Time for Europe to stand up and take note – The Arsenal are back

It was not just the win last night which is getting Arsenal fan’s excited. It is the manner in which we won 2-0. It was a show of brilliant attacking football. We only got 2-0 goals, but you feel we could have got more. It was arguably the best Arsenal performance in terms of style and substance in a long, long time.

The play was clinical and direct. With 63% of the possession, Arsenal dominated the play. But it was the passing for passing sake as in previous season. This was direct passes driving the team forward. It has been a long time since an Arsenal side has passed the ball so accurately, but also so hard. Gone was the tappy tappy football. It was hard into feet, knowing the player receiving the ball had the talent and technique to control and pass it on. A pass accuracy of 89.1%. It was exhilarating.

This was a very comfortable win against a very good Napoli side. A Napoli side which beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 in the last round. A Napoli side who many were tipping to finish above Arsenal in the group. A Napoli side who were some people’s dark horse to win the Champions League. A Napoli side who spend €90million this summer. A Napoli who have P 6 W 5 D 1 in the Serie A this season. This was not a poor team.

Arsenal played scintillating football from start to finish. Dominating the play. Dangerous in attack. Stingy in defence. Yesterday was a coming of age for this Arsenal side. A show to the world that we are a team to be recognised with.

And lets not forget, this Arsenal side which destroyed Napoli was without Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and more. This was by no means a full strength Arsenal side. Or a fully fit XI. And that is what is scary. This Arsenal side is good. Very good.

Arsenal are top of the most competitive domestic league in Europe. Top of the Champions League ‘Group of Death.’ It is time for the rest of European football to stand up and take note – The Arsenal are back.


3 thoughts on “Time for Europe to stand up and take note – The Arsenal are back

  1. Mint

    Never a truer word spoken… or typed in this case. Indeed mate, an excellent display. The Arsenal are back 🙂
    In true Italian style the Partenopei Ultras smashed up PieBury corner. I hope those effected recover from that soon and something nasty happens to those involved on their way home. .. wankers, true Italian cowards.
    Up The Arsenal


  2. Nordi

    I’m excited and pleased for the team and the fans.Not being a big AW fan I’m also pleased that we have met two decent managers with good players and they have not coped with us, another pleasing factor is that fergie has not laid out a blue print on how to smash the arsenal and won’t this season. My only concern is Mourinio the only manager in the PL to fill fergies shoes, if we can get in front of him and not meet them in the CL or FA cup then we have a great chance to do something, looking good and we are all happy for a change.


  3. IPaid4ALady

    It’s nice when you take off a player (Rosicky) and the sub (Wilshere) makes the side better. It feels like a corner has been turned ….



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