What, if anything can make us forgive Arsene Wenger ?

So, as I sit here waiting for the Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce qualifier to kick of I got thinking about Arsene Wenger, the fans feelings toward him, the predicament he finds himself in and what he can do to rescue himself, if indeed he can.

The more I think, the more I wonder if he is happy? Does he feel he is doing a good job? In fact, has he done a good job?

I am no financial expert, and I certainly do not profess to understand the financial ins and outs of running one of the world’s largest football clubs. Sure, I see it all on face value. I see the club wringing every last pound out of the fans from season tickets, memberships, marble stones everywhere you look, merchandising and food & drink inside the stadium to even charging to be put on waiting lists for season tickets or club level.

The money going into the club must be at the highest it has ever been, but the money being spent always seems to be on the low side when it comes to player acquisition.

But…how much of this frugality has been required to help the transition away from Highbury into the Emirates?

Despite hearing the apologists saying that the footballing landscape has changed, and it certainly has, it does appear that we were fed a line from the club about the need to move in order to compete. That move was 7 years ago. Surely by now we should have been competing in the transfer market more than we have been. I, for one, am disappointed at the lack of activity and to return another profit on our transfer business would be considered as negligence on my part, but with 6 days left, is there time for Wenger to regain the fans trust in him, right the wrongs and restore the faith in him that, let’s be honest, we all had for him during the late nineties and early noughties.

Maybe, maybe he has been doing what is right for the club. The whole ‘He has money’ from the board, to the ‘I don’t have money’ from him was frustrating. The ‘If you gave me £40m to spend I’d give it straight back’ & ‘4th place is a trophy’ comments – were these all a smokescreen for what was really going on, maybe he didn’t have a penny to spend. The club are always going to try and save face wherever they can, it is a large PR machine than needs to keep a lot of people happy and I am a strong believer that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

We have been linked with a whole load of players this transfer window, many of whom have signed for different clubs – the new found ‘In the know’ fools that you find all over social networking sites do nothing more than fuel fans anxiety and frustration and everybody would do well to give these people as little credibility as they deserve – fact is they know nothing. Arsenal has always done its business quietly and I have lost count of how many times we have made a signing that nobody, not even the ITK that professes to have insider information, saw coming.

That said, the past few days have seen us linked with names such as Benzema, Di Maria, Ozil, Rooney and Cabaye and the whole point of this piece was to play devil’s advocate and ask the question….

If Wenger spent the reputed £70m, £80m or £100m, depending on who you listen too, on some ‘top, top quality’ players and mounted a serious challenge for the title, maybe got to the final of the FA Cup and say won the League Cup…would he be forgiven? Would we understand more and be more patient with him? Would his respect, that he absolutely did earn all those years back, be restored?

Or is it too little too late ?



15 thoughts on “What, if anything can make us forgive Arsene Wenger ?

  1. Dave

    Ya. I forgive him for giving me the a perfect season of football, for Thierry Henry, Viera et al., CL football every year he has been here, for developing a great young core of British footballers, a new stadium that gives a chance to compete with the big boys and entertaining football that can be matched in terms of attractiveness in England. I will forgive him for all of that.

    1. Dan

      Well said Sir. Arsene has earned our respect and deserves our patience. Unfortunately, the internet gives a voice to any idiot with a keyboard to spread untruths and make demands without seeing the bigger picture and the long term security this man has given the club. The idiots, the minorities, the children and the writer of this blog shout the loudest.

  2. Matt

    I could respect him again but it’s to late for me to like him as our manager again. The sound of his voice grates these days.

  3. Mosgoon

    I agree Dave, this guy is talking as if this is Portsmouth or Leeds. Whether people agree or not with everything Wenger has done is another matter. But the fact is that we are now one of the worlds biggest clubs and are far less like to follow the likes of Portsmouth etc than any of our rivals. We do now have the resources that would not have been available had we not built the ground. Maybe it would have been better to have a more prolonged period of paying back the money and spent more in the mean time, but maybe not. Whatever approach we took was a gamble as all that type of stuff is. We are here now, and capable and willing to buying players whether we succeed or not. This article ignores everything except for the negative assumptions on the part of the author.

  4. Goonz N Roses

    You guys sound like the game is called ‘spend some money’ instead of football. Really, get over yourselves already. If you want to support teams who just and always flash the cash, you can always look in the russian side of London .. or the Arab Sheik side of manchester .. Arsenal is not that sort of team .. The manager knows we need to bolster the squad .. Common, let him do what he is being paid to do. All these endless pressure to spend money sounds like brainwashing to me .. 🙂

  5. Shaun Bicheno

    Don’t need to forgive him for much but wish he could stop playing mind-games with us.

    Gazidis shouldn’t have opened his mouth about the revenue or financial clout but other than that I can’t blame Wenger for not being able to enter the transfer market so far this summer. It has been the most mental transfer market I can ever remember.

    €99M for Garath Bale? ye ravin’ a turkish aincha?

  6. wardy

    What the barren spell has done is expose his weekness in the transfer market. We wouldn’t have had Campbell had dien not forced the move through. As a coach he has few rivals but he is far too close to the board to make mind bending decisions in regards of paying for players. I wonder how much it hurt when he agreed to pay Henry 200,000 a week in his final year at the the club. I can forgive him for his short comings. Nobody is perfect. Were I struggle is his refusal to admit it’s a problem. We could have had Villa for less then the cost of bendtner supposed transfer worth. ( that’s a little sickening) roma are only asking 26 mil for lamela (bargain If you ask me)
    I wish he would just except the fact that sometimes you have to over pay to get what you want.

  7. Sani t mamman

    Arsene wenga is not a man to be blamed in tenth, or eight years back. Infact, the ways that FA cames with the strategies of only a power house money can be ilegible to thrast a trophy. Definetly, things has begun to change from the modest of football. Let me drawn your attention back. The in coming of abramovic chelsea’s big spender, and his rival chieck abu daby of man city, and the others take overs, turned every things completely. Arsenal’s arsene wenger is to forgive with his thrones success, if is to compared with those clubs. Chelsea waits for at least 55yrs before the won a trophy. And even likewise, man city they also did at the steps of chelsea for about 51yrs before. So, fans we ought to see our professor with a plaudible presess for job well done. Up gunners.

  8. Dheer Singh

    Dear fans
    .I feel we need to see it the other way around, what if Arsene was not the manager?
    The new manager would spend loads and loads of money and not deliver the results.than what? Sack him and get a new one, how many times do we need to change before success comes.
    Good example is Liverpool.They spent huge sums on players and managers. What’s their standing today? Mid table.Profitability, still on credit.
    Arsene has put the club into champions league 17 times despite the financial obligations of moving into a new stadium. Surely some amount has helped to cover the costs.
    What I believe is that a section of the fans are being led into some kind of revolt by inciting wrong perceptions about the ability of the manager ,because of sheer jealousy that this man Arsene Wenger has developed , enlarged the capital base and brought about the best football being played by youngsters anywhere in the world today. The club had not been without success with him at the helm. The invincible team is no fluke.He can do it again.
    We must be proud of the club and this manager Arsene Wenger . He makes economic sense and prudent player management ,rarely found at other clubs.There is succession plan as well.
    It looks like the opposition wants to forcefully get rid of the manager, so that he could manage a club of their choice, and break AFC chain of success. Arsene would have no problems getting a job should he opt to leave.I would see it that way. Arsene , you have my vote on that score.And please don’t walk out on us. We know you will deliver .

  9. jim

    to be honest don’t know what to think anymore.with whats happening with the club..i don’t disagree with the comments .what I struggle with is what happens to all the revenue.they pick a figure and then normally 40 million summer and winter transfer windows this summer 70..can someone tell me where the money goes if it isn’t spent..what happened to all the money from the sales of flats in the old stadium,also the flats and houses built around the emirates ..the queensbridge road site is complete where will that money go..every home game is now worth 3/4 million without T.V money champion league revenue ect…if money is relevant arsenal spent more in a smaller stadium with less revenue than they have in the last seven years..what is wenger role in the club why is he in charge of the clubs finiances or so they say,or is he over seeing the football side of the club,.the youth system does it exist anymore/because the club .have not brought a centre half through since adams right back pat rice goalie I cant remember,and graham brought the last lot through in midfield .stapleton was the last centre forward I can remember..just feel silent stan is taking the piss out our great clun x


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