The Arsenal, winning with an injury crisis…

Like every other fan of The Arsenal out there I’m delighted we have had a storming start to the season. Villa’s record since the game against us proved that game was down to a few very lucky calls by the referee. But there is a problem, we are fast running out of players in key positions. We lost 2 more players on Friday. Mertesaker and Cazorla.

The Big German was a big miss especially in the 2nd half when we were under the cosh for long periods. His height, organisation and calmness would have settled any nerves we had. Lucky for us it seems he only had a bug and should be back on Wednesday for our first Champions League game away to Marseille.

With injuries also to Cazorla, Rosicky, The Ox and Podolski that leaves a big gap down the left hand side and that really showed against Sunderland. We looked solid enough in defence but going forwards we had no presence on that side of the pitch. Wilshere cannot fill that role and with Ozil taking on the mantle of playmaker moving him out wide left will not do us any favours either.

That leads us to Giroud, I have already written about how screwed we would be right now if he got injured and he has managed to scare us all by limping towards the end of the game on Saturday. Walcott as much as I love the fella he is not a natural finisher, he’s never going to be a Wrighty or Henry, we will be lucky if he’s ever a Freddie.

During the summer everyone and their dog was begging Wenger to go out and buy a CentreBack, a left sided midfielder and a striker, sadly these empty positions are what could cost us until we have a fully fit squad…


5 thoughts on “The Arsenal, winning with an injury crisis…

  1. John

    Giroud is fast becoming one of the best strikers in the Premiership. Currently I rate him higher than anyone at Man City, Spuds or Chelsea. His one touch through balls for Ramsay and others to score are world class. On top of that his goals are quality. He has improved every bit as much as Ramsay this season. We could do without Santi and Poldi being out, but I would argue that we would miss Giroud and Ramsay more if they were injured and Santi and Poldi were fit instead. Yes we looked a little light down the left, but the quality of our midfield means we have a Plan B and Plan C, which is equally as productive as Plan A. Wengers brand of total football means the technical ability of the midfield players allows them to play across the field at different positions. Flamini, Ramsay, Oz and Jack are the key players to keep fit. Rosy, Ox and Poldi are important but not as vital to consistency of our midfield controlling games.

  2. bc

    just throwing this out there, but why not give gibbs a go down the left or monreal. there is also gnabry and ryo. to say Wilshire cannot play there isn’t totally accurate either, just because the player on the left doesn’t hug the touchline and go outside the full back doesn’t mean he cannot play there. I really used to rate Wilshire when he played in the academy his position then was on the right, I also tend to remember Walcott having some great success on the left, so how about switching them around. flexibility amongst the 3 behind the striker is paramount and in the players that we have they can all play left right or central and all have. name another team that can boast 9 players of this level to play in the 3?
    Walcott chamberlain gnabry Wilshire ozil rosicky cazorla podolski and ryo.

  3. Sam

    What a silly article. You should be looking on the positives that in-spite of all those injuries, we still managed to control the game and won it. This is called championship winning mentality and grit. All teams will go through these phases. And I am very happy with the team’s performance. Don’t go too much in to ifs and buts. Ozil easily controlled the game and everyone else around him raised their games. Look at the pass Gibbs made for Ozil. Rambo wanted to show Ozil isn’t the only star here, and Jack played very well. Flamini was brilliant . In fact it’s wrong to name few, the whole team was fantastic and everyone played with a purpose to win the game. I had not seen kind of performance for a long time. I am very optimistic for the season.


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