The Arsenal and Me – Steve’s Story

I would not be an Arsenal fan if it was not for the great Herbert Chapman from before the 2nd world war.

Herbert Roberts was a cousin to my mother (who has now passed sadly), he played for Oswestry Town (where I still live and play for) and was picked up by Herbert Chapman in 1926,

Herbie Roberts

Herbie Roberts

He went on to play nearly 300 games for Arsenal and had a cap for England , Arsenal then played a 4.2.4 formation (which people said the Brazilians invented in 58) and he played the stopper centre half! At that time Arsenal were the biggest club in the world, and all other teams copied their formation of a stopper, and withdrawn winger ect…

Sadly on Herbie’s part on the 5th time of winning the title he only managed a dozen games because of injury we think, he then worked as a trainer in the reserves after that…..

Herbie then served in the war as a Lieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers where he sadly died on duty a year or so before the war ended.

Arsenal have been in us since!

Not bad for £200, a lot of money in them days I suppose…. Probably built the town I still live in.


If you would like to tell your Arsenal story, click here



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