The League Cup – A Review of the Youngsters

As always, the League Cup has allowed Arsenal fan’s and Arsene Wenger to see how the next crop of players do against a Premier League side.

Carl Jenkinson

Despite his experience, he is still just 21. A solid performance by him showing once more he is more than ready to play in the Premier League. Then again, we knew that already. Futures Bright

Isaac Hayden

He looked like an 18 year old centre back playing in central midfield. Which is exactly what he was. Despite him starting his youth career in the middle of the park, he has more recently been playing in the heart of the defence. He looked off the pace and was lucky to not be sent off after numerous yellow card worthy challenges in the 1st half. Expect him to be in the side in next years 3rd round, but playing at centre back. Jury Out

Thomas Eisfield

A make or break year for the German. Has looked good in the youth team and reserves, but he turns 21 in January so is very much a ‘senior’ youth player. Despite his goal, he was very quiet and failed this test. Would not be surprised if this is his last year at the club. Futures Elsewhere

Ryo Miyaichi

Ran down a lot of blind alley’s. Crossing was poor. He certainly did not light the game up. An injury last year hampered his progress, but he does not look Arsenal class. Bit like Eisfield, this was his big chance. He did not take it. Futures Elsewhere

Serge Gnarby

Similar display to Ryo Miyaichi, but a bit more impressive. Looked to take his man on at every time, but as with the 1st half against Stoke, always seems to look inside. Played in well by Jenksinon in the 1st half. He is someone to be excited about, having just turned 18. Good performance and will surely build on it as he plays more. Could do with a loan out to a Premier League side to get regular play. Futures Bright

Chuba Akpom

Stuck out on the right. Would of preferred to see him of come on for Bendtner in the middle. He would have scored that chance when clean through in the 1st half of Extra Time. Failed to do much on the right wing. Was not a good performance, but he can not be blamed for that. Would of liked to of seen him down the middle. Jury Out

Kristoffer Olsson

Replaced Hayden, but was equally as quiet as Eisfield. This was perhaps a year too early for the young Swede who has just turned 18. Expect him to be in the 1st XI in this competition next year, where we will really see if he is good enough to step up. Jury Out

Hector Bellerin

Showed his versatility by coming on for Arteta in the middle of the park. Whilst his future lies on the right, he showed the technique and ability on the ball that all graduates of Barcelona’s La Masia have. A few wild shots towards the end showed confidence, if not brain. I look forward to watching his development. Futures Bright

The next generation of Arsenal stars do not look good enough (excluding Gedion Zelalem). The 20 year old’s (Eisfield, Miyachi) did not look good enough. This game has come a year too early for those who are 2 years younger (Olsson, Bellerin, Gnarby), but even still, there are now 18. What is for sure is there is not a Cesc, Wilshere or Oxlade-Chamberlain amongst them. I wonder if there is even a Denilson, Aliadiere, Bendtner or Vela, or even a Quincy Owusu-Abeyie or Lupoli.

Ps: Hats off to the 3 18 year old’s Gnabry, Olsson & Akpom for stepping up and taking penalties under the pressure.


14 thoughts on “The League Cup – A Review of the Youngsters

  1. ThomasAbbott

    A team of teenagers hold their own against a relatively experienced West Brom side and they get this negative response. Tell me another team that could field so many youngsters and compete against a premier league team. Poor article.

  2. clockendjim

    Pretty well agree with all of your comments. I am disappointed that some that showed so much early promise, seem not to have progressed. I thought that Ryo Miyaichi & Thomas Eisfeld were the real deal at one time but they were both awful last night.
    Gnabry and Akpom show promise, but only that. Other than Jenkinson who we already know can cut it in the PL, I am not confident that any of the others have a bright future in the First team so it may be time to get that cheque book out again Arsene.

  3. clockendjim

    Thomas you have missed the point of this article. I was very proud that these youngsters beat an experienced West Brom side. However the main point is, do any of them look likely to step up to be regular in the PL team – other than Jenkinson I have my doubts

    1. ThomasAbbott

      Gnabry did not look out of place VS Stoke. These kids are meant to be unpolished and raw. The problem is everyone’s expectations inadvertently have a negative effect. Let them grow with optimism, it takes one season to change potential in to fulfilment (see Ramsey)

  4. 1-1atnewcastle

    Akpoms 17 and scared them (And took a penalty in front of their fans and scored) if you had an eye for a player you’d spot his “got it”, You can sense when a player has it, at central striker he will be dangerous, even now. Agree on the rest, shame we havent got the players coming through but zelalem, akpom and bellerin is the normal return. Others are out on loan trying to force it

  5. Savage

    Yeah, very harsh on Akpom. Didn’t put a foot wrong and earning plaudits from most blogs – early days still, but he’s in the “Future’s Bright” category.

    I was actually pretty pleased with Hayden’s passing and composure on the ball, but certainly his tackling was a little reckless, just like a certain Jack Wilshere.

  6. DEO

    Your analysis of the boys and the circumstances has a bit of a problem. Don’t forget that Fabregas played among very senior and experienced players who gave him cover and confidence. Unlike this generation. Can you truly say that Gnabry against Stoke City did not step up? That is because he was playing among more experienced players. Akpom should be given more playing time in the first team. That lad would be e terror to defenders in the next two years. The best way to help these boys is to play them one at a time in the first team in relatively big games. Playing alongside more experienced players rather than among themselves will not help them grow.

  7. emmy

    U forget dis young stars played against a full west brom outfit…away…dis guys ar awesome…dey deserve much credit dan u giv dem…and their futures are definately bright n lies at d EMIRATE…

  8. JohnW

    Ask yourself, if Elsfeld played poorly and scored, and this guy has been scoring even at Dortmund. What does that tell you? That he has ability, he will come on soon enough. I remember Alexander Song in the first games, you wouldn’t choose him in a pub team, but went on to flourish. I liked Hayden, he will be a very good player, also Olsson and Esfeld who has a knack for a goal.

  9. crispen

    What a dumb article. What game did you watch. GNabry was crap last night but you are judging him over two games. last night he lost more passes, looked the most confused and topped it off by missing the penalty….. but he has a bright future?? Judge the other kids after they have played more.
    Akpom looks like an awesome player. Hayden performed solidly for large stretches in the game. No youngster in that position has looked better at that age.. including Song. Song was crap until he was 21.
    This is a solid bunch of kids and time will prove that.
    You are way off on Eisfeld. The one strong indicator of ability is that coolness in front of goal at such an age. He has it. You saw what Gnabry did with his chances. You cant teah that. It took 6 years for TW to get there. Eisfeld is the sure thing.

  10. Sid

    As per usual, this s(h)ite cannot help itself and over does the misplaced negativity.

    You really need to give up blogging and just kill yourself.


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