Arsenal about to enter the eye of the storm

As London and the South of England get’s hit by the worst storm in a few decades, Arsenal are about to enter their toughest period of the Premier League season so far.

With a fairly comfortable start to the league campaign, playing sides whim we beat in the corresponding fixtures last year, as well as one of the newly promoted – and bottom of the table – clubs, it should not really be a surprise to anyone that we are top of the league.

The tough fixtures are about to rain down on Arsenal football club, with use due to play Chelsea, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United within a 13 day period. It will be a season defining period. Defeats could see us out of the League Cup, requiring a victory in Napoli to remain in the Champions League, and doubts creeping into the mindset of the players that we are not good enough to compete with the Premier League’s elite.

Victories on the other hand will be like bright sunshine breaking through the clouds. Imagine the scenario if we get 4 wins from 4. World football will have to take notice of Arsenal football club, and the rest of the season will be very bright indeed.

Our season begins to heat up tomorrow with that League Cup tie against Chelsea. Despite it being silverware, it is understandable that Wenger will shuffle the squad. I would much rather a victory against Liverpool at the weekend, then a victory against Chelsea. The league is more important.

A victory against Crystal Palace should lift the pressure off the club. Had we suffered a defeat against them, we could have been facing a scenario where we potentially lost 6 games on the spin and the stormy atmosphere and Wenger Out cries would have quickly returned.

The Arsenal crowd need to ensure they get behind the side over the next 4 games. The Black Scarf Movement have organised a brilliant initiative against Chelsea which should see a fantastic atmosphere result from it. Hopefully that atmosphere carries itself over to the Liverpool game, and then travels to Dortmund and Manchester.

Get through the next few weeks with our Champions League destiny still in our own hands, and still top of the league, we could be on for a special season.

Hopefully the victories come flooding in.



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