The Arsenal and Me – Danny’s Story

Writing this as a 15 year old whom has grown up with first memories of watching the invincible’s, to the 07-08 and 10-11 teams (both whom in my opinion should of won the league) I sit here now wondering:

1) What has happened
2) What has caused it to happen
3) Why has it happened? Why our great club, why not that lot up the road, or Chelski?

My first Arsenal game was the final day of the 01-02 season, a 4-3 win v Everton, I remember a party scene and a stadium full of happy people, everybody looked out for each other around where my dad sat, and it was one big family. Now that seems to have disintegrated.

As we left Highbury when I was 7 I don’t have the best of memories of the 10+ games I went to, however I remember going to the final game of the unbeaten run, and going 1-0 down v Villa saw me panic, “dad whys this happening? We’re going to come back right” just the reaction a 6 year old would have, however everybody was calm and knew we’d come back ( we won 3-1) something you don’t get now, people panic at 1-0 up let alone 1-0 down.

I first started going consistently and my first full year was the 07-08 year (the year my dad says everything started going wrong) remembering some of the best football in the country being played, however I agree with my dad, since then, it’s all gone wrong.

I, a 15 year old can see problems that people that people in 5 or so seats around me cannot see, the club are feeding us lies, and I for one can’t see how people can believe it, and be okay with it.

One thing I will give the club credit for is its junior gunners system which keeps the young supporters connected with the players well, and it has introduced me to 4 best mates who I now go home and away week in week out with, as well as giving me the chance to meet the squad.

Writing this 1 day before the football season kicks off, I feel we have once again been lied to and are a laughing stock not buying anybody, but we can only hope we can bring in the signings to do the job.

Up the Arsenal


(Editors note – This was sent to us before the season kicked off)

If you would like to tell your Arsenal story, click here


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