Wojciech Szczesny, Olivier Giroud, Substitutions, Alan Hansen, Drums and Spurs New Stadium

Wojciech Szczesny

Another brilliant game for the big Pole. Two world class saves kept us in the game. The debate is now over. We do not need a better goalkeeper. For me he is now the third best goalkeeper in the Premier League, behind Peter Cech and Hugo Lloris. As long as he does not allow his focus to slip in training like he did at one point last year, here will become one of the best keepers in the world

Olivier Giroud

Oliver Giroud is fit. I am not talking in the looks and body sense (although he is certainly a 10), but the pure physical sense. He had a tough game, with 6ft 3in Damien Delaney not giving him a minutes silence, able to compete with the Frenchman in terms of power and strength. However, with 5 minutes to go, Delaney was sick on the pitch, showing just how hard he was working to keep up with Giroud. 2 minutes later, Giroud got clear of him to score. It highlights how physically fit he is that he could keep going to the 90th minute, whilst his marker struggled past 80. A reminder to those criticising him during the game that a match last 90 minutes, and often a goal late on is due to the good work of a player throughout the game.


Many had a go at Wenger for firstly taking of Gnabry and secondly Cacorla. However, there was method behind his perceived madness. Gnabry for Wilshere was an obvious substitution. Whilst he might have been a good pacey outlet on the right, we needed to shore up the middle by bringing on Wilshere. Between Ozil, Cazorla & Gnabry, there is only one choice, and that is to take off Gnabry. Going down to 10 men is all about keeping the ball. Why take off one of your two best ball retainers? With a midfield of Ozil Ramsey Wilshere Cazorla it meant play would not be breaking down needlessly.

As for the 2nd substitution, taking of Gnabry did lose us the width and with Ozil to wrecking up the right, it was smart to bring Monreal on the left, and we ended up getting a lot of success, with Monreal ghosting in to nearly score, before a Ramsey cross from the left hand side set up Giroud’s goal. I like bringing Monreal on as neither him or Gibbs are shy getting forward, so it enables us to lock down one side of the pitch whilst still maintaining an attacking outlook

Alan Hansen

Whilst the outrage last night and this morning against Alan Hansen for bringing up 3 year old footage of a goal is justified, what he had to say actually made sense. I mentioned to a pal before the Arteta red card happened that leaving Arteta as the last man worries me, due to his lack of pace. If he gets turned, he has no chance of catching up. And the Match of the Day analysis highlighed just how high our two players sit. We should be playing with Gibbs on the halfway line, and Arteta just infront of him. Hopefully Wenger adjusts the way we defend when we attack corners, otherwise I can see opponents exposing us again.


Please no more drums at stadiums. They are fucking annoying.

Spurs New Stadium

In today’s papers, it was announced Spurs were thinking of building 65,000 seater stadium. The mooted 55,000 was already going to be too big for them. All 65,000 will do is mean more empty seats. They struggle to fill their stadium currently:

Tottenham v Tromoso – 29,000
Tottenham v NK Maribor – 27,089
Tottenham v Lazio – 25,030

Yes, these might be for the Europa League, but you would think if they had 30,000 fans currently not able to go to games, they would jump at a chance to watch Spurs, no matter the competition. Arsenal’s worst attendance at The Emirates was 46,539 for the League Cup tie against Shrewsbury. Spurs – Why do you need a bigger stadium when you do not sell out every game in the current one?


23 thoughts on “Wojciech Szczesny, Olivier Giroud, Substitutions, Alan Hansen, Drums and Spurs New Stadium


    Panic in the asylum again.
    Have you EVER tried to get to WHL by tube or road. Its a nightmare. With transport links making the effemerates as easy to get to as Tescos you talk the usual shite.

    Check the record attendances for WHL compared to your new dump, or the old one “The Library” or even fucking Woolwich for that matter.



    1. Nipper7104

      so they are rebuilding the road and tube network for your new shit hole then are they?… delusions of fucking grandeur you lot… anyway, hurry up and finish it, so we can come and win the league there again…

  2. steven szmolenski

    you lot didn’t fill you ground for the Dortmund game pal, have you forgotten that you had gates of 25,000 in the prem league? so it would seem

  3. EFA

    Why? Because Spurs have over 99% fill rate for Premier League games of which there are 19, against good teams.
    Not the countless Europa League games in the middle of the week against Tromso or Maribor.

    Pretty obvious when you I dunno, use a brain etc.

    1. Nipper7104

      your point doesn’t explain that if you have 25-30000 people who cant get in to the premier league games, why they dont turn up for the plenty of europa league games you play…

      1. y so srs

        Thats because his point is based in reality, whereas the thought that all games are equally sought after no matter the type of game being played is something only a fucking moron who knows nothing about real football would try to argue.

    2. Nipper'71.2004

      Still doesnt explain why having a bigger ground would mean you attract more people to those games does it?… Fucking joker. Just means instead of 13000 empty seats, you would have 33000…

      1. y so srs

        Get your head out of your arse and perhaps stop filling your head with shit. Your basing your theory on Europa attendance which is the equivalent of a spurs fan claiming that Arsenal should decrease their capacity to 40k as you struggle to sell that many tickets in the League cup. Only a top class cunt would even contemplate using that as an actual arguement.

      1. THFC4EVER

        Out of curiosity I clicked on your link. It no longer exists. Just like the arse winning a trophy.

      2. The Cockie Monster

        It`s funny Ch4ever. I was on the Swampland express to Shite Heart Pain from Bethnal Green, when as we entered the badlands, the train driver said…..” When we enter the station, remember to set you watches back 52 years ! “.

  4. Nipper7104

    keep biting vermin… keep fuelling your big club myth… average finish of 9th in the premier league, no fa cup in twenty years, no league in over fifty years… yeah, tottingham are fucking massive!

  5. Bob

    Thats weird, last time I checked Spurs had the highest average attendance in the league last season and 30000+ on a season ticket waiting list?

    1. The Cockie Monster

      Impossible for Spuds to have the highest average attendance , Uncle Bob, when you only 30 odd thousand…….on the other hand you do have the highest average attendance of Spastards who frequent games on day release !. Glad to be able to put you right on the matter.

  6. greg tersak

    Nice articles but too many typo and other mistakes in the syntax and language. Please find an editor to help you. Your artucle loses seriousness with so many mistakes.

    1. y so srs

      yeah, because the substance of the artical being utter shit does wonders to prop up the seriousness of the blog….


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