Could Arsenal still be in for Luis Suarez?

Despite the transfer window shutting less than a week ago, there is already speculation as to who we will buy in January. With us still having over £40 million sitting in the ‘available monies for transfers’ piggy bank, a key signing or two in January could be a deal breaker if we are in the title race, or still in with a chance of a cup.

Where we are clearly most short at the minute is upfront. Whilst Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott and Yaya Sanogo can provide cover, they are not sufficient to cover Olivier Giroud on a long term basis, if the big Frenchman picks up an injury. Also if we are starting with Walcott, it leaves Podolski as the only real game changing striker on the bench.

As for Giroud, he is good enough, but he is not star quality. He has shown this season already that he is a very clinical finisher. The fox in the box we were crying out for in the early 2000’s. And his size and work rate causes a problem. However there is always a feeling watching him that he is the man who should be as cover for the star man. He rarely creates out of nothing. And his attributes would be much better put to the last 30 minutes of a game:

1) If we are winning, he would be a good substitute to bring on to become more defensive. He can hold up the ball and chase down centrebacks. His height also gives us extra safety at corners.

2) If we are losing, he would be ideal to come on enabling us to play longer, sending high balls into the box, with others then getting around him. He would cause havoc.

In summary, we are still a star striker short. And in my opinion, that man could be Luis Suarez.

Earlier in the summer, June in fact, I predicted Arsenal would sign Mesut Ozil. This was not being me in the know, it was me using logic. Real Madrid had already signed Isco and with Bale on the way, it was clear that Ozil would be available. Around Europe, not many of the other top teams required (Manchester City, Chelsea, PSG) needed an attacking midfielder, and others (ie Seria A clubs) could afford it. It was logically that he was coming to Arsenal.

Using the same logic, it would not surprise me if we ended up signing Luis Suarez in either January or next summer. Here is my reasoning.

It was clear that a striker was top of our list this summer, and that Luis Suarez was one of the main targets. He had the well documented clause that lead us to bid £40,000,001 for him. The understanding was that Liverpool would let him leave a bid of anything over £40m. Hence the £1. Why bid £45m, when a bid of £40m + £1 triggers the same clause.

However Liverpool challenged the legitimacy of this clause, claiming it was not a release clause, but merely meant they had to inform Luis Suarez of the bid. With all parties disagreeing over what the clause meant, the result would mean that Luis Suarez or Arsenal would have to take Liverpool to Court of Arbitration for Sport. Now this would have been time consuming, with appeals and long drawn out legal proceedings. It is unlikely it would of been completed by the end of the transfer window. This lead Arsenal to drop their interest fairly quickly once Liverpool established their stance and made it clear they would defend their opinion in a court of law.

Our actions after this show, to me, that we are still interested in Luis Suarez. A lack of a bid for any other top striker (bar the rumoured interest in Benzema) showed that perhaps Luis Suarez was still on our radar. Our only interest was in a short term option of a year long loan for Demba Ba. This perhaps shows that there were irons in the fire for longer term options. After all, why go and spend £20-30 million on someone you are not quite sure about, when your main target is still in your sights?

And for me, that target is Luis Suarez.

I would not be surprised if, in the next couple of weeks, it is announced that Luis Suarez is taking Liverpool to court for clarification of the release clause. This action is likely to be supported by Arsenal. Now if he wins, it would mean they would have to sell him for a bid over £40m. Worse case scenario, they might enter mediation and agree a new, higher legitimate clause. Or Liverpool attempt to avoid the embarasment of there star striker taking them to court byt offering Suarez a new deal on more money, with a legally tight release clause in it. Again, this could still lead to him joining Arsenal.

There would still be plenty of ‘what ifs’ over the deal:

  • What if after the court case, another side puts in a bid?
  • What if Liverpool are still top of the league come January?
  • What if Liverpool win the case?

For me, it is logical to say that via our actions after the Suarez deal went dead, and on the last day of the transfer window, we are certainly still in the market for a long term star striker. For me that man will be Luis Suarez.

Keenos (not ITK)

26 thoughts on “Could Arsenal still be in for Luis Suarez?

  1. jay

    good article mate but i think liverpool were so annoyed by our bid and that coupled by the fact that suarez wants madrid may mean he goes there and we get benzema. Kike Marin, the spanish hack who was the most reliable journalist in the window said today that ancelotti wanted another striker and that he is not keen on benzema and that madrid will go in for suarez as liverpool would rather deal with them than with us

    personally, of course suarez is our perfect striker and although im not too keen on benzema, that scenario could also occur. But then again as we have signed Ozil, it demonstrates our ambition and who knows maybe suarez will come to us?


  2. RichieLoco

    Good article Keenos! Yeah we need Suarez. I’m one of Giroud’s biggest fans but we still need somebody that can run away from the opposing back 4 and put away the countless chances that will now be created by Cazorla and Ozil. With Ozil on board I’m sure that Walcott will also increase his goal tally this season.

    Exciting times ahead!

    Let’s just hope Liverpool aren’t still flying high come January so that Suarez can at least argue his case for a move to a team with top 4 credentials – us!


  3. Kebot

    Good article? What are you 2 smoking? Deluded. Do you get paid to write this nonsense? There is no way in hell Suarez will take LFC to court. It is muppets like you who give Arsenal a bad name.
    First and foremost, there was no ‘well documented’ release clause. We were tapping up and LFC have every right to take us to court. We are lucky that we have yet to be penalized for our pathetic actions. £1 over 40m, really? It was a pathetic and desperate atte


    1. Epicurean

      Mate you need to stop listening to what LFC fans say. Arse did nothing wrong at all, LFC will take the money when they see that they are thin and need to bolster multiple positions. Every one got carried away in the TW, especially LFC. Our bid £40 million…there is nothing insulting about that amount of money. We tested the clause and it wasn’t as strong as they hoped. Where is the harm to us? If you think that the other big clubs aren’t doing all they can to undermine each other then you are deluded. It is a cut throat business, where people lie and manipulate the media to their own ends all the time. I like that we had some teeth this window and I hope we continue to unsettle players because we have suffered far too much of that ourselves in the past. Get some balls please 😀 COYG!!!


      1. George

        Liverpool just need an attacking lw winger and a back up dm and they will be ok, there is no need to sell Suarez to attain that. Arsenal fans need to stop listening to the garbage John Cross spouts, he embarrassed your club this Summer don’t let him do it again.


  4. Josh

    When will you guys come to accept that Liverpool are never ever selling Suarez to Arsenal, firstly your club really pissed them off with that ill advised bid and secondly you are rivals and no matter what your fans may say to the contrary, Liverpool see it differently and that’s what counts here. Arsenal also have this misguided idea that its OK to sell a player that strengthens rivals and weakens their own team and then seem to have trouble understanding why other clubs don’t see it that way. Just to recap in case you don’t get it, Liverpool will never ever sell Suarez to Arsenal!


    1. Dave

      If I were an Arsenal fan I would hunt down John Cross, this guy is on a one man crusade to sign Suarez and in doing so making Arsenal look stupid all over again


  5. scouser

    Hahaha deluded gooners!! This article is comedy gold going to share the link in Facebook for all Liverpool fans to get a good laugh.cheers!!


  6. Dave

    I thought it was quite clear that John Henry wont be selling to Arsenal at ANY price.
    Its just a petty attempt by the vindictive London media to try and destabilize Liverpool who now sit atop the table.
    Your article is clutching at straws… move on.


  7. ken

    liverpool sold a washed out and finished torres they would never have sold him to chelsea in his prime thats why suarez will not get sold to arsenal they are the only team that sells rvp to united when he was on top form they just paid 20 mil more for a striker on the same level,i dont think they would of got him if it wasnt for the fans getting to the point of giving up on them they were sick of the one way street well done fans for the presure you put on them.


  8. Clark

    Suarez is better than Bale, so Arsenal better be prepared to beat the world record transfer fee if they want this guy. Secondly Liverpool don’t sell their best players to rivals only Arsenal do that. Its more likely Ozil will be at City or United next Summer, Lol.


      1. Alan

        Of course Liverpool and Arsenal are rivals, both have zero chance of winning the league and that puts you in the same no hoper bracket and thats what makes you rivals. rofl


  9. going...

    gobby scousers giving it again… suarez will go cos you are a mid table side. wait till jan when you will be stuggling to hold on to 8th spot in the league, suarez will go on strike. top players deserve champs league. you are not a top club get over yourselves.


  10. AndyYNWA

    Ah the southern biased media vendetta against LFC is alive and well.
    Liverpool will not sell Suarez in January. They may sell him next summer however, not to Arsenal. Don’t you people south of Watford listen?????
    The only time we would consider it is if Suarez lost his world beating ability and became a pathetic shadow of his former self. We would still demand £50 million just like we did with your blue plastic flag waving neighbours.
    In the mean time watch Liverpool and dream.


  11. redscouse

    Look forward to watching you gooners squirm again in January – it would clearly be a backward step for LS but it will be a laugh seeing you come up with a real bid but getting knocked back again anyway


  12. DK

    Lol @ all the Scousers clearly not reading the article. It was about the legalilty of the clause. If its established in court that the clause exists. Scousers don’t have a choice over whether to accept or not or who he go’s too. Scouser clearly can’t read.


    1. gooner

      Dude, You answered your own question.

      Scousers can’t read.

      They should sell us suarez. We pay their benefits so it’s about time they gave something back!



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