Ramsey, Mertesacker, Ozil, Cazorla and More

So just a few thoughts this morning on a few things Arsenal…

Aaron Ramsey

I have already professed my admiration for Aaron Ramsey in a previous blog where I made the claim that he is a future Arsenal captain. I will not go over old ground again, other than to say he is continuing to progress and, with 5 goals in 6 games, is now adding the much missed goals to his game. I remember when he played against England and dominated Frank Lampard & Steven Gerrard. Were Ramsey English, there would be plenty of hype around him. With the goals now added to his game, if he continues his progression, he will become a better player then Lampard and Gerrard.

Per Mertesacker

‘He has no pace’ people moaned. ‘We can get better’ they complained. ‘He is awful’ was the consensus by man. However, you do not win 93 caps for a nation such as Germany  at 28 by being a poor player. Anyone who fully understands football could see he is a brilliant player. Positioning and leadership. Who needs pace if you are impossible to get around? It is often said you only realise how good a player is when he is not playing, and the talk on the train after Sunderland was how much we missed the big man. The defence lacked organisation and leadership without him. With Koscielny giving away is 53rd penalty in an Arsenal shirt just highlighting that Per Mertesacker is head and shoulders above any other Arsenal centre back. In my opinion, he is the best defender in the league. Make your judgement on watching him play, not on playing with him on FIFA.

Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla

Against Sunderland, we got a glimpse of what Mesut Ozil can do. Always in space. Always ready to receive the ball. A brilliant touch. Brilliant vision. A fantastic assist for the 1st goal, and well involved for the 3rd. He might of tired towards the end but he showed what £42.5million gets you. Now add Santi Cazorla into the mix and the excitement is mouth watering. These two could propel us to the title. They will set up goals for fun. And with Oliver Giroud now having the confidence to go alongside his ability, he would get 30 goals plus. For me, we now have the most creative midfield in the Premier League.

Theo Walcott

Theo got a lot of criticism during the Sunderland game. Two missed chances (I will not count the header) and people were on his back. Let me get a few things straight. Neither chance was clear cut. The angle was against him and Westwood made 2 good saves. Last year, Theo Walcott got 21 goals and 14 assists. He is a very good player. After criticism playing for England, we as Arsenal fans need to back him. He is a massive confidence player. Get off his back. Sing his name. And he will start scoring again. Look at Ramsey as an example. Part of the reason he is improving is confidence. Let us not get on Theo’s back. It will not help him, it will not help Arsenal. Leave your boo’s and criticism to the pubs after the game.

British Transport Police

Brilliant job by the British Transport Police on the train back from Sunderland yesterday. There was no hint of anything until they came along. Then in their own special, antagonizing way, created an issue and tension where there was no need. Do they have a quota to fill? Do they have to show they have stopped and searched a certain amount of football fans on a game day? Getting told to stop signing is ludicrous. It is not illegal to sing. Chap on our train was right, rugby act worse. Are noisier. Drink more. Yet the police do nothing with the tarquin’s. Renditions from us of ‘Swing Low’ and The National Anthem did not go down well. The hour of singing Christmas carols was hilarious. But any policeman reading this. Why? Why do you need to act the way you do? Stopping young men doing nothing wrong except enjoying themselves? Football fans, victimized. On a side note, met some good lads on the Sunderland train! 5 hour journey, plenty of beer, some good laughs. Enjoy Marseille to those that are going!

Title Contenders?


We are a title contender. I do not care what the boo boys say. What the press say. We have the best defence in the Premier League and the most creative midfield. When we compare to other Premier League sides, I do not see why we can not win the league. We have a better 1st XI then Manchester United – I also think we have a better squad, and Moyes does not have a clue!; Chelsea are strong, both in 1st XI and squad, but there defeat against Everton shows they are not unbeatable. They could suffer from not having a consistent 1st XI. Manchester City have not gone forward this season. Poor signings in Fernandinho and Navas, and unneeded signings in Negrado and Jovetic. With the likes of David Silva and Sergio Aguero, they will be a threat. But we can compete. As for Liverpool and Spurs. They are of no threat.

We are title contenders. Our players are good enough. We as fans just need to make sure we are the twelve man every game. To cheer the lads to victory.

Arsenal Football Club – 2013/14 Premier League Champions; Why not?



12 thoughts on “Ramsey, Mertesacker, Ozil, Cazorla and More

  1. Amused

    Why not? Cos you’re crap. Pants.You’ll be found out. Creative midfield? Yes, you’ll score lots. But you’ll concede. Your midfield doesn’t track back. You have no defence. You have no cover. Enjoy the last of the summer and get ready for trench warfare.

    1. haha

      lol go get a life. oh yes i forgot, the only thing you spuds supporters do is follow arsenal blogs, and lament about how shit you are and allways will be. sorry spud, go back to wallowing in the gutter flith you call white hart lane

  2. gary

    Great post. Indeed, arsenal fans should stop this shit of jumping on a players back for every stupid reason. Example, Ramsey. Some people never learn.

    @ amused – what are drunk spud kids doing on an arsenal blog?

    1. Amused

      Looking for some free entertainment. ARSE winning the league? Admittedly, you’ve got to be a bit long in the tooth to remember the invincibles. Please……

      I’ll say one thing though. As much as I hate the ashburton rubbish dump dwellers, seeing chelsea losing was pure joy. Mourinho looked quite the dick.

    1. Zhorty Lad

      I agree, Liverpool will make their mark their mark this season and if AVB can get his new signings to click, who knows they might as well.. Arsenal definitely not leaving top 4 so will be interesting.

      1. max

        If a lion have a problem I don’t think its a roach that should analyze it. What d hell is a rottenham fan doing here?

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