, he was so young, henry was no success either at Juventus and bombed out of there with less goals per game than Soldado at madrid, so technically, by your standards Henry was worse. Its clear that this article is no more than a desperate attempt of a pitiful arsenal fan to try and justify arsenal not spending and the fact that this year its not even tottenham they are competing with, tottenham are way out of their league, maybe they should be concerned with Liverpool and Everton, also the 2-1 defeat they are going to suffer against fulham tomorrow.

  20. Ray

    Granted, Arsenal have had bragging rights over Spurs for some time by qualifying for the CL which is considered as the holy grail by the top teams throughout Europe and genuinely regarded by your manager as a trophy. In recent seasons you managed to qualify by the very skin of your teeth and many Arsenal fans are understandably fearful that they wont make it this time round. It’s so gratifying to see you all turn on your esteemed French leader, “he who must be obeyed” at all times. You could write with as much bravado as you like recounting the past but we all know that you’re slipping and sliding in your own excrement with fear that that the tables are about to be turned for real (pardon the pun) this time. It’s great to see all the new faces walking through the front door at WHL even though a fan favourite MAY be exiting at the same time. The excitement is about to begin and we’ll see at the end of the season who’s words are prophetic.

  21. George Biggs

    By far the worst unformed analysis of spurs’ new team I’ve read all summer. You make out as if Tottenham have no other attacking capabilities apart from Adebayor when pretty much all our midfielder will attack as well as Rose and Walker down the flanks! Hypocrisy is wrife in this article by saying that Tottenham signings have scored their goals in lesser leagues when you then compare Soldado’s 24 goals last year to

    1. George Biggs

      John Hartsons 26 goals for Celtic in the SPL! A far inferior league. And out of interest, what star quality do Arsenal posses and Tottenham apparently don’t?

  22. John

    I suggest you learn how to write half-decent English before you attempt to pass comment on the relative merits of the Mighty Spurs and the dross in a posh stadium. Coys.

  23. Bc

    This article is rife will hypocrisy, lies, over-sights and poor grammar which are all common characteristics of an article written with anger by a jealous and ultimately frightened Gunner who fears the prospect of a reinforced Spurs team’s attack on a weakened and vulnerable Arsenal squad who have finally realised that this season; Tottenham shall launch an assault on that Champions league spot with tenacity and skill which will leave Arsenal dizzied and dazed in 7th place.

  24. Gary Fox

    What a strange argument……and so inaccurate. You seem to be saying that because Arsenal did not adequately replace RVP then Spurs wont be stronger without Bale. I would love to see Bale stay for the reasons you give. But for the money we are getting (without strengthening a rival as Arsenal did) and the money from the sale of squad players Spurs have got or are getting 6 international players. Soldado is in front of Torres and all other strikers in the Spanish
    team. Capoue is the type of DM that Areenals talented but toothless midfield is crying out for. Paulinho was man of the tournament at the Confed Cup and is a certain starter in the Brazil team……a real no mark player. ..not. The fact is that Arsenal, with their vast resources and income, ought to be challenging the top 3 not looking over their shoulder at the teams behind them who are moving forward not standing still. A free transfer and Flamini do not indicate ambition – they show Wenger is totally happy with aiming for The Fourth Place Cup and no more. That guarantees him his £7m a year salary and like the Board, staying in the safety zone. Spurs are gambling on aiming higher. They might fail but I know where I would like to be.

  25. James Greaves

    Hahahahaaa let’s see what happens. Unlike the ArSe, Spurs will get on with their business, ignore the annoying ‘children’ who generate hatred through jealousy and ply their trade. Keep up with news pal! We haven’t even signed WIllan (yet I’ve seen plenty of desperate ArSe fans leaving comments on how they should hijack the deal cause they can offer CL). As for Giroud being compared to Soldado, haha yeah right, whatever. Hey remember one thing…. When Mummy referred to you as her ‘special little boy, I think you misinterpreted the word ‘special’

  26. Daniel Gerrard Shevlin

    Actually went back and read the whole article purely down to how awful everyone seemed to think it was in the comments.Here’s a thought mate,next time (I hope there isn’t one) you write an article why don’t you consider reading it through before posting it?
    What an illiterate tit you are my dear sir!
    All you’ve done by writing this is set an example to young kids as to why they shouldn’t play truant along with showing everyone who reads it just how much they’re shitting it on the red side.
    You’ve set out to say one thing and proven the complete contrary! You massive tit! Excellent.
    North London Is Ours!
    North London Is Ours!
    Fuck Off Back To Woolwich!
    North London Is Ours!

  27. James Cormack

    The thing you say about spurs’ new signings is crap, saying capoue and paulinho are just hard working midfielders, capoue got 6 interceptions v palace in 25 mins and Paulinho was motm v palace as well as scoring yesterday and soldado has scored 3 in 2 competitive games, comparing him to giroud is laughable! If Bale goes… so what ,we’ve got soldado who can get 20+ goals a year and if we sign willian and lamela, we have players who can create chances, eg, lennon, dembele, paulinho, willian and lamela.

  28. Michael

    Learn how to spell. And punctuate. You’re as unbiased as you are literate. Shall we call this article ‘fan fiction’?

  29. James Cormack

    Paulinho was in Brazil for 2-3 years, he won them the club world cup against CHELSEA say your point is invalid saying he had 1 good year in Polamd and then he’s off to Europe! Just because Willian doesn’t play for Barcelona don’t make him a bad player, he played for Shaktar, who beat Arsenal in the Champo league.#typicalgooner

  30. marsinho

    so you think paulinho and soldado are overated and overpriced, heres what i think….when they shift a few more gears up, you’ll soon find out, silly boy.


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