The Arsenal and Me – Andy’s Story

A dull and dreary day in north London. A wet and soggy start to my arsenal love affair.
October 1987 and my brother had decided ( or pressurised by mum ) to take me to my first arsenal game, at home to Oxford.

A short car ride to Salisbury train station followed by a 75 minute journey to London Waterloo. First time in London at it was quite intimidating for a young 12 year old from Wiltshire. Getting a tube train as well was daunting.

45 minutes or so later and we were heading out of Arsenal Station and towards Highbury. Never forget the first time I seen the sign “Welcome to Highbury, the home of football”. A hot dog and programme later and we were in the stadium. 2 hours before kick off and it was empty. Gradually the ground filled up and by half two, the north bank was awash with gunners chanting ” oh Arsenal we love you”.

Kick off came and the atmosphere was unbelievable, chanting and swearing, some of which I’d never heard before. When Paul Davis scored the noise was deafening, but not as deafening as when Steve Williams stuck a 30 yarder in the top corner just before the end. 2-0 it finished and my first game had been a success. Then the journey home began, pouring out of Highbury towards the tube station, walking down the long tunnel singing and chanting, smiling all the way back to Waterloo… And then home…

My love affair with arsenal had begun… And what was to follow in the next 16 years has been wonderful.

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